Monday, 18 October 2010

Shopping the Wardrobe: Harper's Buy Now Wear For Ever List

About this time every month when the new issues of the British fashion magazines come out I find myself rushing home with the latest Elle/Vogue/Harper's Bazaar like a kid on Christmas Day.  I'll then pore over the contents in a state of fashion euphoria only to come crashing back down when I compare my list of lustworthy, must have items splashed on page after glossy page, their price tags and my bank balance.  That is even before considering the colossal lack of storage I have in my wardrobe for any new purchases.

So before I start whining in self pity at all the things listed in the "buy this season or forever be unfashionable" guides that inevitably come out around this time of the year I thought I would go through the exercise of taking one said list and plundering my closet for examples to keep me out of the shops and getting more wear out of my current items.

Take the UK version of Harper's Bazaar "Buy Now Wear For Ever" list of key Autumn Winter pieces in this month's edition.  If I'd personally bought everything on this list the bill would come to a whopping £7682.  Well here is my version shopped from my wardrobe.

1. The Tuxedo Jacket
Harper's says: 
"There is nothing sexier than a woman in a menswear inspired jacket."

Veshoevius says:
I couldn't agree more!  White tuxedo jacket ...check.  Black tuxedo jacket ... also check! (Although technically this is a fairly new addition...)

2. The Chain Bag
 Harper's says:
"Coco Chanel created the 2.55 - the first chain-handle bag - in 1957.  The style now evokes a classic elegance..."

Veshoevius says:
Doesn't anyone get chain burn from those things?  My Review bag has enough chain hardware to add some sparkle but is still comfortable on my shoulders.  The flamenco frills give it a personal twist!

3. The Stiletto Boot
Harper's says:
"Toughen up an evening tux or an LBD with jewel-toned ankle-boots as seen at Givenchy and Lanvin."

Veshoevius says:
Curses! Several pairs of stiletto ankle boots, but none in jewel tones.  How can this be? How about mock croc for day and sequined for night instead?

4. The Trophy Blouse
Harper's says:
"Minimal and luxurious, the silk blouse adds an elegant touch to any look."

Veshoevius says:
In my books a blouse that ain't fussy ain't a blouse worth fussing about!  Too minimal and I fail to see why it's a trophy.  I like lavish details like pussy bows, layers of frills and intricate pin tucking.

5. The Statement Cuff
Harper's says:
"A statement cuff will add a striking lift and a personal touch to any look."

Veshoevius says:
I think I am more than covered in this department...

6. The Statement Belt
Harper's says:
"Metal-detail belts are the ideal finishing touch this A/W... Invest in a skinny gold detail belt.  It will add a polished accent to a blazer or will up the luxe factor of a pair of jeans." 

Veshoevius says:
I love this snakeskin finish leather belt with silver hardware for nipping in jackets and blazers.  I also have this skinnier, vintage leather belt with gold metal detailing for creating waists on slinky seventies style maxi dresses.

7. The Statement Coat
Harper's says:
"Opulent coats, reminiscent of the gilded, boho chic fashion of the 1970's, will add an elegant regal edge to your wardrobe.  Don't save these pieces for night - they're also about daytime glamour this A/W."

Veshoevius says:
Although lacking in ornate brocade trim this otherwise opulent wool coat with its tails, statement lining and leather trimmed collar gets a very rare outing to the theatre or opera.  I wore it once during the day whilst sightseeing in Venice (as you do) and whilst walking over the Rialto Bridge I got serenaded by a gondolier passing beneath.  I credit the coat.  Time to show it the light of day again as there is really something quite special about wearing a coat with secret messages and codes written into its lining.


What buy now (or rather have bought) and wear forever items you could wear this Autumn/Winter are lurking awaiting rediscovery in your wardrobes?


  1. So many time we forget the ageless wonders in our wardrobe and go for the thrill of the NEW. After what i see I wnat to live in your wardrobe, and dream for ever.I have fallen madly in love with your blouse. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I would love to see you on every item...
    Mil besos.

  2. ¿Qué tal te va sin W. Verification?????
    Qué gusto para el que comenta, yeaHhhhhhhhhhh

  3. I don't know what I'm lusting after the most, the blouse, the boots, the coats, the belts, th bangles, but absolutely fabulous and a great synopsis of what's currently in vogue. You do make me laugh, I adore your writing style. xxx
    PS The musical box does play a tune, no idea what it is but the cats hate it.
    PPS The purple camper van is one of three, I collect clothes, Jon collects VWs.

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to buy some key pieces...I guess my only "timeless" item is my classic Chanel chain for the rest...well, I keep falling victim to my impulsive shopping...and I want new stuff all the time...I buy a whole new wardrobe each season...

  5. OMG, you've got it ALL (and wonderful items, too!), but I fear I will need to spend £7500 now... or do a better raiding of my wardrobe. Hey, that could be the start of a wonderful game!

  6. Fine work - a lesson to us all! The blouse and tuxedo jacket are particularly stunning...

  7. You have so many cool items. I don't even know where to start, I love everything. Cute blog come by mine when you have time.


  8. I am constantly gob-smacked at your sartorial treasures and have a serious case of wardrobe envy. Well done on plundering your closet for the latest must-haves - each and every item looks so modern - evidence of an amazing eye for classic cut and luscious detail. The coat is incredible, the blouse, the accessories. Ga!! xoxo

  9. Fabulous post! Your wardrobe seems to be a wonderful treasure chest. Your tuxedo jacket is Stunningly Gorgeous!! The lining of your coat is beautiful too. That is funny about being serenaded!

    Going by this list what I already have: tuxedo (in spades!!), chain bag, stiletto boot (black with satin toe, patent leather sides, leather in the middle with a tasseled zipper going down the front), trophy blouse (but not in silk), statement belt, and a statement coat. My wrists are too small for bracelets unfortunately.

  10. A poignant reminder to search our own closets before heading to the store. After reading this post, I realized that the only things I'm missing are a statement blouse and a belt. Not bad at all. (However ... I wouldn't mind another handful of bracelets ...)

    Your coat is especially gorgeous!

  11. the cut of the coat is most excellent!

  12. Such stylish and trendy garments;-)
    Am 'lusting' after hats at the moments - I adore bespoke hats, jackets and dresses, but that tuxedo jacket is very outstanding indeed!
    Have a lovely week;-)

  13. This proves once again that you must shop your own closet before even trying to buy any new item! As the most probably you already have what you crave :)

    From this all only the thing I'm missing is the tuxedo jacket :) I think I need to fix that ;)

  14. (ps - I've just bought the velvet harems, so I'll keep you posted!)

  15. Well done. I especially like the tuxedo coat, with the touchable stitching detail and the contrast of the so-feminine chiffon swathing. I sometimes wonder who *does* use these lists as shopping instructions to complete each season, especially at a high quality level. Who has that kind of wardrobe cash, *and* that lack of creative thinking? Yes, look at what you have in new ways, or work bit-by-bit through the list over a longer period. Like, I'd have nothing against investing in a new, good chain bag *or* stiletto boots one season, and something else a few months later.

    I've claimed a deepest chocolate suede jacket, vintage of course, from my mother's closet recently. It's kind of boxy yet kind of shaped, feminine with masculine tones. It'll serve me instead of the season's bomber jacket suggestions.

  16. wow that is a very smart thing to basically shop your closet and make them the it thing of the season. i must comment on your amazing pieces. they are no ordinary items. each one seems to have a very unique point of view. it seems u are a fashion collector.

  17. @sacramento - yes, another blouse lady! Thought you might like that number. It is true and I am most guilty of it, that we are convinced by the fashion media circus of always having to renew out wardrobes each season without it being strictly necessary.

    @Vintage Vixen - I love that, you collect clothes and he collects VW's - at least he can store his collectibles outside and not compete for space indoors with your wardrobes!

    @Boheme Noir - lucky you buying a new wardrobe each season! I try not to be an impulsive shopper and am trying harder not to buy new things all the time but something inevitably always sneaks in there from new seasons.

    @SabinePynopsis - I am sure if I won the lottery tomorrow I would run out and spend the £7500 but until then...
    And yes it would be a good game - like the Style Tag! Why don't you try raiding the closet to see what you come up with and show us?

    @MrsBossa - can't wait to see what you do with velvet harem trousers!!

    @Ellinor Forje - Thanks for visiting and commenting, hope you'll visit again!

    @Pret a Porter P - like you I have a weakness for tuxedo jackets and also have them in spades! This blouse isn't silk either. Your stiletto boots sound gorgeous!

    @Pull Your Socks Up! - you know that coat is almost ten years old and yet as you say it still looks modern and wearable. I think we often allow ourselves to be convinced that the prevailing fashion vision is changing more than it actually is.

    @Jessica - good going! At least a handful of bracelets doesn't need to break the bank.

    @Terri - thank you, I think I have a thing for tail coats!

    @Fashion, Art and other fancies - thanks for visiting and commenting, the tuxedo jacket is by a very interesting designer called Kaylee Tankus who I have just discovered this year.

  18. @Cloud of Secrets - "Who has that kind of wardrobe cash, *and* that lack of creative thinking?"
    You know what, the staggering thing is that yes these people do seem to exist! And the sad thing about the whole emphasis on fashion trends is that it does dampen people's creativity to come up with looks and outfits themselves.
    Your vintage suede coat sounds lovely - I expect we may see it featured soon?

    @Faboulista - thanks for visiting! I've never really thought about myself as a fashion collector but now you've said it I'm wondering if maybe I am!

  19. Girl it looks like you have this season covered! The chainbag you have there is too cute by the way!

    Unlike your awesome closet, my sin't as well prepared and I'm slowly building it up a few pieces at a time. One trend that I hope always comes back around is layering because I'm a big fan of that!

  20. now that is a coat! the swooping tux- inspired tail is elegant.
    i'm not doing too bad, if you go by this list:
    i don't exactly have a statement coat (my jcrew black cashmere & wool one will do for now).
    and i don't have a tux jacket...searching and searching, though...
    i have had stiletto boots in black (no jewel tones for me)- forever.
    i recently scored what is to be the mother of all statement belts- for me anyway- one of atlantis home's bronze beetle belts by "plastic animal".
    but, alas, no chain purse, and not sure i really want one. the chanel ones are superb but perhaps a bit statement-y for me...i'm on the fence, though.

  21. My goodness you have AMAZING pieces in your wardrobe! I'm over here salivating over so many of them.

  22. Yesyesyes! I have so much stuff I can use to recreate looks that are "trendy" right now or all-time classics... not buying any new stuff in a while, nope!


  23. ooh i love that coat! great topic! i need to go through my closet and do that too.

    i wander, i wonder

  24. Your eye for detail is amazing. . the lining of the statement coat gripped me.

    I'm launching a series of posts on shoes. . and am inviting other bloggers to do the same, to tell their shoe narrative. You're the first one that came to mind,

    Hope to see your post soon if you're free to do it!


  25. I know exactly what you mean, when you see the clothing on the glossy pages, everything you own suddenly seems inadequate! I love that you have brought things into perspective; when you've spent years shopping and obsessing, chances are pretty good you already own the next thing you are going to 'need'.

    Chic on the Cheap

  26. You wardrobe makes me drool! I hope one day I can be as cool as you!

  27. Thanks so much for this post! It's a great reminder that we don't have to buy everything that magazines/catalogs suggest - and we'll still look fabulous! I'm sure if I went through my closet again I would discover that I already own some "must-haves" ;)

  28. @Devillishly pleasurable - will certainly respond to your shoe post but maybe not for a couple of weeks as I'm gonna be away xx

    @MJ - I love layering too - the only way I keep warm over here!

    @Asche Mischief - years of collecting my dear! My trick is never throw anything away. Comes back around eventually.

    @Courtney - I dunno about cool Courtney (think I'm a bit too old for that!) but you however already are!

    @Adelle, @poet, @LyddieGal @Ms_SyllyBee - thanks for your visits and comments ladies, it is so true that we often forget what we already have when we are blinded by the new and shiny. Hope you rediscover some gems in your closets!

    @Style Odyssey - not too bad? Think you are doing pretty damn good if you ask me! I've never been sold on the Chanel bag myself (apart from it being way out of my budget), not sure why.

  29. YES YES YES! Shopping your closet is fantastic!

  30. I love how unique your pieces are. Just seeing them individually tells me a lot about your style. I don't even have to read your commentary on them to see you.

    Your unique wardrobe is the kind I'm trying to build, only with my own sense.'

    JESSU @ Defining Beauty

  31. I was wondering where your got your coat from I love it!


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