Saturday, 1 May 2010

Double Denim

Photo of Kate Moss in Double Denim from

I was not really aware just how much of an anti-style statement and heinous fashion crime double denim was considered to be until I read Rachel Zoe's style guide in which she tore it apart.  I think it is because I actually see so much of it worn around on the street that it doesn't actually register anymore.  It is like background noise to which I have to admit I have added to on those days when I haven't had the time or inclination to think about style.

You have to laugh really that fashion is slapping itself on the back for inventing this "new" trend.  Who hasn't done a doubling up of denim without even thinking about it?  The denim jean has practically taken over our wardrobes as a staple item in the past ten years.  Even my otherwise minimalist boyfriend owns several pairs in different cuts and washes.  If you own a denim jacket at some point the law of statistics says that given permutations of weather conditions, how busy you are and what is in the laundry, eventually said jacket will meet jeans in an outfit.  More than likely the wash of the jacket won't match the wash of the jean so on average there is little chance of you looking like a painter/decorator.  There are many days where the only appropriate attire is jeans because you are running around doing errands and need to be comfortable in a generally dressed down city.  I have on more than one of these occasions found it was too warm for a coat, knitwear or leather jacket but too cool for just a top and a smart jacket would be overkill.  A denim jacket was the only thing to hand that would complete the outfit on a purely practical basis.  Well apparently I wasn't committing a faux pas but starting a new double denim trend! Chortle chortle...

I find it hypocritical that those who are now "embracing the trend" and running out to buy denim jackets and shirts to slap over their jeans are probably the same who would have previously pointed the finger at the guilty doing double denim before it was deemed fashionable.  Now that it is considered cutting edge fashion I am hardly going to stop am I?  Fashion thrills for free and no effort required - I like.  Judging by the following guide by Net-a-Porter I have already worked a couple of the looks!  A denim jacket combined with tank, bikini and denim shorts has been my uniform for the beach (based purely on whatever happened to be thrown in my suitcase during last minute packing for a summer holiday).  Not sure I'll stretch to the effort of purchasing and wearing a denim shirt but there are some super cheap on trend versions on offer here in the local high street so who knows.  Never say never...

My-wardrobe has also released a useful style guide on their My-Tv series setting down some rules about wearing double denim.  Rules were meant to be broken they say.  Well I am already breaking one of theirs.  All my dark blue wash jeans are in London.  I have one pair of bleached wash pale grey skinny jeans and a pair of black bootcut jeans with me.  But with the hot sunny weather I feel more like lightening up my colour palette rather than suffering the heat in black jeans.  So I am doing pale grey denim on the bottom and a darker wash on top a la Moss rather than the recommended other way round.  What matters is that I feel comfortable and actually quite good in it.

Periwinkle V-neck T-shirt by Zara
Blush Bag and Ballet Flats by Zara
Love of Movement Denim Jacket by Sass and Bide
Grey Bleached Skinny Jeans by Kate Moss for Topshop

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