Monday, 7 February 2011

Tan and Gold Platform Shoes

After going a little mad at the winter sales I'm trying to keep myself out of future trouble by revisiting what is in the wardrobe to plunder for next season's trends.  I'm not much of a bright colour blocking type and I am just not getting the enthusiasm up to combine fluorescent pink with acid green or fluorescent orange.

For the last couple of years I have stopped myself from getting too excited about new Spring/Summer collections as bitter experience has shown me that I get very little wear out of anything I buy.  I still have several unworn summer pieces from previous years when washout summers meant that it was too cold to wear them.  I'm much more prepared to splash the cash in Autumn/Winter, especially in the sales because I find myself in Winter clothes and boots for about ten months of the year!  The upside is that my bank account should be relatively safe from Spring's new trends.  I'm quite happy to pass up fluoro brights for the ample amount of boho chic I've got stored away waiting for the sun to come out. 

Apart from floral prints and frilly dresses (of which I have plenty) I've noticed that old fashion chestnut "the seventies" is being touted as a big inspiration for Spring.  Nothing wrong with plundering the seventies for historical reference as I quite like the floaty hippy vibe that comes with it, but part of me has been thinking "What? Again?" It's like everyone in Planet Fashion has been extremely lazy in their free association brain storming sessions to come up with fresh ideas for the new season.  Hmmm Spring - sunshine, flowers, bees, flower power - I know let's revisit the seventies!  It almost feels like fashion groundhog day rather than fashion genius.

Not that such a revisit should give me reason to complain.  I've been taking stock of the seventies style pieces I already own and realise I have enough from previous seasons when the seventies came around to avoid buying new.  It also doesn't actually seem that long ago that this was a trend seeing as some of the tags are still on those items!!

I've also been seeing lots of platform style shoes filing in online at the likes of Topshop with those chunky seventies style block heels.  Although as a shorty I really love the extra height that a platform shoe gives me I can't bring myself to like that kind of clumpy stack heel.

Some time ago I bought a pair of black patent leather peeptoes from Katia Lombardo for work when they went on sale and was very impressed at how well the shoes were made.  When I saw these sandals at a bargain basement price a few months later I got them too.  My name is not Veshoevius without reason.  The combination of the tan leather with the gold platform lend them a bit of a seventies vibe even if the heel is not a stacker.

Due to the poor English summer last year they remain unworn!  This year I have plans to wear them with my flared jeans and some floaty blouses.  Here's hoping we actually have a decent summer to make wearing open toed sandals a reality for me!

Tan and gold leather platform sandals, Katia Lombardo


  1. Love the shoes! They will look fabulous and right "on trend" with a pair of flares!

    I totally know what you mean about being in winter clothes for ten months of the year. I am always more willing to splurge on winter clothes that I will wear forever!

    Love to go a little boho every summer - somehow when the sun comes out I don't care what was on the catwalks!

  2. Oh helloooo!! I love those shoes and best of all they look like a comfortable pair!

  3. I have a pair of burgundy patent Katia Lombardos for work, they are so beautifully made and comfortable. I love your pair, they are nice and neutral but the little bit of gold sexes them up a bit x

  4. I adore them! I haven't heard of the label before but they look very expensive and classy with the contrasting gold heel.
    The Seventies will always be my fashion era of choice regardless of whether it's hip or not. xxx

  5. These shoes are smokin' hot. I want to see you style them in an outfit post, I would love to see what you pair them with. As for Fashion Groundhog Day, I have a theory that as long as Rachel Zoe stays in the public eye the Seventies vibe is here to stay.

  6. Gorgeous shoes V! It's so interesting because the way you feel about splurging on spring/summer clothes, I feel the same way about winter clothes living here in FL. I would LOVE to get a pair of boots but it would hurt my feelings to have them sit in my closet all season long when it doesn't get cold enough to wear them!

    It does seem like the 70's is in for the spring and I agree, the fashion powers that be love to recycle trends!


  7. We are spending summer in England, so it will be fine. We will bring the sun with us in the cases, not to worry.
    Love those shoes, but can you walk on then????
    Besos guapa y bailarina.

  8. I really hope you'll be able to wear them when the sun starts to shine. . they're such beauties!

    Your take on fluorescent and loud colours resonated with me-- I realise that as my 'style identity' solidifies, I can no longer pull them off just to mess around with those colours for fun.

  9. Those shoes a just wonderful. I love them, and have actually been looking for a similar pair.

  10. You'll look fabulous in them, I'm sure! I've always avoided the 70s, but I seem to be developing a thing for the pussybow day dresses...

    Thanks so much for the Link Love on Beautifully Invisible, by the way. You're a gem, and a great support. xx

  11. gorgeous heels. bargains are alsways leading me into temptation, and even when i'm broke, i cannot resist buying a piece (wondering how is it possible that everyting is so cheap now, remembering its previous price).

  12. They are a knockout m'dear! I know what you mean about the Seventies and Love Story every summer - and every winter it seems too! Great that you understand my frazzled head state re:thesis - wowza, another feather to your cap! I've been pondering what field it might have been in and I'm plumping for Spanish History. Tell me if completely wrong!

  13. Those shoes are beautiful. I think I'll sit out this return to the 70's. In the states, it was a decade of little to no fashion in my mind.

  14. When I saw the post on twitter, I never imagined they'd look this beautiful! Absolutely cute! I hope you get to wear them this summer.


  15. Those shoes are beautiful with the gold heel and they will look great with trouser or flared jeans and a boho chic blouse. I hope you have a warm enough summer to wear them.
    In St. Louis, Missouri it gets hot and humid so we don't have to worry about wearing open toe shoes in the summer.


  16. Boom!!! The shoes are incredible girl and I know you will rock them!! I'm afraid I would wear my 70s gear any time of year no matter what's in;)) - can't resist! Yay to you For shopping your closet!! Been thinking Of you with the WA fires which are just horrendous - I hope your Family and friends are safe. xx

  17. I am actually looking forward to a few 70's purchases, although if Im honest what I really want is something from Marc Jacobs s/s... and we all know thats not going to happen. (unless i win the lotto)
    loving those shoes. tips for vintage shopping coming soon ! x

  18. Those are gorgeous! So simple yet rich-looking. They'll be lovely with your warm coloring. Good luck with summery opportunities to style your sandals-in-waiting!

  19. It's so annoying when i see all the pretty outfits from the blogs I read , but then i realize the girls that write those blogs live in california, whereas we're in england! :P so no short flirty dresses for us! haha! Wellies instead!:P I like those shoes, I can't wait for outfit pics!

  20. You MUST wear these shoes this spring/summer, Veshoevius. They are beautiful. I'm all for fluorescent pink with acid green or orange - but more theoretically than practically.

  21. I love love love the 70s (the older I get, the more I love it I think), and am thrilled it's a key trend for spring. These days I'm more into making my own clothes than buying new ones though. And like you, I'm trying to hold back on purchases if I know I won't get much wear out of them.

    Those shoes are gorgeous. I say mix 'em with as many black and neutral toned outfits and where them as much as possible. They're worth it : D.

  22. 1. I adore those shoes

    2. I feel you on not getting much use from summer wear. I used to... but once I moved to San Francisco I found myself wearing the same things all the time, meanwhile my fun summer clothes were untouched. Then I realized that's because it rarely gets hot (and never gets cold).

    3. The 70s are my spirit decade. I love the music and adore the clothes. The volume! The prints! The drama of it all! Whether or not designers draw reference from that decade for their latest collections, it's certainly my point of reference.



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