Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Show Time

This was what I got up to on the weekend.  The great thing about being a flamenco dancer is that you get to wear amazing dresses to go to work!

There has been a request for flamenco pictures from another flamenco dancing blogger Dusk (also an Aussie coincidentally).  I wish I could say this was my full time job but the reality is that I have to do other things to support both it and a reasonable quality of life in a city as expensive as London.  C'est la vie.

Also good flamenco costumes don't come cheap, but having seen some great dancers let down by lacklustre costumes I think they are really worth the investment.  To me costumes are as important as the dancing and I have all of mine made in Spain by specialist tailors.  I also like to push the envelope here too, opting for more modern dress styles, fabrics and prints that are the current fashion in Spain.  Fashion changes in flamenco costumes too!  So you won't find me wearing the traditional polka dots or fifties postcard feria confections with meringue skirts too often.

It is one thing relying on your skills as a dancer for a performance and another walking on stage feeling confident and good in what you are wearing.  A professional dancer friend of mine instilled in me this - si sientas guapa, bailas mejor - if you feel beautiful you dance better.

As a flamenco dancer you have to transport the audience somewhere else so why let your performance slide by not paying attention to details that help you do so?  You spend so much time honing the skills to be able to express yourself artistically that it seems a great shame not to honour yourself and your art by investing in something amazing to wear whilst doing it.

The photos were taken by my wonderful boyfriend who is developing quite a skill at capturing flamenco dancers in photos from being dragged for years to gigs as official photographer!


Esto fue lo que he hecho este fin de semana pasada. La gran cosa acerca de ser un bailarín de flamenco es que se llega a usar vestidos increíbles para ir a trabajar! Ha habido una petición para los cuadros flamencos de otro blogger y bailaora Dusk (también australiana). Me gustaría decir que vivo del baile, pero la realidad es que tengo que hacer otras cosas para apoyar tanto a ella y una calidad de vida razonable en una ciudad tan cara como Londres. C'est la vie.

También trajes flamencas buenas no son barata, pero de haber visto algunos grandes bailaoras que por trajes mediocre creo que realmente vale la pena la inversión. Para mí trajes son tan importantes como el baile y tengo todas las mias realizadas en España por las modistas especialistas. También me gusta los estilos más modernos, hecho de tejidos y estampados que son la moda en España. La moda desarolla en trajes de flamenca también! Así que no me pongo casi nunca los lunares tradicionales o trajes de feria con faldas enormes si fuera de las tarjetas postales de los años cincuentas

Es una cosa confiar en sus habilidades como bailarina de un espectáculo y otro a salir en el escenario con mucha confianza y sentiendo bien en lo que estas llevando.  Una amiga que es bailaora profesional me ha avisado una vez - si sientas guapa, bailas mejor.

Como bailaora tiene que transportar al publico en otro lugar, ¿por qué estropia el dibujo completo por no prestar atención a los detalles que le ayudarán a hacerlo? Despues de pasar tanto tiempo en perfeccionar las habilidades para ser capaz de expresarte artísticamente parece un gran lastima de no honrar a tí mismo y tu arte de invertir en algo que te luce a llevar al mismo tiempo. 

Los fotos fueron tomadas por mi novio maravilloso que se está desarrollando bastante habilidad en la captura de los bailaores de flamenco en las fotos que se arrastra desde hace años a los conciertos como fotógrafo oficial!


  1. It couldn´t be closer to my heart, and completely agree with you in this matter: si te sientes guapa, bailas mejor, olé!!!In normal day to day life as well...
    I found amazing how flamenco can translate to other cultures;I suppose that like blues or jazz is an art of the soul. And the soul have no frontiers. I feel so proud!!!
    Me encantaría verte bailar. ¿podrías intentar la próxima vez un pequeño vídeo????
    Congratulate your boyfriend for really prophesional pics, and hopelly a video next????
    Un puñado de besos.

  2. "A professional dancer friend of mine instilled in me this - si sientas guapa, bailas mejor - if you feel beautiful you dance better."

    I love this! I'm glad you gave into out chants of , "We want to see you in your dancing shoes!"

  3. I absolutely agree -- pay more for something that feels nice, fits, and *moves* - especially if dance is part of your livelihood (either for financial health or mental health). I always had more fun dancing at clubs when I was having a "slender day" and was proud of the outfit I'd put together -- i.e, when I felt beautiful. A stiff martini helped on other nights. ;-)

    Oddly, though, my husband -- back then, a whisp of a gothboy in eyeliner whom I'd been eyeing for weeks -- introduced himself to me in the middle of the dancefloor on one of my not-feeling-beautiful, plain boxy outfit nights. But I'd made myself go out and dance anyway for the exercise.

    I totally wish I could see you dancing! What feminine but dramatic shots, and I think you have a figure to die for. You're on my list for the next time I make it over the sea.

  4. The dresses look fabulous in motion.

  5. I'm so glad you and Dusk found each other! I adore Flamenco and even more so the fabulous costumes and dancing shoes. I've got two left feet when it comes to dancing but I'd kill for one of those frocks.
    Hope you're having a better day today and that the lovely man in your life's made a full recovery. xxx

  6. hello! I've given you an award over on my blog!

  7. Awww GORGEOUS!!! I love flamenco & it`s ultra sensual, proud & feminine dresses!

  8. Windy City Fashion12 October 2010 at 20:20

    That is SO neat! I'm super jealous you can flamenco dance! I have always wanted to learn. The pictures are so neat!

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  10. Hey girl!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I was so excited to come visit yours, I love it and I am now officially a follower yay!!
    I love your top banner too!
    And I have become completely obsessed with Goldfrapp!!


  11. Oh my goodness, I love the brown velvet dress and all the ruffles.

    A year ago, I actually spent several weeks shopping a flamenco dress on long, simply because I loved the lines of them...but in the end, decided against the expense, because I'm NOT a flamenco dancer.

    I agree that a good "costume" (that doesn't seem like the correct term somehow) can make all the difference.

  12. STunning pictures : )


  13. Oh thank you honey!! These are such gorgeous pics! Your dresses are divine and that last photo is just... muy caliente!! Imbued with duende...

    "Fashion changes in flamenco costumes too!" ... I salivate over all the SIMOF parades!!!

    I agree with everything you say... it is about honouring ones art and respecting your audience... visual presentation is as important as the emotional presentation... in everything... food as well... a chef would never send out a plate with everything lumped in the middle...

    Flamenco, as I am coming to understand more and more, is a fire from within.

    Thank you again for this post.

    [Vix... I think we were led to each other via you/your blog!]

  14. I so wish I could wear those ruffled frocks! So when do we get to see a little video? Might you have a friend willing to shoot some video of your fancy footwork and keep your identity concealed? I so love Flamenco guitar.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  15. @Grit and Glamour @sacramento - hmmmm a video might take some thinking...watch this space.

    It is sad that a whacky creative sideline activity like being a flamenco dancer let alone having a blog doesn't sit well with some employers so that's why I tend to keep my identity under wraps. I don't particularly like compartmentalising my life as such as it is tiresome but have felt that it's necessary to a certain extent. I could and would still like to fill a whole other blog with my flamenco adventures but still feel uncomfortable about doing so. I blog about clothes instead and as I have a costume wardrobe it makes it way in there anyway!

    @Terri - never too late to start classes! Then you'll have the perfect excuse to indulge!

    @Dusk - respect for the audience - exactly! They are paying to see you perform so you should treat them to the best you can offer.

    @Courtney - thanks for replying to my query about whether MAC cosmetics toxicity level and for providing all that information! You are becoming quite the online resource on toxicity in cosmetics!

  16. @Cloud of Secrets - awww! That's such a great get together story. I didn't realise your hubby was a goth in those days too! Funnily enough I met my man dressed in a flamenco costume performing at a student party in his house!

    @FashionJazz @Lady Lipstick - thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments!

    @Franca - thanks so much for the award, how lovely of you!

    @Vintage Vix - indeed! A great introduction (to Dusk) on your part. Now if there is anyone who can root out a fab flamenco costume for next to nothing in a car boot sale its got to be you!!

    @Windy City Fashion - I recommend it, find a class near you, there must be one. It does keep you fit!

    @Boheme Noir @Pret a Porter - thanks! They are cut by people who know what they're doing so they move beautifully and make you feel like a woman when wearing them.

  17. I'm finally catching up on some blog reading V. I've settled down with my morning cuppa to have nice long read and look at your scrummy blog. As usual, I am not disappointed. These are incredible photos. I'm stunned and wowed by your "costumes" (I would wear these just to post a letter, they're so gorgeous!) You look incredible, the flow and movement of the dance is so tangible - my toes are twitching:). I'm very impressed that you seek out dresses that are not kitsch, but very modern. The fabrics tell a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing and for all your lovely comments on my blog. I love your visits, they mean so much to me:) xoxo

  18. Love love love these pics! There's something about those ruffled hems that I love so much. Ages ago I came accross a vintage flamenco costume from the 1930s with a Spanish label sewn inside. Talk about a rare find. To this day I kick myself for not getting it!

    That dancing looks like fun! I've heard it's one of the harder styles to learn though. Do you think that's true?


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