Sunday, 27 June 2010

Feather Skirt

 Jason Wu Lassie Ostrich Feather Skirt - Image from Net-a-Porter

Here is an example of my fashion neuroses.  I love feathers and I think feather skirts are very cute even though I am probably way too old to be wearing one.  Last winter I bought a nude feather skirt from Topshop in the spirit of the Jason Wu one featured above and the very same one Gok Wan featured in one of his winning runway challenges against Brix Smith Start on his Fashion Fix series.  I thought I ended up looking a little too much like an ugly signet from Swan Lake rather than someone working a sophisticated fashion forward choice of evening wear and couldn't for the life of me figure out what to wear with it.  So I returned it.

Instead of learning my lesson a short time later a black ostrich feather skirt with a beaded waistband from Topshop came home with me - the reasoning being that somehow black in something as outrageous as ostrich feathers would be more wearable.  Hey didn't the black evil swan Odette win the battle against the more saccharine-clad pink and white swan for the prince's affections in the end?  Well despite that it has remained unworn to this day.

There is hope though, feather skirts have still featured in several designers collections for Spring Summer 2010.  Including this one with a beaded waistband from Adam pictured below which was recently featured on WhoWhatWear.  My much cheaper Topshop one is almost identical to this skirt!  Now given that the Topshop one came out last year who is copying who?  I think that my Moises de la Renta for Mango embellished white t-shirt will be just the thing to go with this skirt so it may finally get an outing!

Image from Adam

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