Thursday, 23 December 2010

What is it with Topshop and Studs?

Image from Topshop

Behold the studded trapper hat for the Topshop AW collection as seen in promotional campaign photographs earlier this year.  Since clapping my eyes on this beauty I have been checking Topshop's website obsessively, waiting for it to come into stock. I had grand visions of late night walks home from the tube becoming suddenly hassle free, with me glaring menacingly from beneath this crowning glory at pesky Brixtonian drug dealers who would part like the Red Sea before me in fear.

However, what has actually appeared online at Topshop is this:

Image from Topshop

Not quite the same.  Perhaps if I had never seen the original I might have been more impressed, instead I am left feeling quite let down.  So too must the Topshop design team when they compare this pale version of urban armour against their original design sample.

What is it with Topshop and studs?  I complained in a previous post about how an eagerly anticipated pair of Louise Goldin spiked shoes designed for Topshop fell short of the original designer's vision by way of the skimping on the spikes and studding details that went into the final product.

So what happened between the design desk and production line this time TS? Did we lose several thousands of packets of spiked studs along the way?  Did we not pass health and safety restrictions??

I do think that Topshop has a great design team but it is not the first time I have seen some great design visions go from promotion phase to disappointing product.

I was also awaiting these spiked gloves and scarf.  The gloves are in stock online too (see below) and although they're not bad in themselves they are still missing what the original had, that essential and audacious detail of a row of spikes on the knuckles.  Again I wonder if there was some health and safety line crossed that resulted in the spikes being moved to the wrist instead.  Once again though - close but no cigar!  I wonder what will become of the scarf!

Image from Topshop


  1. Much as some of these look rather lethal, I am loving the effect. Perhaps you should stud something like said top picture and see if you could do a Moses ;) x

  2. That's such a disappointment. I don't like to be toyed with when it comes to studs! ;-)

    I wonder if the original designs just became too costly to produce? Not that those studs can cost that much.

  3. I love studs but this hat is really over the top...

    Have a very merry Christmas, dear!

    Hugs, Jenny

  4. I'm with devilishly - I think you need to get your own stud-setting equipment!

    How dare Top Shop show that top hat image as what's coming, and then present that second image as the actual product? Do they think their customers are fools? I suspect the drug dealers would only giggle at the second hat. :-(

    I do actually like the subtle, dainty menace of the minimally spiked gloves, however. And they'll be less likely to snag on one's surroundings than the prototype design.

  5. Feliz Navidad guapa mía. Espero que disfrutes de estos días y que el año 2011 te traiga todo lo que sueñas, así es que a soñar...
    Might have a surprise post on NOCHE BUENA, see how it goes jejejeje.

  6. Oh. What a fizzer. The end result looks like a cheap knock-off version of their own design. FAIL.

  7. The studs look so dumb down from the original hat. They may have a good design team but isn't this suppose to be about pleasing the consumer? Do you think that Topshop is looking at safety. The original studs look pointy but they could of easily rounded the edges in the version that's on the market and added more studs for detail.

  8. That is a bit of a fail from Topshop - why not follow through? I would even say its production costs - more money for Sir Green. Health & safety would be a ridiculous argument but it's prob what they're plumping for - you can use a stiletto as a dangerous weapon, so kind of a cop-out on their part. Hope you find some nicely dangerous studs elsewhere! xx Comtesse xx

  9. You raise a valid point. I was also totally disappointed with the Louise Goldin release. It's like they get to production and...ooops! We didn't budget correctly, so we need to shave some studs from the design. What ends up on the shelves is lukewarm at best.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  10. oh my god ! what a futuristic hat !!!

  11. oh dear. i must say, this is horrid. and i normally like studs/spikes...the key being "in moderation". just goes to show too much of a good thing can be ghastly.

  12. @devillishy pleasurable - your DIY suggestion is not a bad idea - must make a visit to a haberdashery, though I'm dubious I'll find convincing studs. Every time I visit John Lewis haberdashery department I leave with a headache after over exposure to too many frilly sacharine sweet trimmings.

    @Jessica - yes I'm curious as to whether it was a cost issue (as you say how much can studs really cost?) or if it got vetoed for being too many sharp objects on one item for a discerning adult to decide for themselves as to the hazard level it posed in their wardrobes.

    @Jenny @Style Oydessy - I agree it is very OTT but thats kind of why I liked it (the original that is!)

    @Cloud of Secrets - It is called false advertising and I have seen them do it before. I also suspect the hat would get a giggle! lol! I do agree with you about the gloves being more practical without the knuckle spikes - in fact how would you wear all of these with delicate knitwear - you can't.

    @Penny Dreadful - haha, yup my feelings exactly.

    @JT Wisdom, @Comtesse de Ferveur @Grit and Glamour - I would love to get to the bottom of this and find out whether it was a health and safety issue or a cost cutting move to increase Phillip Greens profit margins. My suspicion is the latter. My other theory is that the machining required to produce it wasn't available in the factory they ended up using.

    @sacramento - gracias, feliz fiestas a ti tambien!

    @lady sélénite - I know - wish they had just turned it out like it was originally designed!!

  13. Hmmm ... WH&S or just cheapskates? Does make you wonder doesn't it, when other labels are able to cross the line into truly fierce fashion, spikes and all? Thanks for sharing this - what an excellent post! xoxo

  14. Good point...often end up a bit disappointed with the end product. PS Merry Christmas - it's been great getting to know you this year. xx

  15. Agreed - totally half-arsed, if you don't mind me writing that on your blog. I'm not the studs type, but you would've looked amazing in that trapper hat, I'm sure...


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