Monday, 14 June 2010

Embellished Tee

A recent purchase from Mango I have been getting a lot of wear out of lately.  Popping this on solves the problem of dressing up a casual look without having to make too much effort.  The black velvet devore patterning and gem embellishment is reminiscent of Victorian jet jewellery.  Its stark contrast against the cream cotton serves as an alternative to wearing a statement necklace and the rest of my outfit can be kept simple to let the tee shirt be the focal point.

The fit is loose and it has a slouchy neckline, lending it a more casual feel, and it is just long enough to pair with leggings.

It has however been the choice of uniform for the sales assistants in the local Mango flagship store.  I discovered  this when I made the mistake of wearing it into the shop when they were all wearing theirs, so I had people approaching me on the shop floor constantly asking me for other sizes in the stock!

I wore this on the weekend with a cropped tux (also from Mango) and my Black Rats leggings.  I've also found it works well with bleached grey jeans and my Karen Millen lace jacket.

Oversized cream cotton T-shirt with black devore and jet gem embellishment by Mango

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