Sunday, 1 August 2010

WWW:Styling Tips - Part 2: Leather Shorts

Image from WhoWhatWear
I find WhoWhatWear such a great website for outfit inspiration and I return again to their post WWW:Styling Tips to discuss leather shorts.  Since I bought a pair back in April they have gone mainstream on the Internet with everyone from Alexa Chung to Whitney Port being photographed in them.

I like the way Alexa has dressed her YSL ones down with a cardigan and grey marl.  This week in Grazia's Fashion Jury Kylie Minogue was wearing a cotton version of these which didn't work as well and prompted a male commentator for the article to point out that she was wearing lederhosen.

I would be lying if I said I didn't agree with him to some extent.  Leather shorts in this Bermuda length are dangerously close to lederhosen.  Not that that is going to stop me wearing mine given that starlets keep getting photographed in them and the stock keeps on coming in and flying off the shelves. 

Topshop offered a couple of pairs, one with double front zips like the YSL version and a tailored version by Boutique and both very quickly sold out online.  Even the high end retailers like Net-a-Porter are continuing to offer a couple of designer options, like the ones by Theory and Christopher Kane.

Now here's a thought.  Did the fashion world intentionally reference a traditional Bavarian garment usually associated with drunk Germans at beer festivals as a kind of in-joke against fashion victims?  A kind of "ha, ha, nobody in their right minds would try to make a fashion statement out of this garment" type of thing.  Well Alexa's gone and done it!!

Now I have lined up the aforementioned shorts with a picture of spookily similar, authentic lederhosen - lets see if you can pick which it is! Answers are at the end.  For the record the boyfriend got it right on his first attempt so perhaps there is some real design evolution in there.  Still if you intend to indulge, don't expect your man to understand!

leather shorts
leather shorts
leather shorts

Top to bottom:
Tailored leather shorts by Topshop Boutique
Leather shorts with double zip by Topshop
Real Lederhosen! Image from Wikipedia
Leather shorts by Christopher Kane from Matches
Leather shorts by Theory from Net-a-Porter

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