Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jersey Scarf

The perfect accompaniment to soft jersey t-shirts when a little extra warmth is needed - a soft grey jersey scarf.  A similar jersey scarf featured in a Vogue "More Dash Than Cash" shoot in Spring last year where it was paired with a quilted floral jacket, a slate grey t-shirt, white cheesecloth hareems and black strappy sandals.  It was a refreshing, interesting combination which I think is worth revisiting this season given that both floral prints and sportswear (with a particular emphasis on grey marl) are back in the shops again.

Image from Nicefun.net

Last season I had already bought a pair of grey silk hareems from Cos and a navy, white and red reversible quilted floral jacket from the Kate Moss for Topshop collection when Vogue released this article.  So when I came across this scarf from Cos I bought it along with a dark grey marl t-shirt to complete my own version of the outfit.  I was quite pleased with the resulting effect when I combined all these elements and a pair of black strappy suede wedges in my wardrobe.

Since buying it I have got a lot of use out of this scarf.  Being lightweight it scrunches up easily into a bag and it has been great for that transeasonal period when it is too hot for a winter wool one but still nippy enough to need to something to cover up around the neck.  Other than a sporty juxtaposition to florals I find it also works well in outfits to relax the formality of a sharp jacket, to accentuate the slouchy feel of a shawl wrap cardigan or to lighten the heaviness of a black biker jacket.

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