Friday, 17 September 2010

Baubles and Trinkets

After reading a super post on her jewellery collection by Vintage Vixen I am glad to know I am not the only person obsessed with costume jewellery nor the only one whose dressing table is dominated by a display that would put a bower bird's nest to shame.

I'm also glad I'm not the only crazy person taking photos of inanimate objects to post on a blog.  I personally really love posts where people put up images of how they store their baubles and trinkets, clothes, shoes or makeup.  Thankfully I am not the only one suffering this strange form of wardrobe storage and/or found objects voyeurism.  Another class act on this type of post is Cloud of Secrets whose picture posts of her things I just love.

At the moment my dressing table is actually missing a lot of what is usually there.  I had to store almost everything away this Spring while I was away in Spain as we had a (male) house sitter staying.  Usually it is covered in a plethora of beauty products and mountains of pretty boxes, baskets and caskets all stuffed to the brim with costume jewellery and make up, but currently a large chunk of it is still sitting in storage.

So here are a few pics of what remains.  Some are cheap high street thrills, some are gifts, many are trinkets collected as memento's whilst travelling.

The compartmentalised wooden jewellery display box is from Ikea and I'll be posting about the contents of that another day as there is loads in there!  I picked up the coloured enamel hair combs years ago in a market in Singapore.

The jewellery tree is sporting my current favourite earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  I love long dangling earrings and picked up many pairs whilst living in southern Spain where they are considered a necessity for the ladies!  No Andalusian woman would be seen dead leaving the house without sporting fabulous dangly earrings and I picked up the habit.  I especially love the coral ones with gold bows which are favoured by Spanish gypsy women.  I wore the violet and gold filigree versions next to them to the local feria this year.

My boyfriend is somewhat relieved that the dresser is much clearer than it has been in years but I am beginning to miss things.  Slowly they might start to creep back!


Después de leer un post estupendo en su colección de joyas por Vintage Vixen Me alegra saber que no soy la única persona obsesionada con bisutería, ni la única cuyo tocador está dominado por una pantalla que ponga un nido de pájaro glorieta de vergüenza. También estoy contento de que no soy el único loco de tomar fotos de objetos inanimados a publicar en un blog. Personalmente me encanta blogs donde la gente pone imágenes de cómo guardar sus chucherías y baratijas, ropa, zapatos o maquillaje. Afortunadamente yo no soy el único que padecen esta extraña forma de almacenamiento de vestuario y / o el voyeurismo que se encuentran los objetos. Otro acto de clase en este tipo de mensaje es Cloud of Secrets cuya imagen los mensajes de sus cosas me encanta.

La caja de madera con compartimentación para el exhibición de joyería es de Ikea y voy a publicar sobre el contenido de ese otro día ya que hay muchos allí! Tomé hace peines esmalte de color de pelo años en un mercado en Singapur.

Me encanta mucho pendientes colgantes y recogió muchas parejas al mismo tiempo que viven en el sur de España donde se considera una necesidad para las mujeres! Ninguna mujer andaluza se vería muerto dejando la casa sin deportiva fabulosa pendientes colgantes y tomé el hábito. Me gusta sobre todo los de coral con arcos de oro que están a favor de las gitanas. Llevaba el violeta y el oro de filigrana versiones junto a ellos a la feria local de este año.

Mi novio es un poco aliviado de que el vestuario es mucho más vacio de lo que ha estado en años, pero estoy empezando a hecha de menos mis cosas. Poco a poco se podría comenzar a arrastrarse de vuelta!


  1. i was drooling at Vix yesterday. . and now you! you are so well-organised. . new inspiration for me :)

    oh you went to Singapore? I come from there, and nice to see that you picked up such lovely vintage combs

  2. Aack! You have cloisonne combs! I haven't seen those since I was a kid. My mom used to wear them and I always loved them. She gave me a lot of her stuff from the 70s and 80s but the combs are gone. :( I guess I need to scout on eBay.

  3. I literally thought, "What.the.f*ck!" but in a good way! Like, wow, that's a lot of good looking jewelry! I used to buy a lot of costume jewelry, but I'm trying to move toward more durable pieces. I'm not really a jewelry person to begin with, though.

  4. I don't have a jewellery tree - why, why, why? If this is just part of your jewellery collection, my god what about the rest? You have such be-ooootiful bits and pieces!! The Ikea box is ingenious - I think I need to pop over to Spain and raid your collection;). Thanks so much for sharing your treasures here xoxo

  5. Oh, thank you for doing this! What a wonderful post. It's given me even more ideas on imaginitive and beautiful storage and it's reminded me of my birdcage pendant, I haven't worn it for ages.
    Maybe I'm Spanish, I feel naked without huge dangly

  6. I adore this post, it is about you and the things that you love and suround you.It couldn´t get more intimate.
    Well, would be nice to see your face next, he, he...
    Besos guapa mía.

  7. I so understand you :) I love your combs! They're amazing! :) Just today I was thinking I need to find some cute hair combs or pins :)
    For me the hardest part is to find storage for my collection :(

  8. Psychic! I was just looking at the pretty little pictures in your sidebar the other day, especially the layered colored and neutral camisoles, and wishing for more still-lifes of your amazing wardrobe. Your jewelry collection looks like it must be great fun to choose from each day, and I envy your dangly chandelier earrings. I'm shopping a pair or two of chandelier earrings, myself -- I don't really have any true ones yet.'s been a while since I did a still-life study from my collection of baubles. I'll have to think of a set I could photograph in your honor. Perhaps...a black theme. I think I can do that, esp. if I raid the goth supplies in the costume bags. :-}

  9. You ladies are definately not alone! My dresses are overflowing with jewelry, I have necklaces mounted to my walls, and jewelry stands overflowing with stuff too. Damn those trift stores and their 99 cent prices! I keep finding stuff that's too cheap to pass up.

    And I love looking at pics of other peoples jewelry collections such as those you posted. Nice stuff lady!


  10. I love your collection of costume jewelry and combs. Simply beautiful. I love jewelry and beautiful hair accessories. Maybe you could do a video of how you organized everything? I have some silver and I have to keep it enclosed or else it will tarnish. I have this jewelry armoire but at first glance it looks like a floor mirror. I will do a post on my blog about it soon because you have inspired me with such pretty pics.
    Again great post.

  11. Girl you are not the only one who is addicted to costume jewelry and unique trinkets! LOL. I'm always looking for creative ways to store all of my stuff (a jewelry box and shoe box isn't cutting it!) so thanks for the inspiration! :)

  12. Hey there ladies, thanks so much for all your comments and nice to know I'm not the only jewellery amasser out there - firstly, I really recommend Ikea's display box if they still do it. It was a life saver for a disorganised jewellery collection like mine! It comes with a sliding glass cover that allows you to see into the compartments for ease of selection. Check out your local Ikea store. I think I'll do a post on the box soon.
    For all those with baubles up there that have mentioned they are going to do a post on them (@TJWisdom) give me a shout when you do! @Goldmine Trash and @MJ hope you'll share your treasures in a post too!

    And contrary to what this post may imply I'm not an organised person at all!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this link! I love the way you've organized everything. I'm also happy to hear I'm not the only one with such a jewelry obsession. lol! You have some gorgeous pieces!
    XO Piper


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