Wednesday, 5 May 2010



As a self confessed shoe addict, entering local shoe shops in Spain is like letting a child with a sweet tooth loose in a candy store.  In almost all of them you can find on sale the classic Spanish espadrille in every colour imaginable in several different styles all laid out on the shelves like confectionery.

Red, orange, pale pink, hot pink, blue, violet, lime, yellow, chocolate, beige, cream, white, pastels - you name the colour and someone will probably stock a style in it.  Wedges come in various heights, categorised sweetly according to how many cords of string stack up to make up the height of the heel.  There are endless styles - slip ons, sling backs, peep toe, closed toe, ankle ties, Mary Jane straps.  Most are made out of a light canvas but satin and denim are also popular materials.  And all very cheap!

I left with these black and lavender wedges with ankle ties in differing wedge heights - and this was showing restraint.  I wanted to buy a whole rainbow!

Espadrilles en negra con tres cuerdas (black with three cords)
Espadrilles en violeta con quarto cuerdas (purple with four cords)

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