Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week: NewGen - Peter Pilotto

Burnt orange, paint stippling techniques, molten liquid metal splashes and ghostly paisley combine to form strange galaxies in these digital print dresses from Peter Pilotto's Autumn Winter 2010 collection on display at London Fashion Week's NEWGEN tent.

The Spring Summer 2011 collection shown on the catwalk (hence no photos but I've linked to the show video) were pieces in a more austere and simple palette of white, blues, greys, navy and beige.  The show notes indicate that the designers starting point for the collection was a scarf flying through the air.  When I see a scarf flying through the air I see erm... a scarf flying through the air.  Apparently these guys see this.


  1. Beautiful colours, very well described by you. But I still keep closer to my heart the discovery of Mary. Thank you for so much enlightment.
    Un beso guapa mía.

  2. Gosh, there`s no escaping orange next summer, right!?

  3. Out of the three posts you did from the Gen tent, this one is my favorite! These prints say so much by themselves that no accessories are even necessary! (and that says a lot about a dress! LOL)

    Thanks for coverage girl! :)

  4. My goodness, I'd love to stick my face right up to those dresses and examine the artwork more closely. The work does make me think of illustrations of floating galaxies , fierce nebulae, and molten planets -- swoony to a longtime sci fi and space fan like me. I'd totally wear a blouse like this, or a scarf. And I'd be examining the print all the time. Not sure I could carry off a complete dress.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, dazzling colours and prints. You certainly do have a wonderful way with words as well as impeccible taste. xxx

  6. These dresses are giving me chills - they're the sort of pieces I would want to keep forever and pass onto my grand-daughters - if I get any. Of course I would wear them to death first;) xo


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