Thursday, 24 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Camilla Skovgaard

The gladiator shoe and shoe boot are both far from being dead.  (Cue relieved sigh from yours truly.)  At the hands of shoe designer Camilla Scovgaard these styles are being reincarnated in a plethora of new and exciting forms.  These are shoes for girls who aren't afraid to make a strong statement with their footwear.

Scovgaard offers up a huge variety of colours, tone and texture in the materials for her Autumn Winter 2011 shoe collection.  In addition to some very covetable fierce black designs, there were shoes in a deep tan, chocolate, aubergine, ivory and grey leather, as well as in leather with various finishes: metallic gold and silver, lizard skin, patent, pearlised and even rainbow tinted hologram.

There were creations in a textured dirty white suede which I particularly liked when smartened up with a contrasting black leather trim.  Aubergine nubuck was contrasted with a multicoloured hologram leather which appeared as trim on a gladiator shoe and covering the spike heel of a treaded court shoe.  There was a smart, scratch stripe printed canvas that came in grey and black or brown and copper.

The designs featured contrasting fabrics or finishes and clever use of buckle straps, zips, press studs, silver buckles, criss crossing straps, cut away sections and even a continuation of this season's predilection to add a shearling lining.  Of course Scovgaard's signature angular platform soles and distinctive wide, shark toothed tread are heavily featured.


  1. I absolutely love Camilla Skovgaard's designs - perfect mix of fierce and sculptural. It's my dream to own a pair. And these are incredible.

    You're very prolific this week, my love! x

  2. Glorious news! There's some beauties there but do I see a hint of shearling? Surely that's all over now? xxx

  3. I think she, together with Finsk wedges, are the reasons why I look towards a brighter future of footware- they are both amazing talents and I really want some, sniff :(

  4. Oh, I love her shoes! They're real kick-ass shoes - both figuratively and literally. :)

  5. gorgeous! wish i could put my hands on these...

  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwww some shoes...I would need a pair of crutches to go with them. They look fab though.
    Aquí estamos casi en primavera, 25ºc hoy yeahhhhhhhhh.
    Much love y besos siempre.

  7. I adore Camilla Skovgaard's designs so much - the 'dinosaur sole' gives them a special je-ne-sai-quois and they just look so wearable. But I checked prices today... Ouch.

  8. I LOVE Camilla Skovgaard! These photos are totally making me drool~


  9. Just got my first ever pair and am scared that I'm now addicted and will keep buying them. Love the look of these ones you've photographed.. didnt see a lot of them instore or online.. (probably better for my wallet!)


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