Wednesday, 29 September 2010

London Fashion Week: Aminaka Wilmont

One of my favourite collections at the Designers Exhibition at London Fashion Week was Aminaka Wilmont's.

Cropped boleros were encrusted in spiked pearls giving the effect of luxurious body armour.  Slinky jersey in detailed digital prints was fashioned into jumpsuits and very feminine, body conscious, draped and twisted dresses.  Asymmetry was a recurring theme with one shoulder necklines and asymmetric hemlines on dresses.  The sublime prints featured dainty pastel florals, pale pastel rainbow colours that bled into each other or a mix of printed fur, reptile skins and feathers.

I loved the pieces covered in butterflies.  Each butterfly was hand cut from a print and hundreds of them stitched on in dense clusters on bolero jackets, tops and sheer leggings, creating the effect of a cloud of butterflies having alighted en masse on the wearer.

There were some stunning leather pieces too.  One of the draped and belted leather jackets actually zipped apart into two distinctly wearable pieces, a bolero and a halter neck draped vest.

I would have liked to have photographed more than just the few details of this collection I managed to get.  However a video of the catwalk video can be found on the London Fashion Week website.


  1. Wow. A name to remember - those spiky pearl-encrusted boleros are utterly amazing!

  2. What a feast for the eyes! Personally I'm coverting the rather lucious gilet at the top, rather like a sea anemone, don't you think? Spikey and beautiful.

  3. Butterfly pieces look amazing! I really would love to have that bolero! I'm in love!

  4. I want the bolero with pearls and the butterflies all over me. What else can a girl wish for????
    Me entanta AMINAKA VILMONT. One is so grateful for a change of the same " camel" trend info.
    Eres una genia!!!

  5. Ooh, I love this line too! The texture and details are delish!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  6. My fast procession of thoughts on the butterfly scarf(?) capelet(?):

    My god! What a beautiful, unique effect. My god! Are they real? How horrible! did she do that? They must have been so fragile. Did she reinforce them? Horrible... yet I'm intrigued. Amazing. *readreadread Veshoevius's entry* Oh thank *god* they're not real! I can enjoy them in peace! And even more amazing how she did it.

    I'm fond of that pearl-furred jacket, too. Wonder how much it weighs.

  7. Very interesting pieces.

    I love the idea of body armour and I love clothes that change the form of the body. This concept of "dressing or shielding yourself" in clothes or the image of these clothes is actually what all luxury-brands live off - they just don`t admit it.

    I love that the concept is visualized in these pieces. Great!

  8. The butterfly bolero caught my eye...but it was the shape, rather than the color.

  9. Great posts! And I really like the clothes in the picture. Im your newest follower :)
    P.S. Hope you like my post on new rings too :)

  10. @Cloud of Secrets - I was told each butterfly was cut out by hand and the edges weren't reinforced as far as I could see but they weren't fraying either so there is mystery there. The pearly jacket was very weighty!

    @Terri - quite a piece, my photos don't do enough justice to the multitude of colours in there I'm afraid!

    @Jenny - I'd never thought about the luxury lines in that way but you have a point (McQueen case in point)

    @Gayle - thanks for stopping by - off to check off your post

  11. @Comtesse de Ferveur @Vintage Vix @Grit and Glamour - when I think about it more I think the effect of the pearly spikes was another reference to the coatings used in the natural world by animals, plants etc... as this theme was also reflected in the prints (fur, skins, scales, feathers, petals, wings) - anenomes, cacti even porcupines and hedgehogs come to mind!

    @Ginta - I wanted the butterfly bolero too, sadly I couldn't get the leggings in focus but they were amazing too!

    @sacramento - gracias hija! Glad I am not the only one bored with all the editorials on camel!

    @lasca - thanks! Why don't you have a blog?

  12. Um, yeah. If anyone's feeling generous, I'll take one of everything. Thanks!

    So glad to see boleros are in this mix. Love them!


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