Wednesday, 13 October 2010

After The Show

This is what I wore to and from my weekend gig in my efforts to shop my own wardrobe.  If I'm working in an office during the week I normally don't get to break out and wear zany things.  So when I turn up to perform in a show I like to let my hair down and dress like I'm about to run away with the circus!  Perhaps it is a fashion statement of intent.

I completely misjudged the weather on this occasion and dressed in my cold weather uniform of layers of black to armour myself against a cold cloudy day but it turned out to be gloriously warm and sunny instead.

If there is one thing other than avoiding dance related injuries that motivates me to keep up with three sessions of weight bearing pilates a week it is owning a pair of Sass and Bides Black Rats leggings!  I chose to fish out these PVC ones languishing in my wardrobe spurred on by the ever fashion forward courageousness of Pull Your Socks Up in rocking a PVC catsuit!

I have ranted previously on on Friend Friday about semi-transparent leggings, perhaps giving the impression that I am totally anti-leggings but I'm not.  I actually really like leggings either used as a layering basic or as a statement piece in themselves.  Leggings can extend the life of those summer dresses you can't quite say goodbye to during autumn and you can use them as an interesting alternative to tights in winter when worn under a winter dress.

And I do dare to wear them as an alternative to a skinny jean as long as they are thick enough. The release of Sass and Bide's statement making Black Rats were what convinced me to give it a try.  Despite being around a good couple of years they are still on constant reorder on online retailers like My-Wardrobe and Net-a-Porter and still periodically sell out.  I find their all over ruching adds enough texture in the right places so they are actually a lot less revealing than smooth leggings and I feel okay with wearing a shorter top.

On this occasion I've worn my Rats with a burnout patterned tee shirt from Pull and Bear and a Sass and Bide ringmaster style tailcoat which I bought for a bargain basement price in the winter sales a couple of years ago.  The coats tails are long enough to keep me covered up at the back.  I also like to wear the Rats with a slouchy tee and hip length blazer or jacket. 

I keep my accessories to a minimum going to gigs because I never know where and under what conditions I'll have to get changed into a costume until I get there and flinging jewellery off in a hurry is the fastest way to lose it!

Black Rats look amazing with statement heels but despite being a heels girl, after an hour of dancing and stamping in high heels the only thing I can face wearing is a pair of comfortable flats, in this case biker boots.  These are from Gap, bought recently out of desperation when my old faithful flat biker boots developed holes in the soles.  I'm not too enamoured with their colour though as the "distressed" finish is neither here nor there so I'm considering attacking them with black boot polish to darken them up.


  1. I think between you and Pull Your Socks Up I may be convinced to give leggings another chance.
    Those are absolutely fabulous on you and what wonderful, shapely legs you have. I bet you were subjected to some looks walking the streets looking that fabulous.
    I rather like the boots the color they are, dusty and straight off the back of a Harley...grrrr! xxx

  2. The leggings look good on you, I like the shiny texture. Cool jacket too!

  3. You have the body to pull off those tight jeans, so good for you to flaunt it...
    Love the jacket, do you call it a rat??? i wish I had a few rats like that.
    Un abrazo y mil besos guapa.
    Practicas tu español con alguien en Londres????

  4. Much easier, thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksWhat a relieve all that letter writing that I always get wrong, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh free at last

  5. I can imagine that it might have been a bit hot wearing it last weekend, but it's one cool look. Great boots, and I think I need to take up some pilates lessons.

  6. All I can say is you look pulled of the leggings as pants look with some major spunk and sass. I'm usually not a big fan of that type of boots, but they fit this look perfectly.

    The only accessory I ever wear to a dance gig is my wedding ring, but I don't usually take that off to dance.
    No Guilt Fashion

  7. Whoa--arriving at a venue in this announces that you will be the STAR of the show. I'm pretty ambivalent about leggings--I like them, but am not convinced they look very classy on me.

    Now the ringleader jacket, that is most excellent!

  8. Sexeeeeeeeeeeee! You know I love S&B Rats! I like how you dialed them down with the boots and jacket. They're an amazing layering piece, aren't they?!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  9. Wow. Wow! Confident and sexy yet not blatant. I like how you've played various textures in black, and put your great structured tailcoat over the softer, curvier pieces. If this is how you wrap yourself in black as the drab winter approaches, you're doing just fine!

  10. Oh, I love that jacket! It's perfect with those cute little buttons & tails! Love it!
    And you make me reconsider biker boots. It's one of those things I love on others but am not convinced about myself. But maybe I've to give it a try!

  11. The details on the Black Rat leggings are priceless. . I do not really know where the line is when it comes to leggings vs. other bottoms. . but as long as it looks unobscene on me I don't really mind. Leggings also fit me better than jeans, which tend to fall at the waist/hips. . Oh, love the way you paired this with flat bikers! Shame about the weather though. .

  12. Ga! The ringmaster coat!!!! I do not need another jacket or coat in my closet but I do need one like this - I love the myriads of buttons and the piping, looks so Victorian! You are a sweetie - thank you so much for the kind mention *blush*. I have S&B Rats knock-offs and they fall down constantly so I only wear them at home. Clearly the real thing is just that! This is the first pic I've ever seen of anyone wearing them, including models, where they look as rockin' as I feel they should. And the boots - yum, yum. Gotta love a good ole pair of kick-ass boots! You've knocked me over here girl, I'm super impressed with your style:) xoxo

  13. @Pull Your Socks Up - I adore Victorian styled clothing so I couldn't resist this jacket! De nada for the mention, you ARE inspirational!

    @WendyB - thanks! Actually I was roasting ;)

    @Pret a Porter P - thanks, the leggings are actually really comfortable which is the other reason I like wearing them.

    @MrsBossa - thanks Mrs B!

    @Ginta - I love this jacket I have to say - took me a while to come around to biker boots too but seeing them on other people wearing them around London finally convinced me.

    @devilishypleasurable - if the glove (or in this case leggings) fits... I can imagine that there are some people who actually look better in leggings than jeans because as you say jeans are cut to fit certain body types and yours might not fall into one of those whereas stretch jersey is a bit more flexible.

    @Cloud of Secrets - thank you! Playing with different shades and textures and black doesn't appeal to everyone but I think (and you appreciate) that it can be fun and done well.

    @Grit and Glamour - my fellow Sass and Bide fan! I'm going back to Oz soon so a trip to check out what's on offer from these guys is in order, just praying the pound to dollar exchange rate improves!!

  14. @Terri - I try to avoid stagefright by garnering confidence off stage as well!

    @NoGuiltFashion - Thank you! Aw! That's sweet you never take your wedding ring off when dancing.

    @SabinePynopsis - thanks and yes I was a tad warm wearing this that day! Talk about suffering to make a statement. I can't recommend pilates enough - great for your lower back as well as your legs!

    @sacramento - the leggings are called Black Rats (rats for short). Sass and Bide give a cute name for each garment they design - I think the jacket was called "Her Own Reality" - kind of fitting I suppose!

    @Vintage Vixen - I'd so love to see you work a legging - you certainly have the legs for them!! Okay - the boots live to see another day the colour they are then xxx

  15. Can you have the older boots re-soled?

  16. @Anonymous - unfortunately not - the leather has ripped as well - if not for that I would have re-soled them.


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