Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

As an Aussie I'm used to seeing big fireworks displays set to music and it always surprised me that the annual London New Year fireworks never was. Both as a city and capital of a nation that has produced so many world class musical acts it always seemed crazy to me that London would pass up an annual opportunity to showcase the talents of the British music industry alongside one of the most anticipated fireworks displays on the globe.

That all changed this year as I've just found out on BBC this morning that it was the first year that they were finally set to a soundtrack and what a show!

We watched the fireworks from the top of Brockwell Park after having a quiet dinner with flu battered friends, so I didn't get see the show with the music. But even at the distance from which we watched them the thunderous roar of the explosions of all the shells and rockets was impressively loud.

From our hilltop view we were also treated to the sight of hundreds of glowing paper lanterns that had been released into the air, dispersing slowly over the skyline of London and beyond into the night sky like floating stars.


  1. Impressive.
    Feliz 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Espero que lo compartas conmigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year, Veshoevius! That looks tremendous.
    Loads of love and best wishes for 2011. xxx

  3. How exciting! I love fireworks.

    Happy New Year!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  4. Nice! I haven't been anywhere with a New Year's display for a few years.

  5. Happy 2011 Fabulous Woman!! [that may be your official title...]

    Oooh I love fireworks... even though a part of me does cringe at the pollution and all that money going up in smoke... but oh hush, I won't be a party pooper...I do love the theatrics! Plus I'm Indian... it's a spiritual tradition for us!!
    ...and gosh... now I've carried on when all I want to say is... have a blessed and blissful year hon... I am positive you will!
    ...and maybe this will be the year that we see a glimpse of... mouth?... at least?? And yet... I do love the intrigue! You are a most interesting woman.

    That Flamenco photo Mr Veshoevius took?... still takes my breath away...

    Hope your flu battered friends get well and hope you don't 'caught'.

    ...also... why Veshoevius?? Because your shoe collection errupted?? You're a shoe lava??? Punny!! LOve it!

  6. I love the paper lanterns - we even had some down Manchester way, despite our low-key affair.

    A happy new year to you! Have really enjoyed following your blog so far - may it continue to go from strength to strength! xx

  7. Being slightly flu-ridden myself I watched the fireworks on TV and thought they were WONDERFUL - orgasmic even. I can't get rid of the feeling that there is a slight competition between the cities a la 'Oh, Sydney had 10 minutes and these effects so we'll have 11 minutes...' (Why else would the first thing my brother informed me about is the length of the Berlin firework?!?)

    Aaaaaanyway... I might have said it 3 times already, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Veshoevius!


  8. Happy New Year! Your lights sound lovely. I'm intrigued by the idea of glowing paper lanterns floating away. How did they do it, I wonder? Were they attached to balloons? How were the lights made inflammable? Not to spoil the vision at all -- I just want to try it myself!

  9. Amazing! Nothing here, but a couple of tired firecrackers.

  10. @Cloud of Secrets - I think the lanterns were these ones - I've linked to another blogger who showed the same thing happening in Thailand

    @Dusk - re: why Veshoevius - you hit the nail on the head with the puns - that is it exactly! My boyfriend came up with the name for me.

  11. I do love fireworks, but I hate standing out in the cold! TV is fine for me. Hope you have a wonderful 2011 x


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