Thursday, 12 August 2010

Dyed Pretty

floral printed tea dressfloral printed tea dress
floral printed tea dress
floral printed tea dress
floral printed tea dress
floral wool cardigan
There is one hell of a moody sky over London.  Sometimes its dark and threatening to rain, sometimes it looks like the sun is breaking through.  It was so dark in the flat yesterday that I escaped to the local park in my favourite tea dress and a rose strewn cardigan to catch the last rays of evening sunlight.

I have six tea dresses at last count.  As a garment the tea dress somehow sits tantalisingly on the fence between girlish and womanly.  This is definitely the ditsiest tea dress I own.  I love its vintage feel and the colourful and vibrant floral print.  There is even a faint sheeny polka dot pattern worked into the fabric underlying the print.  It has so much detail - its tiny covered buttons, dainty frills, the pin tucking and little lace epaulettes.

I decided to try and shoot something outside today after being inspired by a post by the wonderful Grit and Glamour about how to take outfit shots and her tips on how she manages to take the very atmospheric shots for her blog in her garden.  I read with some amusement as she bemoans she lacks the "the gritty gloriousness of London" as a backdrop for her photos.  The grass is always greener.  As a Londoner I would kill for a yard like hers to take photos in rather than have to chance that my camera doesn't get pinched by the next hoodie that passes me taking an outfit shot in front of the gloriously graffitied walls in abundance here.  And some Californian style weather wouldn't go amiss to get outdoor shots instead of constant wind and rain in August!  So here I am, in gritty glorious London, trying to get the big back yard effect that Grit and Glamour has right in her own back yard!

Here the grass is so long you can hide away in it and take your photos in peace.  Clouds passing over fields of long grass like these always reminds me of days long past when I used to listen to a band called Died Pretty, whose music has been described as passionate and brooding.  Their Doughboy Hollow album cover used this wonderful image of an abandoned old vintage car and windmill rusting in a grassy field stretching into the distance with a turbulent storm cloud ridden sky overhead.  These were the days when you had twelve inch album covers sporting a glossy picture.  There was enough surface area to make an album cover like this that was beautifully done feel like a piece of art you could frame and stick on your wall.

Died Pretty Doughboy Hollow Image from Citadel

Floral printed silk and cotton mix tea dress by Mango
Rose strewn wool knit cardigan by Marilyn Moore


  1. this is the most stunning print of all time
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. Love the pictures, the dress, the cardigan, the blog. And I do find your blog very interesting.

  3. Such a beautiful photograph, the dress has such a pretty print and your sky looks glorious, so much bluer than it's been here. I'm enjoying your blog enormously, thank you! xxx

  4. I love this pics shot !! so fashionable


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