Sunday, 12 September 2010


Who needs to shell out for Burberry when Topshop comes up trumps like this?

Amore Shearling Ankle Boots by Topshop


  1. You are totally cruel, lady! I adore them. TopShop's committed many crimes in the clothing line lately but their footwear never fails to win my heart. xxx

  2. I couldn´t agree more with you.Love, love the boot, any boots, but these are sooooooooooo beautyful and cosy...
    Besos desde Málaga.

  3. @Vintage Vixen - I know, mine too! I am at real risk of being bankrupted by their footwear department!

    @Sacramento - despite being high heels they are actually very comfortable because there is a lot of padding in the sole and they are very cosy! I need some warmth in the coming winter - Malaga - que envidias mujer!!

  4. I think I might go for boots, too. These are much better than the New Look ones, which only have a tiny bit of sheepskin round the ankle. PATHETIC. These are much more like it. Might your followers get to see you in them?! ;)

    Mrs Bossa Does the Do

  5. SWEET! Love them. I'm on the hunt for a shearling bootie too.

    ♥ V

  6. I'm so jealous! I've seen these on every blog, but I've never thought anyone would ever buy them. This season I'm going to keep it to a shearling jacket from Made in the shade so you can have the shoes to yourself. I won't try to steal them when you're sleeping ;)

  7. They're gorgeous :) Do they run true to size?

    -Kristina from Finland-

  8. @Miss Sofie - they're still available at Topshop's website if you're tempted!

    @Kristina from Finland - yes they do!


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