Sunday, 9 May 2010

Feria Fashion: Flamenco Frills, Flowers and Fringing

It is Feria time in the Spanish town where I am staying!  This means a week where you can indulge in fantasy dressing up in the style of a flamenco dancer in frilly dresses, embroidered shawls and wearing flowers in your hair.  Last Wednesday was Ladies Day when it is obligatory to come dressed in the traditional traje de gitana which is a dress adorned with frills much like a flamenco dancer's.  The shops here have been filled up with flowers, earrings, hair combs and shawls in all sorts of designs and colours for the local women to match their accessories to their dresses.  My friends and I decided we would go dressed up this year.

I bought this jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop last year and haven't had the occasion to wear it until now.  I brought it over with me especially for the Feria and wore it as a slightly modern alternative to the traditional Spanish manton (embroidered shawl).  On Ladies Day, in keeping with the Andalusian fashion of combining bright colours, I wore it with a bright red flamenco dress with tiered chiffon frills and my lavender espadrilles.  Tourists were asking to take photos!

Cropped silk lavender jacket with floral embroidery and fringing by Kate Moss for Topshop
Flowers, earrings and flamenco hair combs from local shops.

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  1. Oh my GOD!!! That is a beautiful manton alternative!!!
    ...oh sigh... what you wore sounds heavenly... please post some pics!


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