Thursday, 14 October 2010

London Fashion Week: Renaissance Life

What with Friend Friday and flamenco shows I've been left with a backlog of London Fashion Week posts still in draft and have all but missed what has been happening in Paris Fashion Week!  So I'm returning momentarily to indulge at looking at beautiful things, specifically jewellery.

I like a jewellery line carrying a positive message.  Renaissance Life is a Swedish jewellery line which prides itself on being made with love and part of their Spring Summer 2011 Trilogy collection has taken inspiration from dreams, possibilities and happy summer days.  Just the kind of talisman I want to hang around my neck to ward off the winter blues.

The Renaissance Life collection features simple, elegant shapes fashioned in shades of gold, silver and black.  There are pretty angel wings whose selling point is that they can make your dreams come true (see first image), Russian doll charms, lucky horseshoe earrings, a Freedom horse, whimsical clocks, heart lockets with removable drawers for keepsakes and spherical cage lockets each holding a heart shaped river stone from the Swedish Stone Age.  Ideal for those who prefer jewellery pieces that are less flamboyant but still imbued with personality.


  1. I'm putting the Freedom Horse on my Christmas List, gorgeous!

  2. More and more I'm seeing jewellery I actually want to wear. These here are beautiful!

  3. Very nice! I'm always glad to see solid, simple, tactile, fine metal charms and pendants to mix and match, or wear alone.

    I have a silver cage ball pendant very much like the ones shown -- it was a gift via the Past Times catalogue, back when they sold by mail to the USA. I believe it was sold as a scent ball: you could put fragrance on a bit of cloth and tuck it inside. But I adore the idea of putting a special little stone inside. Time to dig up that pendant again. (mine opens and shuts on a tiny hinge -- not sure about these ones by Renaissance Life.)

  4. "Ideal for those who prefer jewellery pieces that are less flamboyant". Blimey, that rules you and I out with our love of the jangly bangle and mahoosive chandelier earring.
    Seriously though, those are very pretty pieces, especially the Freedom Horse. xxx

  5. I absolutely love this jewelry line!! Esp the wing necklace and earrings!!
    So beautiful!!!
    Can't wait to see the rest of your backlogged posts!!


  6. Oooh so beautiful! The whimsical clocks are my favorite! :)

  7. Aw, so lovely! I love the watches.

  8. I'm like a kid in a candy store with these items. The clock faces are my favorite, but the wing earrings would be a close second.

  9. I want it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Qué maravilla!!
    Besos guapa!!!

  10. Ces bijoux ainsi que les photos sont pleins de poésie

  11. gah! So pretty! My favorites are the clocks and the ball-ish necklaces in the second photo.

  12. i agree with kelly, GAH! is right. =P

    i love these. i would wear any of these pieces. i'm particularly fond of the spherical cages and the cool clocks. love me some clock jewelry.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  13. Oh my, I would wear the angel-wing earrings with everything, everyday and I love the babooshka doll pendants. Might have to drop a Xmas hint or two to the Phoenix;). As much as LFW must be an exciting showcase, I can see from other bloggers how it eats up so much time and is incredibly exhausting. Only five months to go until the next one! xo

  14. Precious! I love the Russian dolls. What a great idea for a necklace.

  15. @I'm Not Emily Brown - it's cute isn't it. I certainly wouldn't complain if I found one in my Christmas stocking.

    @Sabine Synopsis - I thought these very wearable pieces, funnily enough the designer told me that her customer base is mainly the over 40's.

    @kirsty elena, @Kelly, @Boheme Noir, @Terri, @MJ - I liked the clocks too! The hands don't move though - they were set a significant time to do with the designer's philosophy on time but I can't remember what that was now!!

    @Cloud of Secrets - these cage pendants didn't open up so the little stone just rattled around inside it. But the heart lockets had a little drawer with space for a keepsake which slid out and popped back to be held in place with a magnet.

    @Pull Your Socks Up! - People's other halves will be cursing me when they get their Xmas shopping lists! Next LFW will be Autumn Winter - my favourite! - they actually unscrew open to reveal another doll inside and then that one unscrews to reveal yet another - just like the real deal.

  16. @Vintage Vixen - "Blimey, that rules you and I out with our love of the jangly bangle and mahoosive chandelier earring." Indeed!! Though the horse as you mention is very sweet - better perhaps for office days where I can't work the bling!

    @sacramento - write your Christmas list for Santa now ;)

    @Lady Lipstick - thanks for your comment hon!

    @lady sélénite - merci beaucoup! Je suis enchanté d'avoir fait votre connaissance!

  17. So pretty! I really like the little Russian dolls and the rings!

  18. So, I made you speechless, eh?!
    Hope it wasn't too effusive - but you are a good 'un. And as for the Jackie O business: I either have to look like a poser or look like an the specs get a lot of use!


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