Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Introducing Mr V!  He'll probably tell me off for posting a picture of him in what he says is his grotty old jumper but I love this jumper on him and won't let him throw it away!

I've been cruising the blog rounds today and noticed quite a few Valentine's Day posts.  Like many others I'm not a huge celebrator of Valentine's Day and won't be sulking if Mr V hasn't arranged some ridiculously expensive dinner or weekend away or a gift.  We actually find the commercial aspect of it all a bit nauseating and there is nothing to kill romance faster than having to compete for restaurant bookings and sharing your romantic dinner for two with half of London.

However, many of the blogs I visit have posted a "I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day but..." and then proceeded to tug at my heart strings with a mushy post about their friends (Penny Dreadful) or other halves (Dusk).  So you've all got me into the spirit and I've felt the urge to do a Valentine's Day post dedicated to Mr V!

Fact is Mr V and I rarely do anything on Valentine's Day apart from perhaps swap silly humorous cards and cook an extra nice meal at home.  But we have been too run off our feet lately to even think about organising even these small things this year.  Tonight I am going to be teaching flamenco until late and therefore won't see much of him at all today.

In the past, Mr V has on a couple of occasions tried unsuccessfully to hide a bunch of flowers for me in the flat the night before, but somehow I always stumble across them by accident and rumble him.  One year, when he worked out a better hiding place, I woke to find stem roses interspersed between the plants in the patch of dirt we call a garden.

After reading about Dusk's husband finding the round crisps in a bag at the cinema to feed her so that they won't hurt her mouth and how he does all the greasy work on cars to spare her hands getting dirty (aawww!!!) I was reminded about all the wonderful selfless little things that Mr V does for me which are little acts of love every day, not just Valentine's Day.

He makes me coffee in the mornings, hot water bottles to keep me warm at night and always tells me I look beautiful even when I'm sloping around the house in my pyjamas and haven't made an effort.  He takes a huge interest in and is the biggest supporter of everything I do, even this blog which he reads on his way home from work, including every comment!

No matter how times Mr V has seen me perform flamenco, if he can come to one of my shows he will be there, and last night when I had a gig was no exception.  I always think that it must be getting a bit boring for him and tell him he doesn't need to come if he doesn't have time or doesn't feel like it, but then it is always so heartwarming to see him there in the audience.

This weekend Mr V put on his DIY hat very much as an act of love.  I recently lost my dance rehearsal space which was in our outdoor shed.  Due to the snow and foxes digging underneath it the roof had sprung several leaks and the shed had become saturated to the point where I could no longer rehearse in it.  Mr V spent all yesterday skillfully attaching a tarpaulin to the roof and ended up covered head to toe in grime, all to make sure I could start using the space again.

A bit about Mr V's style - he is the type who looks great in fisherman's jumpers, pea coats, floral print shirts, distressed denim jeans and he loves bright and bold colours (you can just see the cuff of his bright orange tee peeking out in the photo).  He has a big collection of brightly coloured tee shirts and jumpers in red, orange, yellow, lime and bright blue.  Yep!  Polar opposite to me in the colour spectrum!  Like many men he dislikes clothes shopping but takes exception when I come with him and help him choose!

Whether you are celebrating or not have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!

And Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful Mr V!

Mr V wears:
Fisherman's Jumper, Versace Jeans; Grey cashmere sweater, Uniqlo; Orange long sleeved tee shirt, Uniqlo; Jeans, Pull and Bear; Shoes, Camper


  1. Happy St Valentine's to you and Mr V! He looks very cool and it sounds like he and Mr VV share similar styles of dress. What a lovely man to do DIY for you on a sunday sfternoon, that's far more romantic than overpriced roses and stuffed bears. xxx

  2. What a sweet post for your Valentine. I hope you get to spend a little time together after you teach your class tonight. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

  3. Sweet!

    'I don't do Valentine's Day, but...' like you, I love one extra chance to tell Mr B what a cool cat he is. He's taking me to the pictures...but only because I don't think he's realised the date!

    Happy Valentine's, V!

  4. Happy Valentine's to you and your beloved, Veshoevius! V-Day is a day to bask in romanticism, I think--another day of thanksgiving. Red, red, and more red, plus sparkles and some baubles, is my way of thanking Cupid for sending me such a lovely man.

    Have fun dancing!

  5. Great and funny post, This Mr V seems very cool ! Happy Valentine's day to you two !

  6. This was truly delightful, and Mr. V. looks handsome and downright cuddly.

    I think you and Mr. V. celebrate Valentine's Day just right. It doesn't have to be an extravagant commercial celebration. The holiday is much older than the industry, and it originated with smaller, thoughtful gestures. I delight in the holiday as an excuse to do "small" but special things for dear ones, like the thoughtful cards, homecooked meal, and occasional little surprise you describe. I'll never expect diamond earrings on Valentine's Day, but I'll be a little disappointed if I don't have a chance to lay out some fresh flowers, to tickle my daughter with a very fancy lace-encrusted pink box of chocolates, and if my husband doesn't grill up his special bacon-wrapped filet mignon!

    Best Valentines wishes to you, dear and respected blog friend!

  7. I like Mr V's style and he sounds like a star. Have a lovely evening and keep on dancing!

  8. Aww I love it! That is too sweet! I hope you and Mr. V have an awesome day today! :)

  9. Mr V sounds fab, and this is a wonderful way for spreading a little romance!
    (...take this from a woman who stubbornly ignores V-Day and secretly is incredibly happy that he still sticks to unromantic her)

  10. I love your blog, it so adorable :)
    i´m a new follower, follow me back if you want


  11. Ah, he sounds like a sweetie! I'm especially impressed that he reads your blog including all the comments.

  12. Awww, happy V day to Mr and Mrs V ;) I'm especially impressed that he goes to all your performances that he can, what a lovely guy.

  13. This is such a sweet post! It is so nice to read about our men and how amazing they are and the little things they do to make us happy and show us they love us. I get really annoyed at men/women(wife/husband) jokes or smirk remarks like 'oh you're under a thumb' if he brings me a glass of water or something.. no, he's not he just cares about me! It drives me crazy for people to mock love like that! So it's nice to see so many bloggers focusing on the good side, and sharing the appreciation for their other halves (and even friends!) :)
    BTW, my Mr also wears bright clothes! :) (especially socks, they must always always be neon bright, it's so cute! :)

  14. It goes with out saying that a lot of us are very lucky and have some extremely supportive men in our lives and of course friends as well. Where would we be without them?
    Flamenco dancing? Im so impressed... no chance you would ever post a video so we could see?? x

  15. Aw I loved this. It's very apt and a very touching post. Listing out the little things just makes you realise, doesn't it? I feel like doing it for my own love now!

  16. That was so sweet! I was one of those who don't usually celebrate and then proceeded to post something because I was so inspired. So hurray for love and sentiment and not being driven to the commercial aspect of it all.

    Mr. V sounds dreamy! You're a lucky gal:)

  17. Nice sweater!

  18. Hooray for great guys!

  19. I am late but Happy Valentine's Day V.
    Nice to learn more about Mr. V. Very sweet and special post.

  20. Ohhh honey... but of course Mr V would be who he is. I would not expect you to be with anyone less than..well, who you are and who he is. Hope that makes sense!

    AND... that photo... the one he took of you... in your purple Flamenco dress... that speaks volumes... of his love for you...

    ...I love the way Men (capital M) love their Women...

    (Thank you for the mention hon. I am so sorry I take so long to comment. I do actually visit pretty much as soon as a new post is up -especially my favourites- but I only comment when I can truly devote my full attention to the posts. Which unfortunately leads to freakin' essays!!

  21. Thanks for all your lovely comments and Valentine wishes - you made Mr V blush! He is indeed a wonderful man and I am a very lucky woman xx


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