Friday, 29 October 2010

Friend Friday: Ten Things

I have just touched down in Australia this morning so posts are going to be erratic for the next two weeks while I run around preparing for my little brother's wedding.  Suffering a spot of jet lag so am answering this week's Friend Friday.  This week we have been asked to list ten things about ourselves.  Some of my regular visitors may know all these already so I've provided some extra tidbits:

1. I live in Brixton, London.  You can't get any gloriously grittier than that! I love it because despite its rather seedy reputation it has a vibrant community of immigrants, a great local cinema, a fantastic market that sells cheap vegetables and amazing fish, our local pub holds jazz jam sessions which attract world class musicians and when I come home late at night the streets are still buzzing and full of life.

2. I moonlight as a professional flamenco dancer.  I run a flamenco group as well as work freelance.  I perform around the UK.  I got to perform at Glastonbury festival a couple of years ago but have to say the mud and toilets left me traumatized!  On rare occasions I also get the odd bit of film and TV work as an extra and so have some insight into what working on film sets is like.  It is a lot less glamorous than you'd think!

My first blog was actually about my flamenco experiences in Spain but it became too private and close to my heart to make public so I chose fashion as a blog subject instead.

I am currently freelancing for my other "day job" career but the ongoing recession here has meant I am more free these days than lancing.  So I am now looking to get back into a permanent job.

3. I lived in Andalucia, Spain for a couple of years studying flamenco dance intensively so I speak pretty good Spanish and have many dear friends with whom I communicate only in Spanish.  I return as regularly as I can to keep up my studies, attend local festivals and to spend time with friends.

4. I cannot function without drinking two coffees to wake me up in the morning.

5.  I'm addicted to Mac make-up, have tonnes of it and am a pro at putting on my own make-up.  I have always loved make-up and having to do my own make-up for shows means I get an excuse to buy lots of it.  I've done courses to learn to apply it properly and have got used to doing it on the fly whilst travelling in cars and trains.  I am one of those people that actually uses the Prep and Prime products!  I'd love to be a make-up artist.  I'm totally obsessed with foundation formulations and their different finishes and am always looking for a a foundation that doesn't come running off after sweating during a dance performance.  I'm hoping Mac's new Pro Longwear range delivers!  My latest obsession is false eyelashes.

6. Apart from collecting clothes, costume jewellery, shoes and make-up I collect blank notebooks.  Yeah, I don't get it either.  Leather bound, paper bound, as long as it comes with plain white or cream pages and looks beautiful on the shelf.  No ugly lined pages allowed.  Some turn into written journals when I'm very diligent.  One actually became the handwritten predecessor to this blog, the real Taxonomy of My Wardrobe, a handwritten tome with a lipstick red cover listing everything I have in the closet!

7. I cry really easily watching sentimental movies.  Really, really easily!  I'm not just talking heart wrenching human tragedy and drama, even Disney pictures get me.  I sobbed when the ant died in Honey I Shrunk the Kids and when the mother dinosaur died in The Land Before Time.  I cannot and refuse to watch horror movies.  The X-files television series is as scary as I can cope with (even the movie terrified me).

8. I am a mean cook.  I love cooking and eating!  My favourite cuisine is Asian and Italian and I love recipes by the English food writer, Nigel Slater.  I have started learning a couple of Spanish dishes.  I think I would love to do a food blog one day.

9. I can sew really well and used to sew my own clothes.  I didn't study design formally but could modify paper patterns to suit what I wanted and could copy a garment pretty closely if I had long enough in a changeroom with it to work out how it was put together and what its measurements were.  These days I don't have time to sew but I usually do my own alterations.

10. I don't own or watch a television.  I don't know how anyone else finds the time to watch television but I find not having one frees up a lot of my time to do other more interesting and creative things.  People always wonder how I manage to do a lot of different things like work, dance, cook and eat amazing meals every night and now blog.  Couldn't do it if I watched TV every day.  I catch up on series I really want to watch (which aren't many) by buying the DVD's and doing a marathon.


  1. You are one fascinating woman. I loved this post and learaning more about you - dancing, cooking, sewing, collecting notebooks, impeccible taste in clothes, fabulous!
    Are you Australian by birth? Hope you have a wonderful time in Oz and I'm sending your brother lots of good wishes. xxx

  2. Loves this! I am particular about notebooks as well but I wait to buy one until my previous one is at least 2/3's filled.

    I LOVE the X-files. It's my favorite show. Shame you get too scared!

  3. i really look forward to your Friend Friday posts. I had a 'omigod' moment when i got to the part about the Ant and the mother dinosaur - me too!

  4. So you are in Australia my dear friend for your brother´s wedding. Do enjoy every bit of it.
    I knew most things.
    Un abrazo muy grande guapa y diviértete a tope!!!

  5. Wow - no TV? I don't watch a lot of TV, hardly anything but I like it for the occasional award show or holiday movie and just a break. And I'm with you about the coffee intake. It seems to be increasing each year I'm alive. Which could really be a problem later in life. - Katy

  6. I'm with you on number 5! I'm not only addicted to MAC, but all makeup! I always used to dream of being a makeup artist too!

  7. I second Vintage Vixen, you are an interesting person!

  8. Loved reading more about you, doll! I'm a sucker for blank journals too. Once upon a time I used to fill them up. Now my blog is my testament!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  9. Flamenco??? Girl, permit me to say you are living the life


  10. Flamenco?! That's soo awesome! And not owning a TV?? Kudos to you!

  11. I like what you've done with these Friend Friday questions...Perhaps you should look into becoming a professional makeup artist.

    And do you have a paella recipe you'd be willing to pass along?

  12. yeah, another long 10 things post! so great to find out all this stuff about you, your life sounds so interesting and ace fun!

  13. I didn't know you were such a makeup afficionada and expert. I love MAC, too...the social awareness, the edgy advertising, the huge array of (often uncommon) shades, the fun names (I'm a sucker for delicious color names), and the fact that the lipstick is a subtle vanilla scent, not a strong floral. I'm loyal to MAC as my department store-level indulgence, although I keep hearing reallyreally good things about Dior's 5-pan shadow palettes.

    I'm not as good as you at applying makeup, however, and I don't feel I have the budget or patience and time in the morning to do prepping and priming. :-b I should consider it as my skin dives deep into my 30s, however. Were your classes offered by MAC, or some other source?

    Enjoy the wedding, and I hope we'll get to see some photos of your outfits for the events!

  14. The ant dies in Honey I Shrunk the Kids?!?! ;)

    I am with you on the journals, but I'm not as diligent at actually filling them up with anything. Mr Bossa has stopped investing in limited edition Moleskines for me, until I promise to actually write in the ones I've got.

    And in answer to your comment on Mrs Bossa Does the Do - I don't do much performing anymore, but as all the rest of the family do, it's quite easy to keep my hand in!

    Oh, and I hope you get to do some more "lancing" soon - brilliant line.

  15. @Vintage Vixen - I'm not Australian by birth but migrated there with the family when I was very very small.

    @Courtney @Mrs Bossa - I should put a ban on buying more notebooks until mine are 2/3 full really!

    @I'm Not Emily Brown - Glad I'm not alone!! I was also a total wreck after the scene in Babe where the mother pig gets taken away and when Babe cries that he misses his Mom!

    @Cloud of Secrets - I do the Prep n Priming because I tend to sweat off everything whilst dancing so I try every trick in the book to make it stay on longer. I'll try and get some wedding pics in!

    @sacramento - thank you for your well wishes!

    @Franca - thanks, I enjoyed reading yours very much too!

  16. @Terri - a girlfriend of mine has just retrained as a makeup artist and it has definitely been inspiring. I can't make paella yet but it's on my to do list.

    @Windy City Fashion - well my friend who became a makeup artist lately is thirty one so it is never too late if you decide you want to give it a shot.

    @KT @MJ - yup, no TV. Spend enough time on the internet as it is!

    @KT - I've done cold turkey on coffee a couple of times and each time I was bouncing with energy but thoroughly miserable!

    @Olusola, @MJ - a life with flamenco in it is definitely a very different kind of life!

    @Grit and Glamour - you too huh? This is what is so great about blogging! So nice to know I have lots of things in common with other people that seem like quirks to me. I feel am neglecting filling blank pages with the time I spend blogging though!

    @Pret a Porter - thank you! (and Vintage Vix too) Some people look at you with two heads sometimes when you tell them about the crazy things you love to do - not so in the blogging community - Halleluah!

  17. Love your blog, and really enjoyed reading this post. I used to live in Andalucia too, as I'm half Spanish, mostly in Cordoba and a year in Granada. Where did you stay? I can dance sevillanas, and used to know some other flamenco moves but don't get any practice anymore :(


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