Thursday, 30 December 2010

Stand and Deliver

Look what Santa delivered!

It's the floor length shearling coat that I was salivating over last October from the Nigel Preston Knight collection!! I still can't quite believe it myself and have to keep going back into my wardrobe to stroke it and remind me that I wasn't dreaming the whole thing!

Mr V. bless his heart, did indeed have words with Santa.  I truly do not deserve such a doting boyfriend but he did say he was rather tired of hearing me complain about the cold.  Well, no excuses now!

Back in October, when I waxed lyrical about this coat, Sarah from Cloud of Secrets put an idea of playing up on the highwayman's influence on the cut of this amazing coat with her comment:
     "I can see the 18th century and other historical inspirations in the cut and fall. This thing was made to be worn by you -- I hope boyfriend dearest sees it, too! Then you can tie a nice silk scarf to cover your face, choose some tall boots, find a brace of pistols and a fast horse (midnight black), and hold up some elegant carriages on rural highways all winter long."

My sister and I were big fans of a television series about the adventures of the infamous London highwayman Dick Turpin when we were kids and later I was also a big fan of Adam Ant!  So especially for you Sarah, I give you the shearling clad, headless highway woman of Brixton.

I'm clearly missing a pair of good flint lock pistols, a tricorn hat and a trusty steed.  I'm also mixing up ye olde historical references using harems and over the knee boots as a modern day doublet and hose.  Yeah I know - wrong century, but hey the shirt is Edwardian and I have the excuse of being a feckless Australian with no sense of European history.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go frequent ye olde local tavern before cruising the local highway looking for an unsuspecting Net-a-Porter van to accost for all the sales goodies inside.  Hmmm... Might be a bit difficult when the only thing I have capable of shooting anything is a Nikon SLR camera.

Shearling Coat, Nigel Preston Knight; Harem trousers, Kaylee Tankus; OTK Boots, Karen Millen; Edwardian riding shirt, vintage; Silk scarf, Kate Moss for Topshop; Velvet waistcoat, designed and sewn by me.

And a little something for the Adam Ant fans:


  1. That coat and that blouse are MAGICAL! My mouth drops open at the sight of it. Perfection! What a Merry Christmas and Lovely Santa!

  2. Oh you do not know how much I wanted to be Adam Ant when I was a kid. That's fabulous!

  3. Hurray! I was hoping, when I saw your "Stand and Deliver" title in my blogroll, that it meant you'd received The Coat for Christmas. You look so dashing! Thank you for carrying out the top-to-toe highwayman vision, at least for an evening. I guarantee you'll find admirers if you sport the look out in the streets of London, either full-with-scarf, or modified so as not to alarm banks and security personnel!

    I've been toying with a highwayman post for months and months. I'll be sure to reference your ensemble here if I do manage to spin something.

    Ah, you and I should have been friends decades ago.

  4. Estoy segura que en el próximo año podré mirarme en tus ojos.
    Ya sabes que te deseo lo mejor en el 2011, y yo que lo comparta contigo.
    Mil besos.

  5. WooHoo!!! What a great Christmas gift. Doting boyfriend indeed!
    No Guilt Fashion

  6. Oh, I adore the coat. You are a lucky girl, it looks amazing on you. Adam Ant eat your heart out. xxx

  7. You totally stand and deliver, Veshoevius! It's such a beautiful coat, and PERFECT for you - good, good boyfriend!! xoxo

  8. You have styled the coat to perfection! I am still laughing to myself at the thought of a Net-a-Porter ambush! xxx Comtesse xxx

  9. That is one drop dead gorgeous knock out of a coat!! I love the whole look! It all has a bit of an edwardian feel to it. BTW, I used to LOVE Adam sister teased me that "Goody Two Shoes" was about me. He was such a cutie! ~Serene

  10. That's cool that you got the coat you've been lusting over. I know they feeling of when you get something and it's everything you hoped it be and more! I like you edwardian top and your suede thigh high boots. Plus very cool that you made the vest you're wearing.

    Happy New Year! :)

  11. You GORGEOUS GORGEOUS woman!!! I LOVE the way you have styled this coat! The whole outfit...Jaw droppingly awesome! are sexy as all hell... grrrr!! :D

    Wishing you a blissful end to 2010 and a blessed and ballistic 2011 honey!

  12. You certainly know how to style such a precious and utterly beautiful coat - it's modern yet timeless - my god you're simply splendid my dear! xoxo

  13. Wowee, that looks incredible. You will be so WARM! Well done to Mr V. Looks great with those boots too, you just need a dashing black hat tilted to one side ;)

    Have a great NYE, and best wishes for 2011 :)

  14. Awesome look, looks very good on you!
    Happy new year :)

    X Nanne

  15. You look amazing - this outfit is so unbelievably gorgeous. The coat is a dream, for sure) But my favorite piece is this beautiful shirt, I've been looking for something like this for ages <3

  16. adam ant!! i remember that song quite well.
    your outfit, new coat...incredible! i want it. i'm almost speechless with delight!

  17. You feckless Australians... ;)

    The outfit is just fabulous - I wish you could style me up a bit, get me out of my tame little style rut.

  18. I love every single item your wearing! The coat looks amazing! It's the best feeling to receive something you've been coveting for some time :)
    Happy New Year!

  19. Thanks my lovelies for all of your wonderful comments! Mr V is indeed a good GOOD boyfriend!

    @Cynthia, @The Elegant Bohemian - stuck on the video of Adam Ant for you guys - he was so gorgeous in his hey day!!

    @Cloud of Secrets - I do wonder what costume related calamity we would have pulled off on a night out on the town together if we had met twenty years earlier!

    @Mrs Bossa - sure, if you fancy looking like an extra on the set of Blackadder! ;)

    @triskelos - I picked up the blouse at a vintage market stall at WOMAD would you believe!

  20. I'm so excited for you that you got your coat! It's gorgeous on you. What a nice boyfriend.

  21. Congrats on scoring such an amazing gift!

  22. the coat is great, but love the riding shirt...

  23. Wow. I that jacket/coat is fabulous! Safe to say you will never have an awkward moment wearing it where someone else in the room has the same outfit!

    Can i just say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog today. Im sick in bed and have enjoyed and lingered on every word you have written! x

  24. Love your post. You're funny!
    Thanks for participating this week FBFF, otherwise I wouldnt have found your blog. New follower here.



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