Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Royal Insult

I know that Planet Fashion's fundamental marketing premise is that the only people worth advertising to and catering for are under the age of thirty.  This has always seemed to me to be equally fundamentally flawed as the over thirties are more likely to have the bank balances to buy their overpriced products.

It is a crying shame however that the fashion industry thinks it has the right to put an age limit on creativity and originality.  Was shocked to see this post from Kingdom of Style today about how the Queens decided to pull out of having their interview for a feature on bloggers in Look magazine.  The reason being that Queen Marie was deemed by Look to be too old at 44. 

Too old for what exactly?  To blog about fashion? To be stylish and fearlessly fashion forward?  To care about style, design, fashion and want to share that passion with an audience?  Personally I have found the Kingdom of Style ladies beyond inspirational in all these areas.  You'd think we all just cease to exist after we turn thirty, let alone thirty five or even forty!  Look should have taken up a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge that people in this age group still love fashion enough to be adventurous with it and blog about it.

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