Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Study in Scarlet

The sun made a rare appearance in the city yesterday so we took a trip to Borough Market to get a selection of fancy cheeses to bring along with us a friend's birthday party later that evening.

Recently my boyfriend and I got totally hooked on the excellent BBC series of Sherlock Holmes which is set in modern day London. We watched each episode trying to pinpoint places we recognize. On our way to Borough we drove down the Brixton Road looking for Lauriston Gardens, the row of terraced houses which is the scene of a murder in both the original Holmes adventure "A Study in Scarlet" and also in the first episode of the television series "A Study in Pink".

I can tell you that Lauriston Gardens does not exist but flashes of the Victorian London that Arthur Conan Doyle knew still do. We were attracted to the vibrant colour of the doors of this fire station which has kept elements of its historical facade in good condition. I love the lampshade, the old lettering and the doors which have been kept in good nick with a regular lick of lipstick red paint.

This cosy draped cardigan in navy wool is my best friend in the battle to layer up against the schizophrenic London weather! If I feel so much as a breeze coming on I reach for this to throw over everything else I'm wearing to take the chill off. Its length makes it great as a cover up over maxi dresses and it scrunches up small enough to fit into my bag.


El sol hizo una rara aparición en la ciudad ayer, así que hicimos un viaje al Mercado de Borough para obtener una selección de quesos de lujo de traer con nosotros a una fiesta de cumpleaños de un amigo por la noche.  De recien mi novio y yo nos totalmente enganchados a la excelente serie de televisión de Sherlock Holmes que está en el tiempo presente de Londres. Miramos cada episodio tratando de localizar los lugares que reconocemos. En el camino a Borough conducía por la carretera de Brixton en busca de Jardines de Lauriston, la hilera de casas adosadas que es el escenario de un asesinato en el original aventura de Holmes "Estudio en escarlata" y el primer episodio de la serie de televisión "Estudio en Rosa".

Les puedo decir que los jardines Lauriston no existe, pero los detalles de la Londres victoriana que Arthur Conan Doyle sabía todavía existen. Nos atrajo el color vibrante de las puertas de este parque de bomberos que ha mantenido los elementos de su fachada histórica en buenas condiciones. Me encanta la pantalla, las letras antigua y que las puertas se han mantenido en perfecto estado con un lamer regular de pintura en tonos rojizos.

Este rebeca envuelto de lana azul marino es mi mejor amigo en la batalla a la capa de arriba contra el esquizofrénico tiempo de Londres! Si me siento una brisa alcance para ella a tirar sobre todo lo demás que llevo a quitar el frío. Su longitud hace que sea util como una cubierta a lo largo de los vestidos maxi y dobla hasta suficientemente pequeño como para caber en el bolso.

Striped maxi dress - Warehouse
Espardilles - from Spain
Cardigan - Akaibara
Belt - Cos
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. What a fabulous dress! Mmmm, fancy cheeses. Sounds like my idea of heaven. xxx

  2. I loved the Sherlock series too; I leapt straight onto your blog when I saw that post title! It also made me miss London.

    Congrats on your top 20 success this week. It's a good feeling, no? Really enjoyed your post - the idea of female pioneers almost inspired me to try an aviator...

    Mrs Bossa Does the Do

  3. I loved Sherlock series too!
    Funny fact - I became familiar with London a very long time ago through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books, so, for me London and Sherlock are bond together for forever! :)

  4. I suppose that if it is a new series it will eventually be coming to Spain; although we usually get american stuff.
    It must be great to live close by and be able to visit the places, letting your mind wonder what London was like back them, and above all what really happened...
    Have a lovely sunday evening.
    Amor y abrazos siempre.

  5. i love how relaxed yet stylish this look is! british weather is going crazy and this outfit seems snug and cosy enough :)

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments - I do love London when the sun comes out! And I'm sure my passion for capes comes from being a big Sherlock Holmes fan!

    @Vintage Vixen - more posts on cheese to come!

  7. Following your blog since now. That dress seems really nice :D


  8. Not sure if my comment came through or not. That is a great cardigan, and I'm wondering about the designer and whether theystill make 'em! I like how the draping seems intended as symmetrical, but it can flow into an arty minimalist asymmetrical look.

  9. Thanks so much to everyone for commenting!

    @Cloud of Secrets - I bought the cardigan on vacation in Argentina and I think it is local. But you might be lucky and they may have concessions in the States - they seemed to only do knitwear and they are called Akiabara

  10. Oh wow, my fiance and I have just discovered the new Sherlock series you mentioned and we love it too! How amazing that you've managed to get a look at the real-life locations - so lucky. And I must say your dress is so lovely - I love the mix of directional striping, it's incredibly flattering on you!

  11. the red background is perfect! love these :)

  12. I love the way you styled your belt! You look great against the bright red! :)
    P.S. When you left comment on my blog, I couldn't get back to your blog through the link you left, I don't know what's wrong, (I did look you up through Vintage Vixen though-but you may want to have a look at that, because maybe it will stop some people from coming, and that would be sad:(

  13. @Pull Your Socks up and @Annabel - thanks for your lovely comments and for visiting!

    @Filipa - Thank you so much for the comment and for letting me know! Have fixed it now
    Added you guys to my blogroll too
    Lovely blog - so great that you are supporting your local talent!


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