Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop Spring Summer 2010 Review

The pieces I ordered from the Kate Moss Spring Summer 2010 arrived a couple of days ago.

The sequin cape proceeded to sprinkle a trail of sequins from the package to everywhere I carried it in the flat - quite disappointing really but fairly common with high street sequined garments.  The sizing seems a bit small too.  The sleeves are very tight on the arms which isn't helping on retaining the sequins when you have to wriggle and tug to get the sleeves on.  I have pretty skinny arms as well.  I would trade up a size but it has sold out!  Once it is on it does fall nicely from the shoulders and the contrasting floral embroidery is very pretty - very nineteen thirties - but I wouldn't want to take it off again for a while to spare more sequin loss!

The off-white wrap lace maxi dress has a lining that is very, very short, the objective no doubt being to allow your gorgeously long tanned legs to peek enticingly through the lace.  If either the state of your legs or having to sit down without showing your underwear is a concern than a rethink of the lining may be required!  The lace itself however is gorgeous.  It is like a thick creamy macrame spun with a cotton thread and falls into a little train at the back.  I think the black cotton ribbon belted around the waist is a bit lacklustre given the quality of the lace but it could easily be changed for something more luxurious from your local haberdashery department.

Curiously the piece I love the most ended up being the "khaki" suede cutout shorts.  I wasn't expecting to be this pleased with them.  The colour was a bit of a worry as I don't generally like khaki - nasty images of army greens and combat gear come to mind.  I was convinced that someone in Topshop had mislabelled them as they looked more like they were a pale grey online.  So I took a gamble and ordered them as I really liked the cutout design on the pockets and waistband.  They have turned out to be more like a rather pleasing tint of pale sage green.  But then perhaps I am pandering to that psychological trick of changing the name of a colour from an ugly word like khaki to something that sounds much more palatable (just as Jess Cartney-Morely recently pointed out on in the How to Dress Series when she renames khaki "olive")

Ms Moss usually cuts her hot pants so short that most mortals can't get away with wearing them so I bought them a size up and wear them on the hip to cut a bit of sympathetic slack on length over the tops of my thighs.  The laser cutout pattern is very well done and almost looks like lace.  As it has been in the low to mid forties in temperature here they have already had a couple of outings with a simple white tee.

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