Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Puss in Boots

I thought I would do a study of how to dress for a cold foggy day in London and my thought process in how I layered up.  I pondered for quite some time on what to call this post before settling on the above title.  It is interesting what seeing a photo of your outfit does to your perception of what you look like and who you might have had in mind when getting dressed. By the end you'll see why I settled on the final post title!

It also being London Fashion Week the question on everyone lips is what are you going to wear if you attend.  At the Osman show on Sunday I overheard one lady say "...some people choose to wear some very strange things!"  Well if you can't push the envelope during London Fashion Week when can you?  This is what I wore yesterday on my rounds of the exhibition and here is the methodology from the base layers up:

Choose base layers which consist of a cotton tank top and wool tights over which goes a leather tee shirt and suede harem trousers for warmth.  Add high flat boots both for comfort,warmth and to be able to stuff in trousers legs for even more warmth.  Accessorise with your favourite necklace making use of the grey pearls to pick out the grey of the trousers and the gold chains and spikes to break up the black tee.

Realise that you are absolutely freezing.
Add a charcoal wool cardigan, one with a bit of origami folded structure to the knit which works better with the shape and stiffness of the leather tee.  Take mental note of the interesting way the hem of the cardigan matches and continues the line made by the hem of the tee shirt and decide that these two items should be worn together again.  Feel slightly pleased with yourself that you've managed to avoid an all black outfit then realise that actually sticking to black and grey is probably cheating.

Realise that you are still cold.

Turn to selecting a coat.  Recall that you saw Desiree of Pull Your Socks Up looking fabulous in coat tails recently, that it was a reminder that your own fantastic coat with coat tails is hanging neglected in the wardrobe and has not made it out all Winter despite promising yourself you would be getting it out this season.  Resolve to wear.

Realise that you are still cold.

Waste considerable time cursing that you appear to have lost your favourite Baker Boy cap and will have to head off outside without the warmth of a hat!  Throw a pair of studded driving gloves in your bag to stop fingers freezing.

Button up and add snood.  Feel rather dandyish and that you remind yourself of someone but you can't quite place who that is or where you've seen them.


Remember when you come to process the photos!  Below the real Puss in Boots:

Source: Wikipedia

Chiffon backed leather tee, Topshop; Black cotton tank top, Suede harem trousers, Cos; Bombshell Necklace, Merle O'Grady; Wool cardigan, She's So; Coat, Just Cavalli; Snood, Cos; Wool tights, Falke; Suede Pirate Boots, Vivienne Westwood;


  1. You had me at leather, suede and hareem pants. Love this post funny and stylish :)

  2. hehe! I do see it! You look great, anyway!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this look sweetheart! Layering really is key :) xx Anika

  4. You should be a professional stylist are SERIOUSLY wasted!

  5. I've just found your blog and absolutely love it. Great outfit choice too..particularly loving the coat and suede harem pants.x

  6. Just as well you didn't have a battered top hat, or would would have been the Artful Dodger ;) x

  7. What a great post. So hilarious about being cold again and again and again. I love the outfit you ended up with and especially love the addition of Puss in Boots! Now I want to go listen to Adam Ant.

  8. A perfect puss! Goodness, I love that coat with tails. It's spectacular--and you look so YOU!

    I love your style!

  9. I love the ecclectic mix of textures! Would I sound a bit pervy if I said I'd like to stroke you? xxx

  10. @Penny Dreadful - I so nearly did - my top hat was sitting visible in the lounge room on my way out and it was sorely tempting...and there were a couple of people wearing them at Somerset House!

    @jill815 - The Artful Dodger and Adam Ant were strong contenders alongside Puss in Boots!

    @Mode Plus, Milly - thanks for visiting and for your comments!

    @Vintage Vixen - haha! not at all!

    @Aesthetic Alterations - aw thanks hon! Thanks must go to Socks for reminding me about my own coat!

    @Sarah - you're too kind!

    @Franca - I had to laugh when I saw the two pictures together

    @Annika - thank you - i'd catch my death of cold without layers that's for sure

  11. Puss in Boots! Ha ha brilliant. and I have to say, as you added layers that outfit just kept getting better!! x

  12. You do look rather dandyish in that last photo, and I love it! Those suede harem pants are seriously incredible!

  13. I'm showing my age here, but I thought the outfit was a bit Adam Ant (I mean that as a compliment!) I love that coat and you look very stylish x

  14. Puss in boots! Ha! I love it! The coat with the tails was the icing on the cake for me with this outfit!

  15. This looks cool! Now why didn't I see you? Maybe your stylish outfit was overshadowed by all the 'weirdly dressed people'. But really, it's not really street style photography taking pictures at FW, it's FW photography; but I guess that's part of the fun. xo

  16. such dandyish look! i just love every single piece of it, specially your blouse - i just felt fed up with the overload of leather pants, skirts...

  17. Oh sweetie, thank you so much for the shout-out, you're so kind:). You had me giggling after the first pic - "realise that you are absolutely freezing". I've fallen in love with the beautifully soft leather top, it's such a gorgeous cut and it's certainly a show-stopper.
    Your tail coat is utterly splendid and yes you look like Puss in Boots - I love this outfit!!
    I've died and gone to heaven at the sight of your VW pirate boots - you're so lucky to have them to enjoy:)) xoxo

  18. Oh I LOVE it. Seriously, I will probably try to imitate this look once it cools down over here -you look AMAZING.

    Sarah xxx

  19. Heh heh - I was laughing at this 'reveal'. In any case, I think Puss in Boots is a bit of a style icon and I love your very chic outfit.

  20. Ha, this post made me laugh. The correction to feeling cold might have been in the footwear. :)

  21. @fay_stephen - how can a comparison to Adam Ant ever be taken as an insult? :)

    @Misfits Vintage - aaw bless you! I look forward to seeing yours!

    @Terri - not even boots can protect you from the freezing fogs over here!!

    @Marta - sorry I do love wearing leather everything!!

    @jessica - thanks! I was wondering if it was all too much but walked out of the house anyway!

    @MJ - Oh I'm definitely getting this coat out more

    @Comtesse de ferveur - I'm now wondering what other childrens stories I can plough for style icons - Red Riding Hood next?

  22. @Pull your Socks up - oh thank you for reminding me of the joy of coat tails (and Westwood shoes)

    @La Historia de Moda - for such a statement piece they are actually one of the hardest working things in my wardrobe

    @SabinePsynopsis - probably because I went in Friday and Sunday when you weren't there and I didn't spend long - just a couple of hours each day (and I sneak in and out)

  23. I love your cozy, dandy ensemble, and the comparison to Puss in Boots -- who is something of a tricksy highwayman in fact! From Wikipedia: "...knowing the king and his daughter are traveling by coach along the riverside, the cat persuades his master to remove his clothes and enter the river. The cat disposes of his master's clothing beneath a rock. As the royal coach nears, the cat begins calling for help in great distress, and, when the king stops to investigate, the cat tells him that his master, the Marquis, has been bathing in the river and robbed of his clothing..."

  24. Loving the outfit! I am often struck by the sheer impractability for the British climate of many clothing items sold or modelled in magazines. ie sleeveless things for anything other than those 3 hot days in August, coats without hoods, trousers without pockets (or even whole suits without pockets in trouser or jacket) etc etc.


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