Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Preen Power Dress

Image from Preen

Behold the Preen Power dress.  Been lusting after one of these for a while so when I saw this satin trimmed version on sale online at seventy percent off I ordered it.  It arrived today and guess what - even after losing weight and ordering a size up it is still too small around the torso!  And yet despite me being a pear shape with a bigger backside and hips than torso it fits around my bottom half perfectly.  Aaaah!  I thought this was supposed to be the corsetry miracle of the twentieth century that gave you a waist and boobs at the same time.  What gives?  I am a UK size 8 and the small doesn't fit me?  Who the hell are these dresses made for?  Complete sticks no doubt. 

With help from boyfriend squeezing into this was just short of having the whole works of stays, lacing and whalebone applied.  I still think that would have been more effective than the exposed zip trying to hold the corserty elastane together.  Once in and zipped up it is clear my boobs and shoulders are too small and would be swamped by the next size up as the top is falling down off me and no - still no boobs.  Yet the zip pops right open if I move.  Very puzzling design.  Preen - please explain!

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