Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Torrera's Trophy Trousers

My New Year's Day outfit. Thought I'd start 2011 with a bang like those glittering London New Year fireworks and wear twinkly trousers.  Remember the trophy trouser trend from last Autumn/Winter? Well I didn't think I'd bother indulging at the time until I saw these going for £25 in the Topshop 2010 Winter sale.  At that price, I thought, why the hell not?  However it has taken me almost a year to get around to wearing them!  But wear them I did, managing to tick off one more unworn item in my wardrobe as finally worn.  A good start to the sartorial year!

Although the beading is impressively dense on these I'm so glad I didn't pay the full price of £150 for them as every so often I hear a little ping, then a rattle on the floorboards as another bugle bead bites the dust.

I was just a tad overdressed shall we say for a New Year's Day lunch at a friend's house overrun with babies and small children. I felt more like the clown in fancy pants hired to entertain the little ones.  Especially as, in addition to loud trousers, I was also wearing my furry Mongolian lamb gilet most of the time to cope with the draftiness that is a permanent feature of Victorian houses.  Long furry tendrils that can be gripped and pulled, furry shoes and crunchy, glittery trousers were found to be quite fascinating and texturally stimulating for tiny baby hands and fingers!  I hid my spiky necklace under my snood to avoid any injuries!

Although I probably planted the seeds for a future love of furriness and beading into a budding fashionista I clearly wasn't thinking about proximity to tiny tots when I was getting dressed.  Being in a small childless minority in a circle of friends who are almost all parents I always find that I turn up to social get togethers looking pretty OTT.

Later, while looking at these photos, I was trying to fathom what I was actually thinking when getting dressed, other than my determination to wear a pair of unworn trousers and some sparkle for New Years Day, and obsessing over getting the proportion of a narrow leg trouser and cropped jacket right.  Given the furry boots, ornate trousers, cropped bolero tuxedo jacket and spiky necklace, it's occurred to me that without realising it at the time, I was subconsciously taking inspiration from matadors and bullfighting lore.

This was probably because I spent the days between Christmas up until New Years Eve on an intensive dance course with a very famous flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher, Javier Latorre.  We learnt a dance routine which drew heavily on bullfighting moves for inspiration and was set to a track from the album  Tauromagica by Manolo Sanlucar.

In order to interpret Latorre's poetic choreography my hours on the course were spent trying to get inside the psyche of the matador locked in his deadly dance with the bull.  I've never been, nor ever will be able to bring myself to sit through the bloodthirsty brutality of a bullfight, so I found this process both physically and mentally exhausting.  Post-course I'm clearly still trying to get into character through my clothing choices!  Latorre however, impressed me with his demonstration that the theatrics of costume isn't necessary to exude the physicality behind both the swagger and graceful dance like manoeuvres of a bullfighter.

Latorre has earned somewhat of a rock star status in flamenco circles.  As a young man he certainly had the looks, resembling a young Mick Jagger in flamenco boots and was renowned for revelling in a rock star lifestyle to match.  These days he wears the image of the ravaged, ageing rocker like a badge of honour, working the aesthetic down to the details of outré earrings and jewellery, tattoos and a Mephistopheles moustache and beard.  He turns up to give class in that old rock star staple and a genre of trophy trouser in itself - black jeans, worn in all their variations - denim, leather, sometimes skinny, sometimes distressed, sometimes in flashy waxed or satin finishes.  He even had us doing our warm up routine to rock music!

Image source:

Here is the man himself demonstrating part of the choreography he set us.  I like how even though he is dancing in the rock and roll simplicity of skinny black jeans and a fine knit black sweater the torrero still shines through.

Beaded trousers, Topshop; Wool turtelneck, By Malene Birger; Boots, Pied a Terre; Necklace, Merle O'Grady; Cropped Tuxedo Jacket, Mango; Mongolian Gilet, Warehouse.


  1. the outfit is fantastic for NYE. i'm really eyeing your jacket.

  2. Veshoevius, Thanks for such an illuminating post! It points out the power of photography to illuminate unstated currents in ourselves (I've been learning a lot from them myself). You do look like a matador! A beautiful one! The pants may well have been over sparkly for an event with kids (I wouldn't know, however--I fear I haven't been around little ones in a very, very long time!), but the delight of the look! Perfect for the new year. Happy New Year! xo

  3. I have only been to a bullfight once, my father forced me to go as a good Andalusian. I found it beyond words, and sooooooooooo boring.
    Your outfit is fantastic.
    Mil besos

  4. Beautiful trousers and loving that necklace. I understand what you mean about child-friendly clothing... I'm always in cream cashmere or unthinkingly leaving dangerously delicious-looking cocktail rings on tables in the company of little uns it seems.. it's a sartorial minefield, or should that be playground?!

  5. Your trousers are amazing! I wish I lived closer to a Topshop so I could have snatched them on the sale too...

  6. It's a pity that more men don't understand how HOT it is to be able to dance.

  7. COOOOL trousers, Veshoevius. I bought 2 (very reduced) sequin trousers last year and they come out at Christmas and New Year and other occasions. Somehow I also have the tendency to attend parties slightly overdressed - it must be our faible for sequined trousers! xo

  8. Wow, they're incredible! To my mind you often have something of the matador about you - but as Aesthetic Alterations says: a beautiful one! - you certainly manage to incorporate an element of drama into all your outfits, which I admire...

  9. Oh I LOVE those pants! That's awesome you got to dance over the holiday.

  10. Veshoevius--the dance is just spell-binding to watch! How many were in your class? Or was it a private set of lessons? And how long does a day of lessons last?

    I really like your New Year's outfit. The only clothing that is perfectly safe around children that age would be jeans and a tee-shirt.

  11. I love those trousers and i dont think you were overdressed for new years that outfit is rockin'
    here's to a wonderful 2011 :)

  12. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Congrats on inspiring a new generation of fashionistas. I always end up being overdressed compared to my other mom friends. In reality style doesn't have to go out the window. Maybe I should do a blog post on that.
    No Guilt Fashion

  13. Fantastic outfit! So 70s and Studio 54. The pants ROCK!

  14. Gorgeous! So glamorous and cool! I adore those trousers. I bought some sequinned harems in last year's River island sale for £3, they've languished in the wardrobe unworn ever since, I should try them again. xxx

  15. Ahhh... you fabulous torero you.... I LOVE all the elements of this outfit!! Although yes, not so practical for being around little children!
    ...wish I could see your face... I am so sure your features are MARVELOUSLY dramatic and sensual!

    Javier. Damn.

  16. Clown? No way! If anything these kids will have 'style, style, style' and 'trophy trousers' imprinted in their minds that will impact on their sartorial choices in years to come ;)

  17. Wow, that dance is really messengering! Actually I've always found flamenco fascinating :)
    And I love those trousers! A real statement piece!

  18. wonderful New Year's look!i especially love that spiky necklace against the mongolian spirals...

    heck, you know that friends love it when 'the clothes girl' dresses up. just think of it as added decoration/entertainment/spice of life. & i'm certain you made a possibly boring (for wee types) gathering of adults a lot livelier for the little ones : )

    happy new yer!! steph

  19. Torrero dance its a very strong dance.. but I think is beautiful..
    Now.. about your shinny outfit for NYE.. I loved it... you made black look a bit softer..
    Gorgeous pants.

  20. HEy girl!!! I hope you had a fabulous holiday AND I LOVE this outfit!! I am also an OTT dresser as most of our friends have kids and we don't. I am never thinking about being child friendly haha!!
    I love the pants, they are fabulous!!!!
    Happy New YEar to you!!


  21. @Aesthetic Alterations - it's true that sometimes you don't realise the subliminal things at work inspiring you until an image hits you in the face with it!

    @Lady Lipstick, @tinyjunco, @Comtesse de Fervuer, @Fuyume, @SabinePsynopsis, @Boheme Noir, @Lo, @devillishlypleasurable, @Vintage Vixen, @Style Oydessy @Courtney
    Thank you ladies - great to know there is support for the OTT, uber glittery and child unfriendly dressers amongst us! xx

    @NoGuiltFashion - you really ought to do that post! I for one will be hanging on to your every word!

    @Dusk, @Terri, @Cynthia, @Lee Oliveira, @Ginta - he is an amazing dancer isn't he? And yes I'm with Cynthia too - wish more men knew how hot it is to be able to dance

    @Terri - it was a course of an hour and a half a day over five days with a group of about twenty five people

    @Miss Sofie - actually I didn't set foot in the store! I bought them online! You should keep an eye out on the website as there are bargains to be had and they post to Europe

  22. oh my god them trousers are amazing! i love them. really nice blog as well x

  23. I love those pants! The whole outfit is great.

    And that dance teacher sounds like such a cool guy. How wonderful to dedicate one's life to ones passion, and to helping others with the same.


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