Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all from Australia!  Although I've never lived in a country that really celebrates it as seriously as perhaps it is in the United States.  I'm amazed at how much effort Americans I know living in the UK make in decorating their houses for the season and in organising their children's trick or treating expeditions.  My sister has just come back from a trip back from the States in awe of the amount of Halloween decorations being set up in preparation for today.

Usually the boyfriend and I don't do anything to celebrate Halloween other than buy a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern and make pumpkin soup for dinner.  I wish I could say I was going to some fancy dress Halloween party dressed in layers of black as Morticia but this year we've enjoyed a big barbeque with my family instead.  We thought we would still keep up with our jack-o-lantern tradition though!

The boyfriend is a dab hand at pumpkin carving and here are his efforts with the local Australian species (we couldn't get hold of a large plain orange one here).  I do like how they glow in the dark.  Pumpkin soup for lunch tomorrow!


  1. I love those cat's face pumpkins, your boyfriend is a talented guy!
    I'm well impressed that you're posting whilst in Oz. When's the wedding? xxx

  2. He did a fantastic carving job! I always had a big Halloween bash when I lived in Madrid because there wasn't much Halloween action going on there. It's probably my favorite holiday. This year, though, I'm going low-key. I ran a 5K in costume yesterday, but tonight I'll be staying in and working on some projects while watching football.

  3. Happy Halloween to you, too.
    You know in Spain it is mainly children stuff. No big deal in the south as far as I know.
    Disfruta de tu tiempo en Australia, de tu familia y de tu tierra. Refuerza y renutre tus raíces.
    Un abrazo siempre amiga.

  4. Fabulously creepy! I feel quite sad I didn't try doing it this year...though am looking forward to visiting the reduced aisle so I can knock up a few pumpkin-themed meals! Hope you had a fabulous Halloween, dear lady.

  5. They are beautiful, feline pumpkins. And yes, the Americans can commercialize just about anything. sigh.

  6. Oh I love those pumpkins, you can't get them here in the UK. Hope the weather is lovely in Oz, though my folks tell me it has been a bit rainy and rotten lately!

  7. Happy Halloween! Love the pumpkins!

    My hubby really had a good time celebrating his first American Halloween. We didn't carve pumpkins, but as you can see from my latest post, we definitely got into the spirit and dressed up.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  8. The cat carvings are wonderful and I love the unusual coloring of the pumpkins. I only ever see them in bright orange around here (in Brooklyn).

  9. Wow! Great carvings!!! My husband and I carved a couple this year, but they didn't look as good as yours!

  10. Happy Hallowe'en to you too! (I still celebrate Hallowe'en in my heart for a couple of days after, because that's when I get to see everyone's pictures from the holiday itself). I love those striped pumpkins, and I don't believe I've seen them here in the Midwestern USA, although I easily imagine them being the next big Hallowe'en hit -- like white "ghost pumpkins" several years ago. They work perfectly with your cat faces, making them into stripy tabby cats. :-)

    To answer your haircolor question -- I did recently do a deep brown color rinse. Ever since...2000? 2001? I've fluctuated among deep brown, medium brown, and auburn, depending on what palette I feel like, and how energetic I've been about refreshing the color. I never dye to red anymore, but my hair still looks reddish that way sometimes as the deep brown fades to my natural medium golden brown/auburnish tint.

  11. HEy!! Thank you so much for commenting your thoughts on my post. I really do value everyone's opinion. And like you, I was pretty shocked to realize that some of the sites were invite only. I thought we left that behind in HS, but I guess not!!
    I am a little like you (although I do live in the states) in that I dont really celebrate Halloween much. We don't even carve pumpkins which I guess is sad but I just dont really like it all that much and I would rather save all of my energy for Christmas decorating!! LOL
    Your bf is an amazing pumpkin carver though!!


  12. Hope you're having a great time "down under" and that the preparations are going well :)


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