Thursday, 24 March 2011

Seven Stylish Things

Some time ago I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Devillishly Pleasurable and Jill of Everything Just So, and now Ginta of Hunting and Gathering has passed me one too!  Thank you ladies!  I started this post ages ago and then London Fashion Week happened, then Spain and then the Japanese Earthquake, so progress on it kept getting interrupted.  So without further ado here are my seven stylistic things!  The idea behind the award is that you pass it on to spread some blog love to other bloggers you interact with.  So if I nominate you this is what you are supposed to do:

1)Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2)Share 7 things about yourself
3)Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.
4)Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

1. Leopard

I love leopard print and I own two scarves, a pair of trousers, three floaty blouses and a pair of shoes.  For the record Mr V hates leopard print in principle and always screws his nose up when I pick up a leopard piece while shopping to take to the changerooms but then has to admit that when I wear it, it actually can look good.

I was on the look out this season for a good trench or coat and unbelievably with all the leopard that was on offer I didn't find one! I can find some prints garish because there is too much yellow or orange in the pigments.

2. Leather

I like my leather.  I have three leather dresses, a pair of leather leggings, a pair of leather shorts, a leather tee shirt, a leather maxi skirt, a pair of leather biker trousers, several pairs of leather gloves and leather jackets in spades.  I am the sort that will wear the fashionably forbidden leather on leather.  I'm sure when people meet me they must think to themselves "Now why on earth does a nice lady like you insist on dressing up like the gimp all the time?"

3. Biker Chic

I'm a sucker for a biker jacket.  I'd be all over Burberry's SS 2011 collection of spiky biker jackets if money were no issue.  A black studded leather biker is on my wish list for Spring/Summer.  I'm hoping that by Burberry setting the trend that there will be some good pieces on the high street to choose from.

Heaven only knows why biker chic became so much a part of my wardrobe.  The closet I ever got to riding a motorcycle was riding pillion to university in the mornings with a friend who actually did ride one.  Pretty lame for someone who now owns numerous biker jackets.  It is probably fair to say I collect them!  In addition to the leather and suede I have one in black wool and another in houndstooth check.

My first forays into biker chic were a couple of Harley Davidson enamel interchangeable belt buckles much to the mirth of my male university friends who thought I was too sweet and innocent to be wearing them.  I was nineteen when I bought my first biker jacket, a cropped design in jet black suede.  I remember waiting patiently for the Boxing Day sales and then queuing up outside the local Miss Shop store to be one of the first ones in.  It was the last in its size and I only got it because another girl who had it in her hand (and who I was stalking) had a change of heart and put it back on the rail.

Miss Shop was the Aussie equivalent of Topshop but I am still amazed to this day at the quality of this jacket when I compare it to leather jackets I find in high street shops now which never keep you warm because they are so thin.  It was made in Australia with sheepskin leather and has a thick quilted cotton lining and although the suede is a little on the stiff side it actually keeps me warm.  I am a dreadful hoarder and almost twenty years later I still have it which means its probably officially vintage!  They sure don't make them like this on the high street anymore.

My first biker jacket

4. Petite Pear

In fashion body types I am a pear (or triangle in some guides) as my hip measurements are (slightly) larger than my bust.  So the bottom half of me tends to get bigger if I gain weight.  Sod's law.  I am also quite short and qualify as petite.  So that makes me a petite pear. Apparently Lucy Lui  is also a petite pear.

I've never seen advice dedicated to cross referenced body types in style books though I think many women fall into two categories at once.  Which one should you focus on when dressing?  Although I tend to read all that fashion advice about how to dress for a pear and being petite I then flatly ignore it and do whatever I please.  I did however find the following link which does helpfully tackle how to dress for both at once.  Thank God for the Internet.

5. Watches

I don't wear a watch.  I used to wear a watch with a metal strap and broke my wrist snowboarding while wearing it.  Since that day I've never worn a watch.  I keep track of the time looking at my mobile phone clock or clocks in the house and in public spaces.

6. Cashmere PJs

I sleep in a cashmere jumper.  This is not a luxury you understand but a necessary survival tactic for an Australian trying to get through an English winter.  I usually get mine at the Uniqlo sales though recently I've been naughty and sleeping in my Cos one as well as its very soft!

7.  Hats

I used to be renowned for wearing hats. I was known on my old university campus as "that girl that wears hats" and for my 21st birthday (traditionally a big celebration in Oz) my friends from university gave me a hat stand as a present.  Wearing hats was pretty out there style wise for where I grew up in Australia even though it made a lot of sense health wise to protect your face from the harsh sunlight and avoid skin cancer.  Over the years I have owned and worn a top hat with a viel, a bowler hat with a burgundy velvet flower, several wide brimmed straw hats, a straw boater, several berets.

Although I brought my entire collection over from Australia (including the hat stand!), I stopped wearing them when I moved to the UK because I ended up riding a bicycle everywhere which made brimmed hats impossible to wear.  I also found I was living in beanies, baker boys and berets to keep my ears warm rather than to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Some years ago, during a period when I was moving a lot, I had a wardrobe purge and got rid of most of them.  I now really regret doing that.  (Vintage Vix is probably picking them up for pence in carboot sales!).  I've only two left from my once extensive collection, a brown felt "mad hatter" style top hat, a romantic summer straw hat and some beanies (I recently lost my baker boy cap!).  I have since added a vintage top hat (not sure if it is Edwardian or Victorian) which has been worn a couple of times.  I would like to start buying and wearing hats other than the beanie/baker boy/beret variety again, maybe branch out to a fedora or a trilby.

These tagging awards tend to do the rounds of the same bloggers but I think the idea of them is to introduce readers to bloggers they may not have come across before.  So I've tried to tag people who I haven't tagged previously or who haven't already been tagged by others.  If you are on the list would be nice to hear seven things about yourselves:


  1. That top hat is amazing. I love leopard print too, like you I'm particular about the look of it too.

  2. Fascinating reading, as always.
    I love leopard but finding the right colour is so hard. The prints of the 50's and 60's seen to be more on the browner side than the harsh Bet Lynch orange you see on market stalls.
    That biker jacket is stunning as is the top hat. Yes, I do find hats for pennies, so many women fear them as they think it makes them stand out too much, pah!
    That whole body shape thing baffles me, too. Gok makes it a lot easier to understand. xxx

  3. You manage to wear all that leather yet never look like a gimp. That made me laugh. I'd love your leather collection, and it's not me at all.

    I love leopard print, however, and am kicking myself for not buying a pair I found reduced in Zara. Mind you, I'm not as brave as you when it comes to statement trousers...

  4. I used to love Miss Shop. Both quality and prices were better than Topshop, I think.

    Do you still have the hat stand? You should certainly start collecting again, plenty of summer weather for the sillier hats to come out! I've always wanted a hat stand but in my current wee flat there would just be no space to put one xx

  5. Gah, I'm stunned by your leather collection (and totally wish I had it! I think I have two leather skirts and one leather jacket. Leather shorts have been on my list for ages.

    Sorry Mr. V despises the leopard. I'm so grateful by hubby loves it.

    PS: Love the shot of you with the motorcycle jacket and leopard scarf. Fab look!

  6. I love learning more about you. The hat is divine. I am having sympathy pains right now thinking about you breaking your wrist snowboarding. Ouch (to put it mildly, I'm sure). Oh, I deeply love leopard too. I would love to own a leopard print coat someday.

  7. Loving leopard too! I love hats but can't pull them off. Have a great day honey!

    Did you hear my good news yesterday? Kori xoxo

  8. Thank you for the answers! I always love to read and learn more about you!
    You know what I think there's no straight men who'd love leopard print! Every male I know hates it and think it's tacky.

  9. Australian you say! Don't know why but your passion for flamenco had led me to believe you were of Southern American or Southern Europe origin. Cool to know otherwise :)

    Thank you for the tag. I totally agree that it is nice to mix up the tagging so will be digging deep for my own round!

    Mulika x

  10. You have such superb taste! I love everything in this post : D.

  11. 1. I'm totally obsessed with leopard print, too. Lol. Oh, and my husband rolls his eyes EVERY time he sees me pick something leopard up. Men.. they just don't understand.

    2. Biker Jackets.. LOVE! I only have one. It's super old and worn. I bought it at the thrift shop for a Tina Turner Halloween costume. Again, my husband laughs at me when I wear it, but it's totally stylish. You're right. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

    3. Wow, I am kinda sad that you purged your hat collection. I would love to see them all!

    4. Finally, THANKS FOR TAGGING ME! I was surprised to scroll down and see my name. Such an honor. I am writing this down in my little blogger planner/notebook so I don't forget. (I really need to get one of those Editor things.

    Thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed reading little tidbits about your style!

  12. Yay! thanks for the stylish blogger award!! I cant wait to post my 'things'along with awarding some other stylish bloggers! x
    ps -you hardly look like a gimp. :)

  13. Hi there!! Thanks so much for stopping by with your lovely comment! Congratulations on the blog awards too and loved all your fashion facts-I adore leopardprint and leather too and how fab you've hung onto your original first jacket, I so wish I'd kept hold of my pieces from the 80s and 90s!! I do love your blog and have added you to my must read list, thanks for adding me to your blog roll too, have a great weekend! x

  14. first, i love the biker jacket with leopard scarf - you don't often see a cropped jacket that doesn't 'pull in' at the hems, i love the way the sleeve hems esp. flare a bit. my grandpa was an actual champion uphill biker in the 1930's - lotta leather jodphurs. i should post some of the pix we have....

    and gaaaak! that hat! of COURSE you should find a few more for summer! did you see the Monarchy of the Absurd post i did? she uses antique finds to trim antique top hats here in SF, just beyond incredible, take a peek:

    scroll down to see Ms. Absurd herself looking fabulous....what a nice job you've done on your questions! and how fun to check out some new to me blogs....stay warm, nothing beats cashmere, steph

  15. Congratulations! Black leather, leopard, biker jackets, hats... You're certainly no shrinking violet (but I never thought that of you anyway). And I so love your hair!

  16. Aw thats so cute yo wear a cashmere to bed, to be fair I am British and still cannot get over how cold it gets over here. I get fleece PJs from Primark they are so warm I can't express my love of them enough!

  17. Congrats and great picks!

  18. Love all your outfits pictures !

  19. What a great collection of things- the leopard I'm with you on- the color is key. But I do love the right animal print- for me it seems to be jaguar or a cheetah.
    Biker jackets you say? I say you need to get someone to take you for a ride on a nice Norton or Triumph.

    That top-hat has my heart yearning- great topper! Let's me throw my two cents in and say- start up that collection again!

    Thank you for the tag- what an honor! xo. Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  20. I totally understand the hat fascination, I went through a phase of collecting fascinators and even now I can't let them go. Restart your collection I say, the spring is primed for it :)

    And a huge thank you for passing the award my way!

  21. I find myself with a hat for every occassion. any excuse so im currently setting up my own millinery company. if you need to broaden that collection: :) i like to try make unique and interesting pieces. i have a lot of my experimental stuff to still go up on the site.


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