Thursday, 7 October 2010

Penguin Jackets

I like a bit of masculine tailoring especially tuxedo jackets and I finally got a white one. As a teen I used to raid the wardrobe of my best friend's older brother for sharp shouldered masculine jackets and bow ties to wear with bib front shirts. Strangely he later became a boyfriend. It didn't last long - he didn't own any tuxedo jackets.

I think it must have been that scene from Flashdance where the protagonist Alex goes to dinner with her boss in a tuxedo and the shirt she has underneath is revealed to be actually only the bib, cuffs (with cuff links) and bow tie.

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My teen obsession with a movie about a girl who moonlights as an exotic dancer, welds to pay the bills and dances to, as she puts it, "disappear" not only led to an obsession with le smoking as a sartorial statement, it also led to two decades of dance classes.  Now I moonlight as an exotic-ish dancer (albeit more covered up dancing flamenco) and weld myself to a computer all day to pay the bills.  Life imitates art.  Sort of.

This outfit is what I wore on the first of the two days I went to London Fashion Week in case anyone was wondering. Well there wasn't much chance of me being over dressed at Somerset House was there?


Me gusta un poco de la sastrería masculina, especialmente chaquetas de esmoquin y finalmente conseguí una blanca. Cuando era adolescente solía tomar por asalto el guardarropa del hermano mayor de mi mejor amiga para sus chaquetas masculinas y pajaritas para llevar con camisetas frente babero. Por extraño que más tarde se convirtió en un novio. Esto no duró mucho tiempo - no tenía ningún chaquetas de esmoquin a robar. Creo que debe haber sido la escena de Flashdance, donde el protagonista Alex va a cenar con su jefe en un esmoquin y la camisa que tiene debajo se revela que en realidad sólo el babero, puños (con gemelos) y la pajarita.

Mi obsesión adolescente con una película sobre una chica que empleo como una bailarina exótica, soldaduras para pagar las cuentas y los bailes que, como ella dice, "desaparecer", no sólo llevó a una obsesión con el consumo de la traje esmoquin como una declaración de vestir, también se llevó a dos décadas de clases de baile. Ahora la luna como una bailaora exótica (aunque más encubierto bailando flamenco) y yo de soldadura a una computadora todo el día para pagar las cuentas. La vida imita al arte.

Este es lo que llevaba en el primero de los dos días quando fui a la London Fashion Week, en caso de que alguien se preguntaba. Bueno, no había muchas posibilidades de que yo sea demasiado bien vestida en Somerset House.


  1. Hi my lovely; I have just got back from hospital and I had to stop by and say hi.
    The operation went so very well...I am in no pain and only one cruth, so all is well.
    Love your jacket

  2. Oh I love that tuxedo jacket on you, it's perfectly cut and very feminine. I bet you got a few looks at LFW. xxx

  3. Like it! What with this and the music from the Miu Miu show I am all set for a Flashdance re-watch this weekend. Did you get my message on Twitter? If not just wanted to thank you for the sunshine... xx

  4. @sacramento - hi! hope you are feeling better and good to know you are back!

    @Vintage Vixen - thank you Vix! Not sure about looks at LFW - some wolf whistles from the builders nearby! Not sure they really got the jacket...

    @MrsBossa - I did get your tweet - you're welcome, glad to know you are well and truly over flu. I might drag out Flashdance too now I've gotten all nostaglic.

  5. I have major jacket envy! It's such an amazing cut and I love the sharp lapels - it fits you beautifully and your necklace choices really soften up the jacket's masculinity. 10 out of 10 - you certainly would have turned heads. xo

  6. I Like the tuxedo jacket! I once had a LBD that came with it's own little tuxedo jacket. Wore the daylights out of it.

  7. That tuxedo is so good. And it's so hard to find a good white jacket, and going by your sidebar it seems like you have 2 now! Lucky girl!

  8. What a fantastic jacket! I would covet it, but knowing me I would immediately throw red wine, spaghetti sauce, and coffee all over myself if I were wearing it.

  9. oh man, how i love that jacket. the fabric looks sleek with a slight sheen. perfection.

  10. @Style Odyssey - I don't know what they treated the cotton they made this jacket from but it feels like very strong stiff paper (in a good way!) with a slightly glossy finish, the stiffness somehow helps the fit. It's by Acne.

    @Pret a Porter - thanks! You've reminded me of the other one which I need to pull out again!

    @La Historiadora de Moda - ha! I hear you, yes I'm similarly predisposed to such disasters so I'm not wearing this anywhere near food!

    @Boheme Noir @Terri @Pull your socks up - I do think a good tuxedo jacket and trouser suit is a must in a woman's wardrobe whatever else fashion might be doing. You do get a lot of mileage out of them.

  11. I absolutely LOVED that outfit!.. so okay, she got a bit risque with the lobster...which you know, was cool but she sure as hell put the ex in her place!

    You look cool-eclectic and spectacular! Would you ever wear this jacket with a dress?

  12. @Dusk - Yes I do think I will wear this with a dress at some point. The black version of this jacket was what caught my eye initially and appeared in the press here teamed with dresses.


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