Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hope Springs Eternal


Spring it seems has finally sprung! Yesterday was the first sunny day London has seen in a long while so Mr V and I went for a walk in the park and discovered the "flower" button on our Nokia camera.

It is amazing how every Spring, the earth rebounds from the dieback and loss of greenery during the bitter cold of Winter.  The  trees stripped bare during autumn, snap frozen during winter, their naked boughs stark against the bright blue sky, now seem hopeful for new life, the sunshine and warmth allowing new shoots to burst forth.  New buds and blooms are already appearing on some trees, the magnolias, the cherry blossoms.  The small tended walled garden is now studded with bluebells, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. Something about Spring makes you call to mind youth, rebirth, reinvention.  Witnessing Spring return like seasonal clockwork, even after one of the coldest winters on record, reminds you of nature's innate ability to heal itself even after disaster, destruction and death.

Seemed appropriate for a walk in the park to adopt a tree hugging demeanour and dress like a horticulture worker in olive, black and brown.  (Actually I was thinking more of comfort whilst burning some calories walking and warmth as the air here is still a bit nippy).  Cuff leg cargo trousers with zipped ankles are back for Spring apparently which has prompted me to drag out my old pair to avoid buying new.  They are a little too long in the legs for me and I've plans to shorten them for a Spring reinvention of the sartorial kind but more of that another post.

After our day in the park we went back at nightfall to see the "super moon" that was supposed to be rising, itself targeted by the superstitious as an omen of death and destruction with some more outlandish claims that it is to blame for earthquakes and tsunamis.  It was actually quite beautiful to behold on a quiet night, a richly golden portent hanging swollen in the clear black night sky, shining like a giant coin at the bottom of a silent dark sea.  I prefer to think of it as a good omen - one hailing new beginnings.


  1. I thought the moon looked crazy last night, had I known it was significant I would have taken a picture. I'm not superstitious, but the "omen" seems eerily appropriate.

  2. What glorious pictures, I love the colour of the spring sky and all those pretty flowers thrusting from the ground.
    How many of those sunbathers are wearing plaid shirts?
    I saw a blogger recently sewing the cuffs from an unwanted sweatshirt to the hem of their old trousers, a great way of updating an old favourite. xxx

  3. I've had my olive cargos on for the past two days and have been on the hunt for flowers myself. Must say that all of your pics turned out better than mine...though I was out on our deck in my nightgown last night trying to catch this giant moon between the clouds.

  4. Alas... the lunar perigee is something we cannot see... in Sydney! It's been overcast and pouring down rain for days now.
    ...we're in Autumn down under...sigh... I'm counting down the days 'til Spring...

    Gorgeous images hon. I love skeleton trees, the starkness of them but...also...the potential... that tree will be full of life soon...

  5. Qué maravilla de post!!! todo un regalo para los sentidos. Cada foto es un auténtico poema que culmina en la gran luna.
    Thank you so much for being always there, my dear friend.

  6. Hurry for spring! I just wish it would come out and stay! We had a whole week of wonderful spring -type weather only for it to revert back to cold and grey. Sigh, So uninspiring...
    I also totally forgot to check out the moon that night, Blast!! Anyway here's to new beginnings! :)

  7. These pictures are gorgeous!! Even though I don't see much of a seasonal change down here, I do love that Spring is here. You do feel a sense of renewal and I love that about the season!

    I actually saw that moon on my drive back from out of town and seeing it on a long, dark road was amazing!

  8. We're 2 girls of 1 mind... Not only did we feel the call for horticulture dressing and spring savouring this weekend. Looking at your pictures I realised I forgot to insert my moon photo. It's too late now - but what a moon it was!


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