Thursday, 17 February 2011

Merle O'Grady Bombshell Necklace and London Fashion Week

My absolute favourite necklace at the moment which I find goes with almost everything I'm wearing in my winter wardrobe.  A combination of spiked grey pearls, black Swarovski crystals and vintage chain links from the sixties.  Just how I like my bling - with lots of edge!

I'm hoping to wear it well into Spring/Summer to spruce up my sharp blazer and tee shirt combinations.  The only catch is the spikes - I wouldn't wear this on fine knitwear or very delicate fabric that might pull and they are actually a little prickly if I'm wearing it directly on skin or on a thin garment.  Oh well, you can't say I am not willing to suffer for my art!  It was designed by the talented Merle O'Grady who I managed to interview last London Fashion Week.

Speaking of London Fashion Week this one has completely snuck up on me!  I feel totally unprepared and, rather crucially, have no idea what I am going to wear.  I will be attending on a couple of days but as a buyer, rather than a blogger.  I will nevertheless be scouring the trade shows with my camera for interesting subjects - more of the inanimate kind mind you.  I haven't the nerve to ask strangers if I can take their photograph and I can't say I am really interested in elbowing my way through the paparazzi throng who will no doubt be out to snap the stylish over the next few days.

I will be going to just one show - Osman Yousefzada.  I may, if I am really motivated, go to Preen too.  However it's very early in the morning and I just know I'm going to want to sleep in on a Saturday morning!  Of the seven or eight designers who I emailed for an invite Osman and Christopher Kane were the only ones who replied.  I do wonder if I had applied as a blogger whether I would have got more response on the back of being "press".  In fact from what I have understood some of the shows were for the press only.  You know, I understand that designers want the free publicity from blogs but buyers might actually order some merchandise if they like what they see!

Of course Christopher Kane was way oversubscribed but I'm pleased that Osman did send an invite as I really like his designs.  An ex-banker, he threw in the towel on making money to pursue fashion.  Don't blame him really!  His designs are sophisticated, elegant and quite minimalist at heart and he does some wonderful draped dresses.  I can attest to the transformational properties of his little draped black dresses as I am the proud owner of one. 

I've got an invite to the Osman after party but that really is going to be a case of turning up and not knowing anyone if I go.  Anyone else going??

Bombshell Necklace by Merle O'Grady


  1. How exciting, I'd love to come with you and hold your hand but I think I'd be a bad influence and make you buy some wildly impractical designs.
    The necklace is glorious. How odd, I'd neevr have thought of teaming gold and grey together but it works beautifully. I feel a whole new outfit coming on. xxx

  2. Great necklace.

    Funny about the press thing. Last year, I pushed hard to get a press pass to see Sac Fashion Week. Finally a local magazine got me in to represent them. This year, the organizers of SFW contacted me and assured me I was in. Times. They are a channgin.'

    Have fun at the party, if you go!

  3. Fantastic necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(suspiro largo y profundo).I want one!!!
    Deseando estoy que nos cuentes todo lo que veas a través de tu cámara en Fashion Week.
    Besos siempre.

  4. Lovely necklace though I do agree I wouldn't want it to snag my clothes! Can't wait to see your pics from the fashion week! :)

  5. Can you take a plus one to the party? :-D

  6. I didn't know you have to apply to the designers for invites, I don't know anything about Fashion Week really. Osman will be fun anyway, I love his designs - very simple but elegant. The ones I am most looking forward to seeing pictures of is David Koma, I loved his pieces last season x

  7. I don't know, Veshoevius, I applied to C. Kane as a blogger and they didn't even bother to come back to me... I don't think bloggers have a very high standing at fashion weeks anymore. Hope you enjoy FW - who knows, we might bump into each other. If you wear your beautiful necklace I might recognize you :)

  8. Beautiful necklace. Somerset House is an awesome location for a show. I've been to one before in the Saatchi Gallery - I love the buzz of LFW. Thanks so much for your recent good wishes, much appreciated xx

  9. I love how you said that you're a going as a buyer not a blogger. I kept getting really depressed because i wasn't going, but evryone else seemed to, as a press. But I don't really think I'm a press, at least not yet! :P Plus I didn't know you can apply for invites, duh :P haha! Anyway have fun at Osman, and do a little review afterwards! :)
    PS what are you buying for? ( I think buyer is in like my top 5 jobs

  10. I Agree with Vix - if you had described this to me I would have nodded politely but could never have imagined the colours and textures working so well together. Would love to see it in action?

    Sarah xxx

  11. It will be so cool to "see" this through your eyes. I'd be interested in photos of the photographers themselves...

  12. The necklace is great! I love hearing that you wear it with everything--or almost everything. With so many necklaces marketing and pictured out there, I just run for cover and grab one of the few I have.

    That little beauty can edge up anything.

  13. I love this necklace, edgy and sexy. Interesting stuff about London Fashion Week and press vs. blogger. I went to the press preview for the Van Cleef & Arpels show today, and it was a total scene. Lots of fashion people, I think they were there to check out the jewels before hitting the last day of shows. I asked the museum PR people for an invite, as a blogger, and they were very generous and said yes, but there were a ton of magazine people there today, local media and Vogue TV as well.

  14. I´ll be attending London Fashion Week too. Don`t have any clue what to wear yet either...

  15. Ooooo. Your so lucky! Id love to attend some LFW shows. Thats it Im moving to London.
    Seriously though, looking forward to your reports on the show.
    ps. I really enjoyed reading your body image post as well. Nicely written x

  16. There is no other blogger I read that has me going on the hunt for items featured as often as you do. I adore that necklace and I am not surprised that you find yourself pairing it with everything as it is a statement worth making daily!

    p.s I am sure you will stumble upon making in the same predicament so go and enjoy the experience. Look forward to (inanimate) images :)

  17. Love this necklace !

  18. Ooooh... I do love her pieces (shown in your interview post)... very dramatic and strong-sexy!

    HA! Yes, you think that designers would be more interested in the buyer rather than the blogger! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Hope you had a great time hon.

  19. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments! Unfortunately I didn't go to the Osman party in the end as I had to go do a flamenco show - oh well! Next time!


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