Monday, 6 September 2010

Orange Bows on Purple Satin

Because every woman deserves to feel beautiful underneath too!

There is nothing quite like frivolously beautiful lingerie peeking out from your underwear drawer in the morning to cheer you up.  I just couldn't resist the combination of purple and orange!  Its lovely to see some colour and pretty trims for a change when you rifle through your smalls rather than just the usual boring black and white bulk buys from Marks & Spencer.

Mind you, that is hardly fair to M&S - I rushed through the underwear department the other day to get my regular boring six pack of bog standard cotton undies and was amazed that the section was awash with colour and prettiness.  Lime green and hot pink silk underwear sets?  M&S?  Why Sir Stuart Rose, you constantly surprise me.  I have made a mental note to go back another day and spend more time looking properly at their stock.

My lingerie drawer is not the only place from which these tiny orange bows have been peeking.  You are either a woman who is happy to show your bra straps like Carrie in Sex and The City or not.  The camp seems squarely divided - it is either seen as being confident or uncouth and never the twain shall meet. 

I found that the racer-back maxi dress and slinky vest styles I had bought into this summer meant some bra strap display became inevitable.  The choice was either upgrade to something outrageously decorative to make a statement or constantly roast in a cardigan or jacket hiding my tired old battered bra straps.

It's not for everybody I'll admit and for those waving the "that's so uncouth" finger, I am fully aware of the existence of strapless bras.  But is that all really necessary with straps as pretty as these?  I had a tan.  I have good clavicles.  I upgraded.  It will be lime green and hot pink next!

Bra and briefs by Elle Macpherson Intimates


  1. Yay I'm in your camp too! Why hide pretty straps? I love this post and the knicker set is sooooo scrumptious!! Once again, you're a legend! xo

  2. "I have good clavicles." Love it!!
    Beautiful set - I keep promising myself I will give my underwear drawer a makeover, but I haven't quite managed it yet. I wish I could wear matching every day!!

  3. I buy my underwear in M&S everytime I go to England, best quality and price..
    Lovely lingerie you are showing us.
    Te abrazo fuerte

  4. I love M&S's pretty ranges, they are so frivolous and fun. If a bra's on display it has to be pretty, I've seen some horrors this summer! xxx

  5. Beautiful lingerie is one of the delights of being a woman. I love these fun pieces...and I agree that if you HAVE to show straps (I'm not a fan of this...I wear strapless bras regularly), then make it a deliberate choice by wearing a bright color.

    ♥ V

  6. The aside to Sir Stuart Rose has me giggling. :-)

    I am drooling over the pretty and unusual orange-and-purple combination. The tones are perfect - delicate yet with striking contrast. I admit it's unfortunate to say I'm drooling over your underwear, but there it is.

    Once I get my visible daily wardrobe into disciplined and attractive order, I plan to pay more attention to the underlayers. Right now I'm happy with proper seamless support and a nude shade that won't show through my paler shirts.

  7. oh, isn't it fun that purple and orange 'shouldn't go together' as my mister says? :D haha, well, i'd like him to see this and then say something! It's absolutely stunning!
    As for showing bras, I always want to buy colourful bras but usually decide to go practical with black and nude, and those aren't good enough to be shown :P

  8. Thanks every one of you for your comments and for celebrating with me one of the most fun things about being a woman! I hope I've inspired a couple of you to look for something nice for yourselves next time you go underwear shopping. And I'm definitely going to report back from my planned trip to the M&S lingerie department with any finds!


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