Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots

Dolce and Gabbana AW 2010
Dolce and Gabanna AW 2010

So fixated was I on all the sumptuous lace pieces and slinky tuxedo jackets emerging from Dolce and Gabbana's collection this season that this fun combination they worked on the catwalk completely passed me by.  That is until I opened up this month's Harper's Bazaar and saw this spread.  Who would have thought that leopard spots and polka dots could work so well together?  I'm quite taken!  I even found two items in the wardrobe that might fit the bill.

Courtney from Beauty and the Recession was recently musing from across the pond that in her efforts to combine new items from her wardrobe without repeating she inadvertently combined stripes and florals.  She wanted to know who does that kind of thing.  It got me thinking about working prints on prints as a look, because lets face it - it is difficult.

But I'll tell you Courtney who does that kind of thing regularly - Londoners!

I myself tend to shy away from the whole clashing prints thing generally when getting dressed.  It's not that I don't want to try it, I just wouldn't know where to start.  It is a strong style statement which I note many a London fashion obsessed teenager works daily in this city with ease and aplomb.  They cast my shades of grey and black jersey into dreary shadow as they run rings around me in Topshop in combinations of the most jarring colours and prints imaginable.  And most of the time they look quirky, modern, fun and fresh.

Now Harper's has kindly pointed out two items of clothing in my wardrobe in prints that might clash fashionably together this season if I want an outfit option that is diametrically opposite to an all black one.  There is something inherently Italian donna about both these prints with the polka dot representing the demure and the ladylike, while the leopard is all about her racier side.  That someone should think of throwing them together is a testimony to the wit of Dolce and Gabbana.

Now all I have to do is convert this flowing flamenco frilled polka dot skirt into a pencil skirt!

Polka dot skirt by Fenn Wright and Manson
Leopard Print Blouse by Topshop


  1. An inspired combination - excessive yet chic! I must try it out..

  2. D&G are always very good at mixing patterns. I do love the challenge as well. I do dress fo myself, but also to inspired others. It is difficult, but so much fun.
    Let´s see you with your wardrobe finds. I still haven´t seen you, it is not fair...he, he.
    Te abrazo.

  3. I cannot BELIEVE you already had two virtually identical pieces in your closet! How awesome is that? I love the pattern-mixing trend, but sadly, I have very few non-monochromatic pieces in my wardrobe. I can't wait to see how you mix this up!

    ♥ V


  4. Oh, how briiliant! It's fantastic to shop your own wardrobe and come up with two pieces almost identical to the catwalk ones. Don't they look lovely together?
    I did wear a spotty scarf with my vintage leopard coat earlier in the year and was surprised how nice they looked. I must try to be bolder, thanks for the inspiration. xxx

  5. I have a leopard jacket and a polka dot blouse just waiting to be pattern-mixed...and colleagues just waiting to rub their eyes and boggle at my weirdness.

  6. Good finds within your own closet! Well done!

  7. Man, I can`t believe this combination works but it really does!!! To bad that it`s autumn now, otherwise I would wear my black chiffon polka dot blouse with my leopard chiffon miniskirt.

    Btw: you`re based in London, right? I`ll come by for Fashion week september 20th til 22nd. Can you give me a few tips which cafes, bars & clubs are hot during fashion week? Any other "must-sees"?

    Best, Jenny

  8. I've no animalier prints neither pois..but looks so nice on D&G catwalk...I should think about it :)

  9. @CoffeeBlooms - from your profile it seems you may be Italian - my dear I think it is your national duty to give it a shot!

    @Jenny - will send you a couple of emails with suggestions!

    @Cynthia - lol! Yes it's not a great work wear combination.

    @Prêt à Porter P - thanks so much for your visit! Please visit again soon.

    @Vintage Vixen - thanks Vix, nice to feel that I can be an inspiration to one as inspiring as you!

    @Grit and Glamour - I know wierd isn't it? The skirt would need to be altered to work though - right now its long and floaty and frilly and I think the combination would look like a flamenco dancer got caught leaving the changerooms half dressed so considering sending skirt to a tailor.

    @Comtesse de ferveur - thank you for your comment - if you do try it send me link if you post about it!

    @Sacramento - es verdard guapi, me falta outfit fotos, ahora no me da tiempo ni tengo mucho sitio bueno en casa de hacerlo como quiero, estoy pensando en un solucion para el futuro.


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