Sunday, 20 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Corrie Nielsen

I'm off to London Fashion Week tomorrow and thought I would spend some time catching up on the action on the official website where you can see the catwalk show videos.  After filing through most of the videos of the last two days I hadn't really seen anything that had me leaping out of my seat with excitement until I came across this show.  I hadn't heard of Corrie Nielsen before but she has been the first designer this season whose show has made my jaw drop.  She had me hooked from the first swashbuckling outfit.

Sculptural and dramatic shapes constructed with an attention to detail and flair for drama that for me recalled the work of Alexander McQueen.  Some wonderful Elizabethan references which she quotes as an influence.  Amongst my favourite details were the Elizabethan feel of the high ruff-like collars, a voluminous taffeta cape and blouse, the fine pleated waists on pantaloons and pencil skirts, the medieval corsets, the use of volume to exaggerate the female form.

The sheer grandeur of the two final gowns can only be described as hauntingly regal and walk straight out of their historical references into the modern day, reinterpreted via clever twists of tailoring.  There is a cream satin corseted wedding gown with a train and hooped skirt (using what appears to be a modern replica of the Elizabethan farthingale) and the grand finale of a very queenly gown glorified in Gothic black.

A quick perusal of her credentials explains a lot - several years working for Vivienne Westwood would explain the attention to draping, womanly curves and the fine work on the corsetry.

Of course the shoes caught my eye.  I noted flashes of the trademark black stripes of shoe designer Georgina Goodman on the soles of the shoes as the models strode away.

This is what I love and enjoy about fashion.  Everyone needs clothes to wear but seeing a designer work this kind of transformative magic is what makes the heartbeat quicken, the pulse race.  Corrie Nielsen.  One to watch!


  1. the grey suit is gorgeous!

  2. Wow. They are seriously stunning pieces - love the exaggerated shapes, and the fabrics are simply beautiful. Plus, any catwalk show that manages to combine Depeche Mode and Arvo Pärt gets my vote...

  3. I am glad that I am following the latest of LFW...
    This season is going to be fantastic
    Lee x

  4. How fabulous! I can definately see Edwardian and Viv Westwood influences in these pieces. The cape is stunning theatrical and I love that claret dress, the shoulder shaping is just genius. xxx

  5. I love the beautiful waist on a couple of those dress suits! A gorgeous silhouette!

  6. Beautifully put, you can certainly see the VW infuences but yet she makes it her own, fabulous collection!

  7. The clothes are SO YOU!! As I watched, I was just recollecting some of your past outfits, and they were so similar! :) I can see why you'd like the collection:)

  8. Love her. The fantastic shoulders, the cape and the fantasy of the dresses is beyond words. Thank you for the info.guapa y por tu cometario amable siempre.
    Besos y feliz semana.

  9. @Mrs Bossa - I thought the Depeche Mode was a great touch too

    @Filipa - you do not know how much I want that first outfit!!

  10. Oooh! Thank you for sharing this. It's truly like Blade Runner meets Elizabethan England...some of my favorite aesthetic references. It's refreshing to see modern designers drawing from historic structured shapes without being costumey.

    I adore that exquisitely simple gold and red corseted design around the one minute mark, although I'd like to see a long narrow skirt, to bring more regal balance to the volumes.

  11. I was thinking of McQueen, too...
    This collection is spectacular, inventive, regal and totally out of this world! Corrie Nielsen is one to watch.

  12. The music is so fitting for this show, sets the stage. I would love to go to London Fashion week one day. My favorite Corrie Nielsen pieces are the (dark is it plum) gown and the burnt orange rust dress, I love the color. I would definitely wear her designs even if I had to wear that gown around my house.



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