Thursday, 3 March 2011

London Fashion Week: Lara Bohinc


I wouldn't be called Veshoevius if I wasn't into shoes!  At the bottom of the great winding staircase at Somerset House during London Fashion Week was a wonderful display of some beauties by London based accessories designer Lara Bohinc.  In terms of where these types of shoes sit in the market this is the unadulterated high end of luxury but there is no harm in looking at beautiful things and dreaming I say.  My favourites are the monochrome lace up shoe boot and the gilded leopard courts.

Lara Bohinc was interviewed for Elle magazine last December as part of their Closet Confidential series and came across as a very smart lady who is technically as well as business savvy.  The gold accents on her shoes are her trademark: precision cut gold plated brass motifs with an art deco feel adorning bags and shoes, produced by laser cutting and photo etching techniques she honed at the Royal College of Art.  She also designs jewellery, of which the tubular necklace, bracelet and ring pictured above are examples and has recently branched into scarves.

For the most part the Elle article was an enjoyable read and fascinating insight into an interesting designer and woman.  According to Elle's interview Bohinc trained as a product designer and some of her sources of inspiration included catalogues of radio components and her own photography of factory machines.   The article did get on my nerves at this point expressing disbelief that someone so glamourous could be so nerdy.  (Yes nerd was their word.)

So much for the representation of women with a keen interest in topics more related to science, engineering and manufacturing instead of the usual froth we are supposed to love.  Why is it deemed impossible or even unlikely that these kinds of interests and careers could somehow coexist with a love for glamour?  Well the products above speak volumes in themselves.   Being smart obviously does not exclude being stylish in the workings of the same brain and I wish some mainstream magazines (especially ones with a readership that is mainly female) would wake up and realise that.

To top it all off Bohinc manages to juggle running a successful business with motherhood and looking glamourous - she says that she really loves getting dressed up, has a wardrobe to die for and looks glam even when she is staying in.  Maybe it really is possible to have it all!


  1. They are incredible and my top picks are the same as yours, the monochrome lace-ups and the embellished leopard print beauties. Nice to read a bit about the designer behind the beautiful shoes. I bet they cost a bomb but no doubt worth every penny. xxx

  2. Those top shoes are a-mazing. Too bad about the whole sky-high-heels thing!

  3. I love all these shoes but hello, I am dying over that first black and white pair. Mama like!

    As for Ms. Bohinc, what you write (so eloquently) about her reminds me of things written about Marissa Mayer, Google's first female engineer. She has succeeded in a male-dominated field and she also happens to love clothes. Oscar de la Renta calls her one of his best clients. I say right on. What, you're not allowed to like math and dresses at the same time?

    I love nerds myself. They are so thoughtful and curious and always know all sorts of interesting facts.

  4. First of all, I am drooling. Pardon me while I wipe the drool so I can comment on the ridiculous assertion that "nerds" can't be stylish. I am a self-proclaimed nerd. One of my favorite pastimes with the hubby include watching documentaries about space exploration and the formation of the ever-changing universe. I also rather enjoy politics and I was a sociology major in college. None of these interests negate my undying passion for fashion. I am just a multi-faceted person as I suspect most women are.

  5. Mother, business woman, intellectual, well-dressed and fancy shoes... this is a lady I could definitely learn something from. My favs? The leopards... Totally over-the-top in a good way.

  6. OMG! I`m SO LUSTING AFTER the first and last shoes! FANTASTIC!

  7. I love the boots but I think my faves are the red heels - those art deco ridged crescents on the side are stunning x

  8. All of those shoes are AMAZING but particularly love the top ones!! Yes, please :)

  9. My goodness these are STUNNING. I particularly love the leopard ones. I too am annoyed at the word 'nerd'. Surely it should be applauded that women can be and ARE smart and stylish. I would quite happily describe myself as a geek or a nerd in parallel with the fact that I adore clothes and take a strong interest in fashion. Magazines really have to stop doing this. x


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