Saturday, 22 January 2011

Links à la Mode

It seems my post Three Strikes Vogue - You're Out really struck a chord with other people and it has made the IFB Links à la Mode list this week.  Judging from the stream of comments I've had it seems I'm not the first to take issue with the magazine's lack of sensitivity in many areas and it's interesting to see how many bloggers who commented said they gave up buying Vogue precisely because of these sorts of things.  I hope someone in Vogue Towers is taking note!  I got some cracking comments on this post and intend to dedicate a post soon to highlight my favourites.  Meanwhile check out the other great articles by the other bloggers listed this week.

links a la mode

"I have confidence that spring will come again, Besides which you see I have confidence in me"

Edited by Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie

Within  this week's links I kept noticing a resounding honestly in the  heartfelt posts. When we blog or choose an outfit we are putting  ourselves out there for all to judge, and it's not surprising that doing  the activity can have an affect on our confidence for better or for  worse, especially when feedback starts coming in.
There's also been a  sense of rebellion in the air: from the emergence of the punk style to  controversy over Vogue, and in the week that saw the spectacle which is  the Golden Globes rises a questioning of what the red carpet is all  about.

Links à la Mode: January 20th

  • A la Modest Drawing inspiration from Kabukis, Rainbow Brite, Ladytron, and Padmé Amidala while on Tatooine
  • Antares: Alfa Scorpii Fashion without mercy: do I have to choose between fashion and my beliefs?
  • By Anika Who gets to label me and my worth? I do! An honest account from this  curvy fashionista who fiercely supports all of our rights to label,  embrace and love our fashionable selves, what ever our size.
  • City of Glitter To Cover-up or Not To Cover-up? A post exploring foundation and its role in our self-esteem.
  • Crimson Rosella Blogging: A Self-confidence booster?
  • Depict This The challenge of wearing vintage clothing in the real world
  • Elle Enchanted My take on what bloggers need to consider before accepting a sponsor.
  • Fashezine Inspired by Jennine Jacob's post on how fashion blogs will evolve in 2011, I thought I'd try my hand at a video.
  • Fashion Limbo Online Christmas Shopping, the Aftermath - on lost packages, refunds and independent retailers.
  • Fuyume The demise of the kimono industry.
  • Fish Monkey's Writing Stuff Why I don't think that red carpets have any relevance to fashion.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: 5 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Yourself
  • Intrinsically Florrie The fashion show that's made me impatient for summer.
  • Karma-Style Blog Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have 'FoF' - Fearlessness of Fashion. Do you?
  • My Heart Blogged Falling head over flats. My flats collections, and why you don't see me wearing heels.
  • Scarlet Letter Style Why is the fashion world so critical? I have an idea on how to fix it
  • The Column of Samantha Tyler Of Punks and their influence on Fashion
  • The Fashion Pawn The fourth part of The B.O.B Series discusses all "About You:" Tips for your About You Page.
  • The-Loud Mouth Sometimes, garbage piles up: Fashion blogging isn't just a hobby. For some, it can be an emotional release.
  • The Taxonomy Of My Wardrobe Three Strikes Vogue - You're Out! Three examples of how the fashion  bible is inexcusably out of touch with readers and losing relevance in  today's world
  • The Simply Luxorious Life Why Not . . . Create Your Own Signature Style?

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  1. Congrats, Veshoevius! It was an excellent post, completely deserving of this recognition. I look forward to you revisiting the topic!

  2. Congratulations, Veshoevius! What are you going to do when they offer you a job?

  3. Congrats again! You deserve it lady : ).

  4. Hi Veshoevius, I'm not surprised you have been recognized multiple times. Your posts are so well-written and dead-on right.

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Si es que eres un hacha de dos filos...Cuánto tiempo sin saber de tí.
    Qué bien escribes y cuánto me gusta.
    Mil besos guapa y no me olvides.

  6. WOw, well I just reread all of your posts on the Vogue, and it seems like there's a lot they get wrong. But on the other hand, I think they are the best fashion magazine out there.. I think what they need to do is start listening more, but keep their high fashion end. I don't really want to read about Primark clothes in Vogue- I can see them on me and everyone else.. I want to be able to dream and see beautifully styled beautiful clothes that I will never be able to afford, but I can try and find something in Primark to style it similarly. But I think you're right about the insensivity towards ethnic groups, that was a big misstep.. So hopefully they are listening and learning :)

  7. You always derserve a mention, your writing style is second to none. Goddamn it, you should be writing for Vogue, we'd all read it then. xxx

  8. Good one!! If they do offer you a job, I reckon you bring em down from the inside...


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