Friday, 3 December 2010

Friend Friday - Blogging Burnout

Coat: MaxMara, Marl Harems: Whistles, Boots: Gap, Cardigan: She' So
Hello I'm Veshoevius and I am addicted to wearing harem trousers in all their incarnations.  I'm happy to say I avoided wearing all black today by wearing my winter coat of yesterday's post with erm... multiple shades of grey. (Okay, okay, colour still eluding me in my winter fashion challenge here! I'm learning, I'm learning).

I'm also really happy I found the perfect cashmere snood today in grey (doh!). This is my slouching in the snow look.  This Spring I probably would have worn these marl wool mix harems with high heels and a diaphanous top and been good to go out on the town in London.  Now they are one of the warmest things I have in my wardrobe and are stopping my legs from freezing in the snow (along with my legwarmers)!

But I digress - it is Friend Friday again and this weeks questions are about blogger burnout.  Sounds so easy doesn't it. Take a few photos, play around with them a bit, write something vaguely entertaining and voila - post!  But we all know what the time consuming reality is really like! According to a quick questionnaire I filled out on Grit and Glamour's IFB post I also seem to be addicted to blogging. But am I?

1. How many hours a week do you spend blogging? Has that number changed since you started blogging?

Too much probably. To be honest I haven't counted. I just pitch up to the computer and post when I feel like it as I'm fairly free at the moment. When I first started blogging I was on a gruelling rehearsal and dance schedule in Spain which has abated since returning to London where I am between jobs as they say. So my blog gets more attention that it would have had I been working full time.  Believe me if I was on my usual schedule of full time job plus dancing you wouldn't be hearing from me nearly as much.

2. There is always more you can do, write, read, comment on... how do you limit your time spent on these tasks?

I should probably put more limits on it because it is time consuming and I get absorbed by it all. But hey - tasks? What is this? Blogging Big Brother? Who says I have to do anything? I get given tasks by a boss who pays me money in exchange for my services, not by a social media phenomenon.

Seriously if anyone thinks they NEED to do any of this you need to get a grip.  The key here is balance.  It is hard enough to find a work life balance without adding a blog life balance into the equation.

There seems to be a sort of blog rat race going on that I am quite happy to watch scurrying by me as it heads towards its inevitable end off Blogger Burnout Cliff.  Lately I got a whiff of some competition to leave 500 comments.  Have you all gone completely mad?  Between your jobs, posting, facebooking and twittering and setting yourselves these unreasonable goals do you actually have time to do anything else?  If you are posting daily chances are people like me are only getting around to read one fifth of your posts anyway or skim read several in one Google reader fest.

If I don't feel like posting or don't have time I don't.  I may read or comment instead of posting but if I don't have time to do that either then I will do it if and when I get the time.  I'm motivated because there are actually a lot of fabulous blogs out there and the connections I've made with the bloggers is a lot of fun but we all have lives off the internet to attend to!  I don't expect people to read or comment on every post I put out there and I hope people will understand that I can't read and comment on all of theirs either.

3. Have you experienced Blogger burnout yet? How have you dealt with that?

No. I don't subject myself to this pressure to post daily or because I have to.  I post when I want to and that is if I've had some inspiration of what I want to say and something I've photographed that I'm happy with. I'm enjoying learning about photography so that perhaps that interest is keeping any fatigue at bay.

Also I doubt I would let it get to the stage of burnout.  Why would you?  Maybe it is because I have held down so many highly stressful and time consuming jobs in the past that I find it a totally alien concept to force that kind of extra stress onto myself doing something I am supposed to be enjoying.

By the way I love this snood!

Tops and Snood: Cos, Legwarmers: Bloch
4. This time of the year is always a lot busier than any other time. Will your blogging change as a result? 

Quite possibly.  I doubt I'll post as much except to wish everyone Merry Christmas!

5. Could you forsee a moment in which you are not blogging anymore? How would you identify that it's time to walk away?

This isn't the first blog I've had.  I didn't continue the last one because I couldn't find a happy balance with putting my personal life on the internet and what I wanted to write about.  A fashion blog provided that balance.  Now I've been blogging for a while and am enjoying it I doubt even if life got very busy that I would give it up altogether.  If I got bored or stopped enjoying this blog I might start another different blogging project.

It is worth remembering that no matter how much you love something at first spending a lot of time on it can eventually make it feel like a chore.  Flamenco was a hobby I loved, dedicated time to and persevered with until I am now able to perform and teach.  But I have to admit it can feel like a chore sometimes and though I never believed it when I first started taking classes there are days when I don't feel like going to rehearse or dance.  I have heard even the most accomplished of professional dancers in the prime of their careers tell me that they just don't feel like dancing today.

I took heart from hearing them say that.  It's normal.  Everyone has off days or weeks and usually taking a break sorts it out fairly quickly.  But if I couldn't shake the feeling of drudgery doing something for a prolonged period of time and it was continously getting me down then I would probably walk away from it.  Life is too short.

This snood is so cool!


  1. Great answers! I admire the laid back approach you have to blogging. I had to learn that the hard way (i.e. blogger burn out!)

    You also made a great point when you talked about dancing becoming a chore sometimes. Anything we love to do can be a chore sometimes. What gets us through is the passion we have for what we're doing.

  2. So very wise, as ever.
    I blog for pleasure, and to connect with you all. I hope it never becomes a sort of a job or I will be out like a shot.
    Te veo la barbilla, yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!
    We are getting there jejejeje.

  3. You crack me up. I love the snood too BTW. You had wonderful answers. I agree that blogging is something you should do because you enjoy it. There are all sorts of things that can be done to further a blog, but do them because you want to not because you have to.
    No Guilt Fashion
    P.S shhh...don't tell anyone, but I think you are my favorite Friend Friday blogger.

  4. I love your take on this subject... you seem to have a much more "relaxed" attitude about blogging than many others (including myself).

    I find that the pressure to spend more time or do more just comes naturally to me because I DO enjoy blogging. I know I can't comment/post/read every day, but I do try to do as much as I can.

    Truthfully, I don't treat blogging much differently than anything else in my life. It is all intertwined and related. In that way I think the burnout is almost natural to me. I am a high-stress person, apparently!

    And I love that snood too. It looks warm. Perfect for my office with its (at the moment) broken heater!

  5. I love snoods, and I love your honesty! I agree...a 500 comment goal, 30 for 30, or's all to much for me. I don't feel the need to "challenge" myself in any way but to have the most fun I can have every day that I've been given. Amen, sister!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  6. You're really working the snood!

    I like your attitude and it's awful to say, but I really kind of envy your, uh, "work status." However, within two weeks I will be a free woman for a month. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. Hey Veshoevius,

    I love how you your outfit is styled. The legwarmers are cool with the boots.

    I agree wholeheartedly that something you enjoy if you do it for a while can seem like a chore sometimes that's why we have to have balance which is not always easy to achieve so we have to work at it.

    I have to say that the 30 for 30 is considered I guess a challenge but to me I view it as a way for me to find new ways to style my outfits. I am putting pieces of clothing together that at first I never thought would work and I must say to my surprise the mixing worked.

  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Sorry! The tricky Snood insert got me!!

    Loved reading this... so much so, I felt compelled to comment and let you know!
    ...the one 'problem' I have is that I don't always have/can't find the time to comment. I wish that Blogger had a feature akin to facebook's 'Like' button... commenting is energy transfer and a lot of us [you included] don't do 'stock comments'... I've seen many of those...and brevity is not my forte! I get comment burnout!

    Damn woman... I swear... if you hadn't mentioned it on my blog I would never have guessed the age demographic you're in! You look so young here! The 'youthfulness' in your photos. gosh does that sound weird??

  9. Of most of the FF bloggers, I always look forward to reading yours first. Agree re the balance bit, the "Need to" may sometimes be a little over the top. . Some say it's important to take it as a 'day job' but hopefully that doesn't take away the passion. .

    Love that cashmere snood by the way. I can foresee it in future outfit posts ;)

  10. you have an amazing style
    love your blog.
    check mine :) if you like follow me and i will follow you.


  11. I soooo need a snood now! (insert my giggling and laughing:))
    I love your attitude towards blogging! I know that I need to remind myself sometimes (often:)) to calm down, relax and enjoy. As for me, too, blogging is a hobby. As all hobbies it may be more or less time consuming but it's still just a hobby. So, why to feel a pressure or even have a burnout? There's no need! :) I'll stress about my 'day job' not about my hobby! :)

  12. I love the tone of this post -- your cheerful, balanced feelings about blogging, and the asides about your outfit.

    I think I strive for a similar blogging balance: I post when I feel energized to do it, which is every few days but maybe more. Between times I relax a bit, and visit and comment on blogs as desired. When I'm not pressuring myself to visit and comment every day, on every entry, it seems more like a treat, a vacation from doing the work of my own blog. Officially this is a "hobby blog," and hobbies are supposed to be fun, inspiring, and relaxing!

    I've long appreciated your friendship and the time you take to comment thoughtfully on my posts, amid all the other amazing stuff out there and your own style photography and in-depth writings. That said, as I commented to Terri, "Write to me when you feel like it -- don't ever let it become a chore!" When I value a written relationship, I want it to be an enjoyable, inspiring thing for both parties...not a task that MUST be done whether you feel like it or not.

    Like the above commenter, I do wish there was the equivalent of a "LIKE" button in, "I'm paying attention, I'm hearing you, and I like what you're saying, but I have nothing constructive, amusing, or thought provoking to add at this time."

  13. I'd wear your slouchy winter outfit any day! (I also love to put a lot of greys together.)
    Ha! The blogging police is after us... I sometimes do have to remind myself that I don't HAVE TO write a post, but honestly, I like the discipline. xo

  14. Thank you. That was a good blended dose of kick in the pants and reality. I need to be reminded that I dont HAVE to do anything. It doesn't matter number of followers or comments. I'd rather have 3 sincere comments than 13 "cute outfit, follow me" ones. Again, thanks! ~Serene

  15. Your sleek cashmere snood is making me feel like my bulky Primark one is a little unsophisticated...!

    Sounds like you have a great attitude to what you're doing - and it come across in your posts. It's so easy for it to become a pressure, especially for people who are competitive or have perfectionist tendencies. I'd be lying if I said mine hadn't become a chore at times, and I lost sight temporarily of why I was doing it. Now, if I have time, I seek out other blogs, read other posts, feel inspired by the amount of other stuff that's out there. You're right about your blog not giving you tasks to do - one of the scariest 'tips for new bloggers' that I've read is that you must post every day...

  16. i like this outfit. and yes, that IS a cool snood-thingy. (i recently found out what a "snood" is....i'm slow- i haven't been back in the Real World for very long, haha.)
    interesting to read your post...when i get to feeling any pressure with blogging, i remind myself that this is a *hobby* (referring to my style blog. i have another one- for professional purposes.)

  17. @MJ - inspiring to see that bloggers, like yourself can burn out and come back stronger.

    @sacramento - gracias, I wouldn't do it either if it became a chore

    @NoGuiltFashion - aw shucks, thank you kindly - I'm blushing under my snood!

    @Beautifully Invisible - there's nothing wrong in having passion in what you do and I appreciate that Type A overachievers that blog aren't going to want to do it by halves but I'm not sure it is worth burning out on ANYTHING. Blogs included.

    @Grit and Glamour - I second you on the having fun!

    @TJ Wisdom - thankyou! I do admire the 30x30 bloggers as the process of outfit posts and posting daily must be very time consuming - I can see how it can get the creative juices flowing with outfit mixes too.

    @Terri - I should be more grateful for free time it has to be said.

    @Dusk - thanks for commenting - yes it is a lot harder to work time to comment into a schedule when you want to make meaningful comments but I hope that quality will be more noticeable than quantity. And yes I am probably ticking the same age box as you!

    @devillishy pleasurable - oh bless you've got me blushing too!

  18. @ella elena - thanks for your visit!

    @Ginta - indeed! Things need to be put into perspective sometimes and I think there is so much hype (most well meaning) that have people stressing out about their blogs instead of just chilling and enjoying blogging.

    @Cloud of Secrets - I think that is a healthy attitude and I think "hobby blogs" like yours can still knock the blogosphere's socks off in terms of being inspiring and engaging without getting into drawn into trying to appease these strange sets of rules and recommendations that seem to get touted around as ways to be a more successful blogger. I love your blog and comment because you've inspired me or made me think. If I am engaged by a post I will comment accordingly no matter how much time it takes!

    @SabinePsynopsis - I also like the discipline but I guess my bar is much lower than yours! LOL!

    @The Elegant Bohemian - nice to meet you and you're welcome! I hope you are breathing easier now!

    @Mrs Bossa - really don't understand the every day posting business. I think taking breaks are the best medicine for losing one's way.

    @Style Odyssey - I thoroughly recommend a snood! - it's amazing to think about all these bloggers getting stressed about their hobby on top of everything else that could stress you out in life.

  19. For someone that loves colour as much as I do, I also find that grey & black is my go-to colour come rain or shine especially in these colder months. And, I have to agree with you, harems are clothing manna from the fashion gods!


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