Monday, 6 December 2010

Not Quite So Grey

Zero degrees here in London.  Went for brunch with a very dear friend yesterday and was determined to beat the cold and look feminine for a change! So I pulled out this wool grey maxi dress I bought last winter and which hasn't seen enough light of day since.

I have two of everything on here! Two turtlenecks, two pairs of tights and two long sleeved wool maxi-dresses!  You might see the hem of the black merino wool maxi I'm wearing peeking out underneath.  I put on a wide corset style belt to disguise the lumpy join of the tights and turtlenecks under the clinginess of the dresses and to get some semblance of a waistline back after piling on the layers to sausage-like proportions.  That was just enough to keep me toasty.

I was originally going to wear a black cape but then I realised I would have been in yet another black and grey outfit.  I knew I had to do break up the black and grey somehow so my efforts were to use this pale gold crocheted statement necklace with silver stones and to wear a pale coat instead of resorting to my normal black.

As much as I love the shearling aviator jacket trend (well shearling everything in these temperatures) I really can not justify another hefty shearling jacket purchase because I already have one that I love.  It was actually a present from Mr V about seven years ago along with a matching Russian czarina style hat.  They both come out on chilly sunny days every year and keep me very warm indeed.  Both are also reversible so if I want to I can wear them with the pink fluffy shearling side showing on the outside.

I'm already getting a little bored of my white wall photographs but I don't think I'd be posting photos at all if it wasn't for it.  I took the camera out yesterday as I wanted to take some photos of my girlfriend looking very glam in a very now double leopard outfit: a sequined embellished leopard print tee, a faux leopard coat and studded biker boots.  But I was very disappointed with the light available to me.  Already at two or three in the afternoon the light here is overcast and grey and by four the sun has gone down.

I think my Christmas wish list is going to include a decent flash as the one I currently have on the camera makes for very garish night photos that aren't very flattering to my subjects.  I'm also wondering if a photography course would be useful in showing me tricks to get the most out of dying winter light or low lighting in indoors environments like cafes or bars without resorting to bringing in large reflective umbrellas and brick sized flash bulbs.

Any hints from you more seasoned photographers out there about how to get around these light problems?


  1. Can't help you with the photgraphy I'm afraid, I mainly just avoid flash altogether , which means i take much fewer pictures in winter. Some people say that bouncing the flash off a light surface rather than aiming directly at the subject is meant to help.

    Love the necklace!

  2. I love your effort to scape the grey and black where you feel comfortable. That necklace is wonderful, and it goes sooooooo well with the jacket. I keep well away from the latest trend (aviator jacket). Nothing less appealing than being uniformed because they said so.
    I think the white wall is perfect, it shows yout outfit beautifully.
    Hoy tenemos lluvia, pero una temperaratura de 16ºc y subiremos a 20ºc pasado mañana

  3. Oh you beauty, I love the gold crochet necklace and jacket/hat combo - it really does give the entire outfit a lift. And you know what? The double-everything does not detract from your fabulous figure - you look so trim!!! I love your boots so much too. Well I wish I could be a better friend and give you some photography advice, but this blogger is sans camera after a little incident with rain so I would tell you to block your ears to any advice I can give;). Happy Monday! xo

  4. Fabulous necklace. I like the long grey dress.

  5. It makes me feel better that I'm not alone with these camera problems. Since it's been gloomy for days, we've been using the on-camera flash, but it seems I close my eyes against it 95% of the time! A larger on-camera flash that can be directed at a white wall/ceiling/board will soften the light, but an strobe with umbrella is far easier. I gave mine up a couple of years ago when I focused my photography on outdoor subjects, but blogging may encourage the acquisition of a small one.

    I love the belt! Wide belts look so versatile!

  6. I love the belt! It's perfect for edging up the dress!

    BTW, today it felt so warm but when I checked it was 0! So, I guess I'm so used to minuses that 0 feels balmy and pleasant :)

  7. Ive also been having trouble with indoor shots, the lighting in my house is really awful and the flash does terrible things to the images.. If you have any large windows, try standing facing them so the natural light from outside is lighting you up as opposed to the flash!

  8. It works! I didn't even realize at first that it was a double-dress! and double tights and turtles too. My compliments to Mr. V. on the choice of coats.

    I'm afraid I have no photo tips to offer. I've been using my on-camera flash, with mixed success. Generally, I've tried to schedule my photo shoots at mid-day when i have the most natural light to work with.

  9. *round of applause* very nice, my friend!

    Photos? Bane of my life. They look dreadful in the house, and the flash is awful outside the house. I'd post more if I could get round this, so let me know if you hit on any secret formulas. I actually quite like your white wall shot - we have no such spots in this menagerie we call a house.

    It makes me laugh when I read you doubling up on all your clothes, but I think I may have blocked cold London buses from my mind...

  10. Man I LOVE that jacket! While it's not as cold where I am, it is pretty cold nonetheless. Wish I had the spare change for a nice shearling. Nothing is warmer than shearling and fur.

    Tips on photos...don't rely only on Mother Nature or your editing is amazing! Just upload to and play. Seriously. You can adjust exposure and contrast, add an effect or a frame—there are so many options that can turn a so-so photo into so much more. I may do a little tutorial on this on the blog. Hmm.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  11. I'm foaming over the belt and necklace! ~Serene

  12. That necklace is so awesome!!!

    I feel for you and the cold weather. My sister is in the northern part of Holland for school and the snow is making her miserable.

    since I shoot only indoors for my blog (no willing photo b*tch lol) I shoot on manual settings usually fiddling with the exposure to let the most amount of light in and have the ISO set for low (50) to try and avoid graininess. Takes a few test shots but being indoor in my dark apt. could be worse. I dont use flash ever.

  13. I love your outfit. where are the knit dresses from? I have been after one (or two!) for ages and these look just perfect :)

  14. Oh, I do love this jacket - it's so perfect for now (I do wear everything double these days, too. Except the knickers...). And you're right - really no need for another one!
    Light is a real problem at this time of the year. I don't work with flash because it makes everything look very harsh, but sometimes I feel like my life evolves around chasing light and trying to set up a tripod in freezing conditions - the joy! xo

  15. What a great and warm outfit ! I looooove your necklace, I'd like to see it from closer !

  16. Dear lord I could not deal with that much cold!

    I took a break from blogging but I'm back now. I just wanted to say thanks for linking to some of my posts in the past few weeks. I missed reading your blog so I'll be playing catchup! I've been a bad blogger friend.

  17. Thanks for the kind writeup but I didn't feel glam at all. Worse of all, I've got a party on Friday and NOTHING TO WEAR!

    Everyone, meet V: the sartorialist opposite of Veshoevius. Has about three items of clothing and none of them match.

  18. great outfit, u look amazing

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  19. Wow. .three statement pieces in one-- belt, coat and necklace. .

    I'm freezing insanely over here in Brighton and wondering just how to get around it . .

    As for photography, try adjusting the white balance manually, might help!

  20. Really loving your outfit!! It's really great and warm :)

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  21. I would love to see a closeup of that necklace

    That corset-belt is amazing, and I didn't see any "lumpy joining". Just fabulousness.

  22. @ EVERYONE!
    Hi all, and thank you for your lovely comments. Have not had enough time to get round to replying individually this time but thanks to all who offered up their photography tips, and in some case your frustrations, they have all been noted!
    The necklace for those who asked is from Banana Republic and was a present from my sister - it will no doubt feature in other outfits to come and I will get a close up of it.
    To those who were curious about the two wool dresses (Shopgirl being one)the grey one is a Rick Owen Lilies dress and the black one is by Cos. The corset belt is from H&M

  23. I am a little late but I wanted to let you know that
    the necklace is beautiful and that jacket looks so warm. The hat is so chic.

  24. I love grey's outfit.. You look very chic and modern.. the fur jacket is divine.. and OMG.. you necklace
    Lee x


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