Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Perfect Denim Jacket

Net-a-porter is paying homage to the denim jacket.  This is a gaping hole in my wardrobe.  I am in need of a classic denim jacket and have been for some time.  Pity their cheapest one is £180 and in a bleached wash.

If you live for summer then you need a denim jacket.  I had the perfect denim jacket that saw me through many a summer and accompanied me on many a summer holiday in warmer climes.  I bought it about ten years ago in Diesel for about £70 in a now long forgotten era when you could actually purchase a denim garment from Diesel at full price for well under £150.  It was a classic jean jacket, slightly fitted, in a slightly darker blue denim wash.  It went with everything in my summer wardrobe and it suited me to a tee.  I wore it so often over the years I owned it that the cost per wear was probably down to fractions of pence.

About three years ago I lost it, funnily enough in Spain.  I have mourned its loss and my carelessness ever since and I have never been able to find a classic denim jacket as perfect nor have I been tempted to buy anything inferior or pointlessly more expensive in a similar style.

When I did finally buy another denim jacket I decided to go for a totally different style as I couldn't find a classic that I wanted.  I found this Victorian military style Sass and Bide denim jacket in the sales and was seduced by the rock and roll drama of its multi-button closure, distressed finish, fluted sleeves and flared godets.  Though it is fun to wear it doesn't have that same flexibility as my old Diesel had.  It is more of a high fashion look and I find it requires more thought as to what I should wear it with.  There are days you just want to throw a denim jacket on over what you are wearing without feeling like you are trying to look like Jimi Hendrix.

With all the denimania at the moment maybe this season I will finally find the one that will live up to the standards set by my old jacket.

"Love of Movement" Denim Military Jacket by Sass and Bide.

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