Sunday, 7 November 2010


This is what Spring showers looks like in Perth, Australia: patches of moody cloud drifting across a bright blue sky, short lived showers between spells of strong sunshine that means it is still warm enough to wear t-shirts.  I still carry a cotton jacket with me to cover up against the refreshing sea breeze that comes in every afternoon, affectionately known here as the Fremantle Doctor.

Thought I'd crack out this quilted floral cropped jacket from the Kate Moss for Topshop range to celebrate that it is both Spring and wildflower season over here.  Remove the label and this jacket is actually fully reversible.  Two jackets for the price of one!

Mr Veshoevius is always a bit nervous about great white sharks that cruise the coastlines here and make the headlines occasionally, especially when he goes windsurfing on the Swan River.  This is despite my assurances that they don't make it up the river (I try to gloss over the fact that bull sharks do).  So I bought him this t-shirt as a form of aversion therapy a couple of years ago.  This morning however, he read this perplexing snippet out to me from an article in the local newspaper:
   "Professional shark fisherman agree shark numbers appear to be rising warning that there are so many big sharks off WA that beachgoers "wouldn't dip a toe in" if they knew the extent of the danger."

Might need to add an electronic shark shield to the t-shirt.


  1. Ahh, the colours of the sky and sea are making me very envious! I adore your jacket and Mr Veshoevius's tee shirt is great.
    Men always seem much more scared of sharks than us girls, must be watching Jaws when they were younger. xxx

  2. A waterproof cattle-prod wielded by Mr V maybe? Hey, welcome back to Oz - holidaying? The jacket is perfect for this time of year - clever you to buy two jackets in one;). Enjoy Perth - it's beautiful! xoxo

  3. A very cute outfit! I admire sharks but behind a very strong glass wall at Sea World.

  4. Love, love the bigger photossssssss. Even though I cannot see you face, ha, ha, ha..I can feel how happy both of you are feeling over there.
    Un barazo guapa mía.

  5. I do share his fear. As great as surfing is I'm frightened of the big teeth coming to get me. How great to be down-under. You're not missing much here, weatherwise!

  6. It is so strange to read about springtime right now, and to see sandals and light tees! Oh, world.

    Beautiful jacket! I am loving bitty florals in dark, rich prints like that -- so feminine and intricate without being missish.

  7. Ah, the poor guy. Humans do tend to find the factoid that reinforces our worst fears.

    Lovely jacket you have there.

  8. This is such a chic casual look! I'm crazy for your sandals, too.

    Tell Mr. V to be careful. Hubby just last week read a story to me about an Aussie surfer who was attacked even WITH the shark shield. Super scary. Be careful!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  9. @Vintage Vix - I watched Jaws as a kid and it terrified me!

    @Pull your Socks up - a flying visit for a wedding but holidays non the less!

    @Pret a Porter P @SabinePsynopsis @Terri - I do have a healthy fear of sharks too but one has to keep reminding oneself whilst swimming that shark attacks have been rare over the course of history down under.

    @sacramento - it was just such a relief to get away from the cold!!

    @Cloud of Secrets - yes! Light and airy is my preferred mode of dressing

    @Boheme Noir @DaisyMay - thanks ladies!

    @Grit and Glamour - yes that attack was near(ish) Perth in fact and the girl was a tour guide doing dolphin spotting. Amazing story - a chap on the tour saved her from certain death by grabbing the sharks tail and pulling! And whilst she had a shark alarm she didn't have it turned on at the time. Comforting - sort of!


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