Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week: NewGen - Felicity Brown

I first heard about the work of Royal College of Art graduate Felicity Brown at Kingdom of Style where a photo shoot of these pieces in all their glory can be seen on a model leaping around to show off just how beautifully they move.  They could almost be costumes for a contemporary dance piece or a modern ballet.  So I was very pleased to be able to see her collection up close.

These are dresses I would love to see hanging in my wardrobe.  Fantasy frills in ombre dip dyed pleats. I especially love the first dress on the left with the orange, aubergine and pale mint hues and the apricot and navy dress on the far right in the first photo.

The designer was not around when I took these shots but her influences were described in a quote on her designer postcard which were available at the entrance to the exhibit.
"For SS11 I was also inspired by historical textiles and archives, old kimonos, Victorian crinoline dresses, old theatre costumes and any piece of clothing with a life story.  I am always imagining that I have found an old wardrobe in a theatre and opened it up..."

Now that is my kind of designer!

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  1. You do not recover from one beauty, when you through another one my way, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want them all at once if not sooner.


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