Saturday, 25 September 2010

London Fashion Week: Little Glass Clementine

Fellow magpies, feast your eyes on these creations!  To the bower birds amongst us these fabulous pieces by Little Glass Clementine are simultaneously intricate works of art and a metaphor for our predilection to collect objects of beauty and adorn ourselves with them.

Amidst clusters of vintage chains and semi precious stones, designer Clementine James works an astounding amount of other recycled fayre into her elaborate necklaces including vintage jewellery and timepieces, shells, buttons, bath fittings and bath plugs, vintage lace, feathers, a gilded birds skull, coral, old pottery and even a walnut shell.

The stall assistant was the designer's sister and told me that Clementine had no formal training and studied Anthropology at university where she developed an interest in the human tendency to adorn themselves as a form of expression.  These pieces make me think of a post apocalyptic world where humans strive to continue to create things of beauty they can wear out of any found objects at their disposal.

Prince Charles apparently loved the necklace with the bath fittings (second last image)!

Miembro urracas, deleitar sus ojos con estas creaciones! Para los pájaros glorieta entre nosotros estas piezas fabulosas de Little Glass Clementine son al mismo tiempo trabaja intrincada de arte y una metáfora de nuestra predilección para recoger objetos de belleza y adornan nosotros con ellos. 

En medio de grupos de la vendimia cadenas y piedras semi preciosas, diseñador Clementine James se pone una asombrosa cantidad de objetos reciclado en sus collares elaborados como joyas y relojes, conchas, botones, accesorios de baño y tapones de baño, encajes antiguos, plumas, unas calaveras doradas de aves, corales, antiguidades cerámicas e incluso una casca de noz.  

El assistente en la caseta era la hermana del diseñador y me dijo que Clementine no tenía entrenamiento formal y estudió Antropología en la universidad donde desarrolló un interés en la tendencia humana de adornarse como una forma de expresión. Estas piezas me hacen pensar en un mundo post-apocalíptico donde los humanos se esfuerzan por seguir creando cosas de la belleza que puede llevar a cabo de los objetos que se encuentran en su disposal.

El principe del Rieno Unido, Charles aparentemente amado el collar con los accesorios del baño (la última imagen segundo)!


  1. It is true, from the beginning of time human have been adorning themselves with whatever they found.I suppose and hope that we always will.
    I love the necklace with the hangging dog, so cute...
    Would you considere to remove all tha letter writing to post a comment????Most Spanish bloggers have got rid of it.

  2. These are incredible baubles!

    I just found your blog and I'm in love - and I'm a new follower. :-)

  3. Amazing jewellery!!! I love the one with the clocks.

  4. These are wonderful. I'm wondering if those with the watches actually work.

  5. Oh those jewels are so pretty!


  6. Oh to be as creative! I've got all the bits that those neck adornments contain but lack the ability to assemble them like that. Totally gorgeous, I love them (not that either of us need any more jewellery in our lives!)xxx

  7. increibles collaresbny muy originales!


  8. Now THOSE truly are statement pieces. I love them!

    ♥ V

  9. Gorgeous jewels!

  10. I love how the little clocks are incorporated into the necklaces - particularly the first one. Both functional and beautiful. Lovely.

  11. Beautiful selection of jewellry

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments - she's quite a talent isn't she - and self taught!!

    @Shopgirl @Terri - I'm not sure if the clocks work, I failed to ask! I doubt it though as it is all vintage bits and bobs collected by the designer and some of them were very old. Maybe some had the old wind up mechanisms.

  13. Oh, this is starting to freak me out... First I encounter jewellery at whichever blog I visit today, and now I'm finding you've posted about the designer I had forgotten the name. (But thanks to Cloud of Secrets it's all coming together now). I wonder if my pic is mentioned sister... In any case, I was very smitten by Clementine James' jewellery, too! xo

  14. Oh sorry, that was stupid of me. I just clicked on the link and thought it was today's post... Friday evening, bah! xo


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