Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cropped Tux

Cropped Tuxedo Jacket by Acne, image from Polyvore

I love a tux jacket and have been in love with the cropped version for a while. The luxury version by Acne was recently modelled by Jess Cartney Morley on the Guardian's How to Dress series which I always catch on a lazy Saturday morning.  I wasn't convinced by this tux when I saw it on My-Wardrobe until I saw it worn in this video where on Jess it looks elegant and edgy at the same time.

There have been some great versions on the high street of a cropped tux at more accessible prices but ones sporting the traditional contrasting satin peaked labels as found in a traditional men's tux have been harder to come by.  The satin peaked labels lend it a bit of that circus ringmaster vibe which some people find too theatrical but I actually quite like. (Hell I own a vintage top hat!)

I bought this cropped version with three quarter length sleeves from Mango.  Via some sharp tailoring it has been pieced and stitched together to give a rather clever impression of having lapels where there are none.  It has structured shoulders and shoulder pads which balances out the proportion up top in relation to the nipped in waist.

I have five tuxedo style jackets, three of which are cropped, mostly in black.  I'm thinking a white one would be a nice addition.  Also I have yet to one with a contrasting satin peak lapel.  Hmmm - the Acne one is currently on sale...

Tuxedo Jackets in my wardrobe:
Cropped tux with three quarter length sleeve by Mango
Cropped tux in grey and white pinstripes with contrasting black satin shawl lapels by Zara
Cropped satin tux by Oasis
Tuxedo jacket with peaked lapels by Kate Moss for Topshop
Tuxedo jacket with satin shawl lapels by Oasis

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