Saturday, 9 October 2010

Links à la Mode: Hats Off!

A big thank you to Thom for selecting my Friend Friday post on negativity in blogging as part of this week's IFB roundup as well as some other pertinent posts related to it (see Beauty and the Recession and Oranges and Apples posts in particular).  The posts by the other bloggers participating in Modly Chic's Friend Friday on this topic are well worth a read too.  I hope posts like these will generate more discussion, raise awareness and provide food for thought for all bloggers out there on these issues!

links a la mode

Hats Off!

Edited by: Thom of The Sunday Best

With  fashion weeks in full swing it would have been easy for the IFB fold to  post multiple photos and call it a day. Hats off to these dedicated writers for continuing to pump out original content on often thorny issues (negative blogging anyone?). In particular it was nice to finally see more than one male blogger throwing his hat into the ring. Dressed for Dinner - we salute you and your lovely beard.

Links à la Mode: October 8th

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  1. Congratulations. You are a wonderful writer and deserve to be chosen everytime.
    Mi rodilla casi nueva. Es sorprendente lo que un buen cirujano puede hacer hoy en día.
    Thank you for caring.
    Eres un sol y te abrazo fuerte.

  2. Congrats, doll! You deserve it!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  3. Good work, mon amie! This appears to be an intelligent batch of links, and I look forward to clicking through them over the next week.

    I admit to browsing "look at these awful outfits!" blogs in the past -- in particular, People of Walmart (I won't give the link to encourage visits). But you're right, it's puerile, it's making myself feel better at someone else's expense (possibly someone without enough food or a comfortable home and closet).

    I haven't visited sites like this in months, and probably won't again. It's more fun and inspiring to look at the "look at these awesome outfits!" blogs, anyway.

    As for negative comments, either bitchy or attempting to be constructive -- I just won't do it, at least on personal style posts, unless there seems to be a specific invitation. Like, "what should I do with this difficult top?" or, "should this skirt stay or go?"

    There is so much opportunity to spread a happy glow and to help others feel good about their efforts -- I'd rather do that. "If you can't say something nice, just wait until they post something you do like."

  4. I echo what the other lovely aldies have already said, recognition for your writing talents is thoroughly deserved and as always everything you write is a pleasure to read.#I'm really going to enjoy reading the other blogger's posts (paticularly the bearded man, he looks lovely). xxx

  5. I'm so glad you were picked! I really loved that post - in fact I'm hopping on there right now to have another more leisurely read:) xo

  6. @Cloud of Secrets, @Pull Your Socks Up @sacramento, @Grit and Glamour,@Vintage Vixen Ladies you are all so lovely and all too kind and I am very touched!

    @Vintage Vixen - bearded man is a revelation isn't he? I'm following, he is a great writer too! Ladies check out Dressed for Dinner - I highly recommend.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You definitely deserve it! Your post was awesome! :)


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