Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shopping at Zara - online!

It has been a long time coming but the rumour is from the 2nd September Zara is going to offer shopping online!

As someone who does the majority of their clothes shopping online and loves Zara this news might just change my life.  It is one of my main ports of call for budget friendly yet perfectly tailored workwear with a fashion forward twist.  The only downer is that sometimes the stores don't always provide a great shopping experience.  The shop floors of large Zara stores in Spain and London can be chaotic due to the traffic they get.  Who hasn't been in a Zara store that looks like a bomb hit it by the end of the day?

Now that there is the possibility of browsing the collections from the comfort of home, I feel something between elation that I no longer have to fight my way to Zara through all the tourists taking advantage of the weak pound on Oxford Street and acute fear and dread for the state of my bank account.

Perhaps I should just disconnect my internet connection permanently.  They say ignorance is bliss!

Loving my new Givenchy-esque striped blazer from Zara - even if the boyfriend thinks I look like an extra from Star Trek!

Beam me up Scotty!
Striped blazer by Zara
T-shirt by Cos
Suede shorts by Topshop
Necklace by H&M
Platform Peeptoe shoes by Katia Lombardo


  1. Fantastic jacket! I'm DYING for Zara to get its online ordering going. Unfotunately for me (but good for my budget) my city lacks Club Monaco, H&M, and Zara. Boo.

    ♥ V

  2. This may be the only place I can admit it, but I've got Zara's 'go live' date in my calendar...


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