Thursday, 29 July 2010


Image from The Sartorialist

Thank God for Anna Dello Russo!

The Kingdom of Style post yesterday about Look magazine depressed me.  This photo of Anna in Dolce and Gabbana posted on the Sartorialist cheered me up.  This woman is 48.  Brava!  I read through all the comments on the post and it is interesting how this outfit splits opinion.  People seem to either love it or hate it.  There are also plenty of comments about it being inappropriate for someone of her age.

Personally I think she looks awesome.  I don't think Dolce and Gabbana just had teens and twenty-something year olds in mind when they designed this dress.  The Italian woman is frequently their muse, and the older Italian woman wears lace as naturally as if it were her birthright.  How many younger women could carry this dress off with such confidence and humour? (Come to think of it how many of them could actually afford it?)  She has a better bod than many women half her age, runway clothes look great on her and she has the passion and courage to wear them and champion their designers.

To her credit she never tries to hide her age, she is often photographed wearing little or no makeup and hasn't tried to look younger through massive amounts of cosmetic surgery.  She just owns it and I think that is key to her widespread appeal.

There were also lots of comments about how she isn't elegant because of her choice of pink sunglasses and earrings as accessories.  Hello?  Do you think a fashion director for Vogue and a major trendsetting force in her own right just threw those on without thinking about what kind of statement she wanted to make?  I don't think she was going for elegant here.  Who says fashion is always about being elegant?  Sure you could wear it with more pared down accessories to make it look elegant but I doubt Vogue Nippon is going to be on the phone offering you a position as their creative director.  I think she decided to have fun and it shows.  Scott Schuman gets Anna Dello Russo completely.

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