Thursday, 11 November 2010

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

I am one of four siblings of an incredibly large, extended family.  Until last week all of us had been the only ones in our generation that have chosen to buck the trend of entering into a traditional marriage in a church and having children before our mid thirties.

As we have all always been quite content with our choices most of the family had all but given up on any of us even going down that path, in fact the pressure to have the type of big blowout weddings that have been the norm for our relatives has always baffled us. I may not be Greek but the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" still struck many, many chords!

This time around the person in question getting married turned out to be our youngest brother, which did come as a surprise since he and his partner had been living together for many years without so much as a hint that wedding bells would be on the cards one day.  Perhaps we shouldn't have been so surprised as he is notably the biggest party animal out of the four of us!

Whatever misgivings on weddings the rest of us may have otherwise this was not a celebration we were going to miss for the world.  The couple did however choose to end their years of living in sin with a lovely and memorable ceremony that was anything but traditional.

The ceremony was held outdoors in picturesque grounds by the river and the couple were married by a female celebrant, exchanging very touching vows they had written themselves and that had more than a few teary eyed and reaching for a tissue.

The groom, best man and groomsmen shunned morning suits and shiny leather shoes to channel Miami Vice in slick silver grey suits worn with Converse All Stars.

The bride and her bridal party arrived at the venue by speedboat, kindly lent by one of the groomsmen.

The groom did his own hair on the day despite sending his best man and groomsmen to the hairdressers for a haircut the night before!

The couple released blue helium balloons that carried a love poem away over the river and beyond.


The longest standing family wedding tradition that was kept on was that my mother made the wedding cake as she has done for all our relatives for more than two decades now.  Though she too steered away from a traditional cake and designed a mad hatter's shaped sloping tower covered in flowers, seashells and pearls that featured effigies of the bride and groom as well their pet parrot rendered in icing sugar! She even put in details such as my brother's converse shoes and pony tail!

Everyone who attended turned up looking fabulous too and the day's fashion parade is undoubtedly going be the subject of future posts!

It was a wonderful and momentous occasion for the families and friends and the party afterwards was a hoot. They always have been a beautiful couple and it was lovely to see them both radiant with joy that day.  May they be happy always.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful wedding and a great trip to Australia. Loved these pics, and can't wait to see the rest.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. AMEN....
    What a wonderful event, and how happy I am that you are sharing it with us.

    Tus fotos muchísimo mejor en grande. Te queda el blog de lujo...Biennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
    Un abrazo grande, grande.

  3. It looks like long, healthy, dark, beautiful hair runs in the family! I love the look at the delicate, feminine, but structure bodices you've given us a peek at -- look forward to reading more about the wedding fashion parade.

    The balloon and poem idea is touching. We did a project something like that when I was a little school kid, except we attached postcards to the strings, asking anyone who found one to mail it back to the school. The goal was to see how far the balloons might go. I don't think I got mine back, but several kids did.

    Welcome back to blogland, and congratulations to your brother and his love.

  4. How sweet! Like you, I'm a non-traditionalist happy to live in sin but it's still fab to enjoy someone else's wedding day. Love your brother's hair and the Converses and your Mum's cake-making skills are astounding.
    Thanks for sharing. xxx

  5. Looks like a fun occasion. The cake is amazing, go mom! :)

  6. Lovely! Congrats! I adore all the traditions, like the cake, and the quirky things, like Converse, that are unique to this couple.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  7. That cake is amazing. Your Mom must have magic fingers!

  8. Aww this was gorgeous!! And the cake is fab! I love it!

    aww, it soo made me think of my wedding 7 months ago! Weddings are soo much fun!


  9. Oh, I want to forward this to my youngest daughter who will be married next September. Thanks to this young couple for the creative ideas!

  10. @NoGuiltFashion - it was a great day and so nice to be in Australia where the weather was wedding friendly and the light great for photos!

    @sacramento - glad you like the new format, I actually expanded with the length of my posts in mind and to make less work for people scrolling but then the photos have had to expand accordingly which means you still have to scroll through the post anyway! Duh!

    @Cloud of Secrets - I liked the balloon ceremony too - thanks for sharing your school years story - so amazing that some of you got those postcards back!

    @Vintage Vix - Indeed! Nothing wrong with extended cohabitation I say. My mum is really an amazing cake maker and has been doing it for years.

    @Pret a Porter - I'm so proud of my mum!

    @Grit and Glamour - I think that they imbued the ceremony with so many personal touches resonant of their personalities and outlook made it really special.

    @Shallow Mallow - oh yes! She does have magic fingers!

    @fiercebeautyandfashion - we had a lot of fun on the day it has to be said. And my mum is an ace cake maker.

    @Penny Dreadful - yeah I thought that was inspired!

    @Terri - it was quite an original ceremony. So I guess you'll be gearing up for a celebration in your family too - congrats!

  11. Looks like you had a great time :)! I'm glad you are back!


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